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Resident Evil - Buffy Style

Author: Tru2urheart
Rating: R
Disclaimer: The "Resident Evil" plot and stuff that I use from the movie isn't mine. Also, Joss owns the Buffy characters so, yeah. Blah blah.

(3 days after the events in the Hive)

"Ok. I never thought I would enjoy a walk around the mall, but I'm just glad I can still walk. I am never going into an underground place ever again unless it's my own basement," Xander says as the group all sit in an unoccupied table of the food court.

"Yeah. Agreed, except for the part about the mall. I love the mall. I guess it's just a girl thing huh," Dawn says taking a drink of her soda," That whole thing majorly changed all of us. Yesterday Buffy and I called Dad, and said we love him. We have never done that. Buffy and Faith got back together and Faith finally said 'I love you'. Oh and Buffy took the d..."

Before she could finish, Faith had her hand over Dawn's mouth," Dishes yo. Buffy did the dishes. Which I have never seen her do. It's all five by five."

Tara gave a half smile and Willow grinned and said," Yeah. Tara and I have done a few things too. I went to see my parents. Which I now have had a long talk with them to let them know what I've been doing, plus, I found out I was gay. Who woulda thought?" Everyone laughed.

"I threw out all my Initiative products, like shampoo and stuff. Then I went to go get a grave stone for my brother, which Willow helped support me," Tara smiled, telling her story," Then we went on a date."

Angel was sitting at the end of the table," I got my wound cleaned and then went to the beach. I needed the tan." He gave a charming smile.

"Me and Xander had lots and lots of sex. Then he proposed to me. After I said 'yes' we had our first orgasms as an engaged couple," Anya looked at everyone," What?"

"You're engaged," Faith asked, trying to break the disturbing silence," Well congrats. Good goin' Xan man. You two will make a great couple," She then whispered into Buffy's ear, "Any children they have are going to be macho man, sex loving, scared of bunny, weirdos, but hey, they at least love each other."

Buffy nodded, scared at the thought," Well, first, congrats to you. You two I know will be happy together. Then I want to tell you that Faith, Dawn, and I have quit our jobs at The Initiative. Put together, we have plenty of money between the three of us. The Initiative paid us alot."

Angel nodded," Yeah, I quit also. I've paid everything off anyway, and I have enough money for emergancy, fun, and any other bills."

"Anya and I quit yesterday. By then they were furious. Did everyone else have to sign that contract of 'no telling'?" Xander asked the group.

They all nodded their heads. Just then Willow stood up," I'll be back in a minute guys. I've gotta use the restroom."

She got off of Tara's lap and started forward. Turning the corner she didn't go into the restroom, but instead went into a closet.

She ran her hand through her hair and sat down for a minute. She had been having these wierd pains in her body since they got back. It ran from her legs to her chest, then to her arms, finally making her head swim in dizziness. It stopped after a minute. She regathered her composure and opened the door. Not even noticing that it had been locked. She walked away. The lock on the door was broken.

Angel had gone home when the others had decided to go to a movie. He went to his couch and sat down. He wasn't feeling well. Dizziness, and pain. His wound was itching constantly. He screamed in pain when the wave of pain came through again. Below the bandages, hair started to slowy grow. Stiff hair. The same hair that had been on the beast that gave him the wound.

"I want him in here now. I want him in the Nemisis program. He has been infected! I also want Miss Rosenburg in here. She has something going on as well. Do it now!!" Screamed Warren. Andrew and Jonathan looked at the head scientist. They moved to get the team of Initiative soldiers.

Adam walked over to Warren, "I want to know what went on down in the Hive. Send my team down there. Immediately!"

The group had gone to see 'Scooby Doo' and were now just hanging out at the park near the movie theater.

"Okay, she so did not look like me. Sarah Michelle Gellar is just plain stuck up from what I heard," Buffy said trying to defend herself.

"I think we all have people that look like us. They probably have totally different personalites though. Plus, they never look exactly the same," Came Willow's comment.

Faith gave a laugh," You say that, Red, because you seem to look like that Alyson Hannigan girl off 'American Pie'. 'One time at band camp...'," The others started laughing.

"Hey, Willow. I don't mean to change the subject, but have you always had that tattoo?" Dawn asked from her spot on the grass.

The others stopped laughing, Xander was the first to speak, "Yeah. I didn't notice it down in the tunnels."

Willow's eyes had gone a bit wide when Dawn had asked, "I don't remember getting it, but I do remember having it. For a long time. I think Oz had one too. Probably just a mark of showing we work there." She covered. Hopefully they didn't know too much about The Hives' security.

"Well, I don't want to know about a stupid tattoo. They're boring and just sit there. Now if it danced," Anya said," Anyway, I want to know what happened to you down in the tunnel. The train tunnel. You looked like you had the shit beaten out of you."

Tara, who had been quietly observing this from her spot of holding Willow from behind, same as Faith with Buffy, and Xander with Anya, decided it was her turn, "If you want to tell us that is."

Willow knew this moment would come, "Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to tell you." She knew that she would leave out the virus. She didn't know what they would do to her if she told them. If she told Tara. So she pretended that the case had something else.

The Tunnel

Willow shook her head as she was trying to come back from the fall. She looked around and saw the monster on the floor. Then she looked ahead and only saw remaining dust of where it had been. She wasn't too far behind, but she couldn't run that fast. She looked down at the brown case, but before she reached for it the monster awoke and rose quickly. It lashed it's tongue around and grabbed her foot only to throw her against the wall right where the case was. It broke open, but Willlow hadn't noticed.

She got up and jumped away from the tongue this time, quickly kicking the monster in the head.It grabbed her other ankle and threw her behind where the case was and then advanced on her ready to make the kill.

Willow kicked it away from her, rolled away before something in the case had caught her eye. Inside the case was a sword. (I know. Lame, but I couldn't think of anything else, Willow thought)

Before she could grab it the monster grab at her ankle. She was flung into the wall again. She got up and did a spin kick into the monster's jaw, or what should be a jaw. 'Eew.' Anyway, she jumped awya from the creature as it lunged with it's claws to strike.

She ran fast, up the wall (this part in slow motion to us, eh why not make it interesting?) she tucks her head and rolls off the wall into the case, grabbing the sword. When she does, she has a flashback of her training (not going into that, some of that was just plain unethical) and how to fight with a sword. She twists it around as the creature tries to strike again, but when she swings her sword the creature catches it in mid strike and knocks it away along with Willow.

She goes in again and finally cuts the head off. She falls to the ground sitting at the base of the wall. She rests for a minute before remembring the rest of them. Then quickly runs down the tunnel. She sees their weapons by the train exit. At first, she thinks she is too late, but then she sees them resting in the hall.

Seeing Riley nod off she grabs Angel's pistol.

"And that's all there was," Willow finished telling her story. She knew that she had told wrong. She had actually done the whole fight scene truthfully, but instead of having a sword to chop it's head off, she broke the neck and twisted harder to make sure it would never again set foot down on their grounds. In other words, she grossly took the head off by hand.

"Wow," Dawn said, "You must have been quite a trained fighter."

Willow nodded.

Willow and Tara were sitting in Tara's home by the fire, "Thanks for letting me stay here. It's a beautiful home."

Tara nodded," You're very welcome." Willow was about to say something else but Tara stopped her with her lips. The kiss started soft, but excalated into something more. They moved to her room.

Tara backed up into the bed, never breaking the kiss, "Are you sure? Cause if your not, we don't have to do this."

Willow just nodded and started kissing down Tara's neck, "I've... never... done... this... before... with... a... woman." She stated in between kisses.

Tara just put her hands up, "Hey. As much as my body wants this, as much as I want this, I think we should wait. It's not time."

Willow just grinned, "Ok, but can I still have Tara kisses and snuggles. Those are now essential to my life."

"I think we can handle those," commented Tara.

Some really steamy kisses later, "Alright. We have officially steamed up the windows. Our shirts are off, and we were just about to go farther. I think we're done for now, Miss 'just kisses and snuggles'." Tara gave Willow her half smile. They put on their shirts.

Willow grinned, reached over, turned out the light, and snuggled back into Tara. They were asleep in seconds.

About 20 minutes later.

Willow gets roughly pulled from the bed.



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