Author: AmberAlysonLover
Rating: R, coz of horror, blood and a little loving!
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters of Buffy, or 28 Days Later. Also Alex Garland is brilliant!
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Summary: This is my version of the top cult UK movie 28 Days Later. The world is infected by vampires filled with Rage (in the film it's monkeys!). The only people who can stop them are Willow, Dawn and Tara - yet they have a lot of problems in front of them!
Note: Willow is Welsh and Tara is Irish. Italics denote thoughts.

A coven in Devon - Summer 2004

We see images of stunning violence on tv, running in a loop. We see the army at war, shooting people at point blank range, a man stoned to death and a woman being hung. Soon we can see there are a room full of tv's with these images on every single on of them. Then we see a surgical chamber, and watchin the tv is a human - or a rather inhuman on a cold table. It's skull is open, webbed in wires and monitoring devices. It is alive. Behind the chamber, there is a wide doorframe with a laboratory beyond.

From outside the building a small group of black-clad ALF activists, all 3 of them are wearing balaclavas. They get into the coven and get into the room. They are carrying various gear, almong them is a bolt cutters. As they move, one person reaches the serurity camera and sprays it with black paint. Soon they enter the lab.

Hank - "Holy crap!"

The head leader takes the camera off and starts to take a number of pictures. The room is huge and long, darkened expet for small lights from the ceiling. They see illuminated rows of cages with humans inside. Most are in a state of rabid agitation, banging and clawing against the glass, baring their fangs through foam flecked mouths. The small group reach for the end of the lab, where they spot the table with the human.

Joyce - "Oh god!"

The human eyes flick open to the group. They see the blood move around the exposed brain tissuse. Joyce starts to cry. Wesley gives her a look.

Wesley - "Dont cry! We have a job too do!"
Hank - "We have to get them out of here!"
Joyce - "I'll open the cages!"

She brings out a crowbar and starts to prise the doors open. Then behind them, the lab door opens and a man walks in. He has a white coat on with a name tag, which reads: Rupert Giles

Rupert picks up the phone and yells down the end

Rupert - "Security! We have a break in! Get to sector..."

Hank slams his hand down on the disconncet button.

Rupert - "Nine!"

The phone is then ripped off the wall. The two man just look at each other.

Rupert - "I know who you are, I know what you think you're doing, but you have to listen to me. You dont understand these people!"
Hank - "If you wanna live, shut up and let us do our job!"
Rupert - "These people are infected!"

The group stop working and give him a nasty grance.

Rupert - "These people are highly contagious. They have been given an inhibitor."
Joyce - "Infected with what?"
Rupert - "Chemically restricted locked down to a... a single impulse that..."

Rupert rubs his eyes and shakes his head.

Rupert - "Rage."

Behind them we see alot of tv's showing death and pain.

Rupert - "In order to cure, you must first understand. Just imagine to have power with all the things we feel we cant control. Anger, violence..."
Wesley - "What is this wanker talkin about?"
Hank - "I dont care! Get them out!"
Rupert - "No!"
Hank - "They need our help! Your a sick bastard and once they are free, we will deal with you!"
Rupert - "No! Stop, please dont do this! These people are contagious! The infection is in their blood and saliva! One bite and..."
Joyce - "They wont bite me."

She bends down to a cage and smiles at a guy inside. The guy seems to smile back at her and Joyce picks up her crowbar.

Rupert - "Stop it! You have no idea!"

He makes a jump at Joyce but is knocked down at Hank. Joyce is still smiling at the guy in the glass box.

Joyce - "Be a good boy and I will take care of you, ok?"

She pulls open the glass door and then like a bullet from a gun, the infected human leaps out to Joyce, and sinkes his teeth into her neck. She falls back and lets out a loud yell. The infected human attacks with extraordinary viciousness.

Joyce - "Get him off! Get him off!"

Wesley pulls off the infected human off Joyce and throws him onto the floor. Yet Wesley is biten deep into his leg, then Wesley kicks him off and falls onto his ass. Now Joyce is holding onto her head and yelling in deep pain.

Joyce - "I'm burning! I'm burning!"
Rupert - "We have to kill her!"
Joyce - "I'm burning! Oh god, I'm on fire!"
Hank - "Whats going on?"
Rupert - "We have to kill her NOW!"

Joyce is now howling in pain and is joined by Wesley, whose hands are also holding his head and crying. Hank is in deep shock by this sight.

Hank (scared to death) - "What's going on?"
Rupert - "KILL HER NOW!"

Rupert picks up a lamp and runs for Joyce, now on her mask is off and her face is really badly infected. Then she see's Rupert and smiles at him. He stops running and takes a deep breath.

Rupert: "Oh god, Hank hold her still!:

But Hank ain't playing! He wants out of this hell. Joyce jumps at Rupert and they fall to the floor. Hank watches his wife attack with amazing ferocity. Outside a young girl called Amy, is going into find Rupert. She walks down to the lab and calls out

Amy - "Rupert, are you ok?"

No answer from Rupert or anybody

Amy - "Answer me, Rupert."

Once she reaches the door to the lab, which is closed and also soundproof. Once she opens the door, she hit by a wall of screaming. She just stands there, shocked by the sounds and the horror in front of her. Everywhere is blood and death - everyone was infected.

Amy - "Holy fuckin shit!"

Then all the infected look up, grin and head for Amy. She didn't stand a chance.

Now we are in a London Hospital room, its late in the afternoon. We see a young girl, asleep and she looks about 22 years old. She is wearing Lilo and Stitch pyjamas, she is very pale and is connceted to multiple drips, a full row of 4 or 5 on each side of the bed. Most are all empty.

Suddenly her eyes shot open and she took a deep breath. She takes a look around the room with an expression of total confusion, then she sits up. She is very weak, but some how swings her legs over the side of the bed. She stands slowly but feels like she was gonna faint, so she holds onto the bed. She pulls out all the drips of her arm and blood flows slowly.

Willow - "Oh shit, that hurt!"

Her voice is hoarse, her mouth is dry and she spots a glass of water. She picks it up and takes a long drink, but the water is hot. Once it was gone, she rubbed her thoat and walks to the door, but its locked. She looked around the room and saw the key sitting on the bedside table and let herself out.

Willow - "Hello? I need some help here"

She sees the sign for the Coma Ward and finds her file. Ah I'm Willow and I've been in a coma for 5 weeks now, good to know! Slowly Willow heads down the corridor. One of the doors is half open, so she pushes it open and stops dead in shock. There are blood all over the place and the room is covered in flies. She has no idea what is going on.

Willow - "HELLO? Ex coma person needs help!"

No one is around. The place is dead, so to speak. She rushes fast through the hospital, still weak, but now running on adrenaline. All the wards are empty, corridors are messy and medical notes are left lying on the floor. Alot of the windows are broken and there are more blood on the walls and floors. Once Willow reaches A&E, she spots a row of telephones.

Willow - "I better call home or maybe the police?"

Yet once she lifts the handset, the phone is dead. She tried all 10 phones and none were working. She began to laugh at the state of her life.

Willow - "This is crazy! Where is everyone? Hello, anyone alive?"

Willow starts to walk til she finds a drink's machine and takes a few drinks for herself. She opens a warm Fanta and knocks it back, loving the taste. It's been 5 weeks and she's missed everything. So once she was ready, she got herself ready to face London. Once outside, all there is was the sound of a rush of wind. No traffic, no engines, no people - Nothing whatsoever. London is dead and Willow was totally confused!


She walks through the empty City, from St Thomas's Hospital, over Westminster Bridge, past the Houses of Parliament, down Whitehall to Trafalgar Square. Buses are crashed into walls, car's are overturned and shops have been looted. Willow walks into one and finds a newspaper

Willow - "I hope this will tell me whats going on."

She picks up the Sun and reads the front title. It reads: Panic around the world - The dead are infected and killing the living!

Willow - "Ok, the dead are killing the living? Oh I gotta get some help!"

Yet there is no police around to help. Willow was all alone and walking around London till darkness had fallen. Willow found a church to hold up in till the morning, she needed her rest and also she was dying to read all the newspapers. She moved into the church with respect. The smaller doors were locked, so she heads up the long stairway and sees large graffti - which reads REPENT. THE END IS EXTREMELY FUCKING NIGH!!!!!!!!!!

Willow heads up the stairwell and moves into the gallery, and sees, through the dust and rot, ornate but faded spelndour. At the far end, a stained glass window is illuminated by the moonlight. Willow pads in, stands at the gallery, facing the stained glass window for a moment before looking down.

Willow - "Oh my god!"

Beneath are hundreds of dead bodies layered over the floor, jammed into the pews, spilling over the altar. It's a scene of an unimaginable massacre. Willow stands in shock and is very stunned. Then Willow sees, standing still at different positions, facing away from her, four people. Their postuers and stillness make their status unclear. Willow licks her dry lips and then takes a deep breath, then she speaks up.

Willow - "Hello, anyone alive?"

Immediately, the four heads flick around, they are all infected. All Willow could think is *run, Will, run!*. Then the next moment, there is a powerful thump of a door at the far end of the gallery. Willow jumps in shock and turns to the sound, as the infected below start to move.

Willow (softly) - "Now would be a good time to run!"

Yet the sound gets louder and the door is shaking with power. She felt her fist glab hold of her bag hard and began to walk to the shaking door. Before she could reach it, the door smashes open and out comes an infected Priest. He locks in the sight of Willow and starts to run to her.

Willow - "Father, are you ok?"

Her words dont mean anything. The Priest is still coming for her, yet Willow's feet couldnt move.

Willow - "Father, what are you doing?"

Then the moonlight catches the Priest face, showing clearly: the eyes. The blood smeared and had collected around his nose, ears and mouth. It was now all darkened and crusted, accumulated over days and weeks. Suddenly alot of flesh blood falls from his mouth, onto this shirt and then the floor.

Willow - "Holy crap! Now stop right there! I mean it, Father. I dont wanna hurt you, but I wont have trouble, do you understand?"

Then the Priest jumps right at Willow, who in pure instinct, Willow swings her bag and hits the Priest across the head. The Priest falls back but soon gets back up again, Willow doesnt stop hitting out at him.

Willow (with each hit) - "Oh that was bad, real bad! I shouldnt have done that, I am so sorry. Please forgive me, Father."

With that, Willow runs back down the stairs and the infected follow her. Once she had reached the bottom, the small doors are smashed open and more of the infected run after Willow. She is running for her life and is also scared to death.

Willow - "This is fucking unbelievable!"

She reached the corner of the street and from the corner of her eye, she saw a hand and two people wearing nothing but black. One had blond hair and the other had brown hair, both had petrol bottles. One is lit and threw past Willow's head, hittin the group of the infected and set them on fire. Then Willow hears a girls voice

"Here! Follow us!"

Then another bottle flies part her head and hits an even better group now. It doesnt slow them down, but does knock the wind out of them. Once again a girls voice yells out:


Willow turns again, and sees, further down the road, to spot the girl with blond hair, who had a machete in her jeans belt, waving at her. The other girl is throwing more bottles at the infected. The next bottle hits the group and they fall into the petrol station behind them and they all go up in flames. The two girls join Willow and pull her off to the side street. Willow is now dazed and scared to death.

Willow - "Those people!!!! Who were... who..."

The two girls hold her up and one yells: "This way! Move it!"

Willow allows herself to be pulled along. After a short run, Willow finds herself with the two girls outside a newsagents. The shops door and windows are covered with a metal grill, but one of the girls can put their hands through a small hole to unlock the door. Inside, most of the shelves have been emptied of sweets, food and newspapers. There are a number of older newspapers and magazines, with beautiful girls and money are all over the floor. Willow can see two sleeping bags on the floor and knew the girls had been living there for a few days now.

Once locked inside the shop, all the girls pulled down the grill and Willow felt her knees give away, she fell to the floor. Her first day back has been too much for words. She had no idea what was going on and she was scared these girls were gonna hurt her. She looked up at their masked faces and shook her head.

Willow - "Ok, what in the frilly heck is going on?"

She watched as the two masked girl look at each other, nod and then look back to Willow. Then the girls sat down and didnt remove masks or even talk, Willow knew this was gonna be a very long night!

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