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Resident Evil - Buffy Style

Author: Tru2urheart
Rating: R
Disclaimer: The "Resident Evil" plot and stuff that I use from the movie isn't mine. Also, Joss owns the Buffy characters so, yeah. Blah blah.

Willow shook her head. Tara looked at her worriedly. The Red Queen pressed again, "Do it!" Willow lifted the axe and smashed the computer screen. The team looked at the window. It was cracked but the creature was gone. The door suddenly opened. Slowly as ever it revealed what was behind it.

"She wouldn't open the bloody door so I had to fry her ass," came the voice of one very bloodied and very dirty looking Spike. At the looks he was recieving he decided to explain his not being dead, "I crawled the other way down the pipes and came out at the Red Queens layer again. Funny how they followed me through the pipes, I thought the so called dining hall would still be crowded, but turns out all of 'em followed your asses."

Willow came up to him and slapped him, "You scared me with that fucking gunshot so I thought something else was coming through this door," she explained her actions, "But thank you for saving us." She allowed a small grin and then she grabbed Tara's hand and pulled her out of the water. Same with everyone else.

Xander stops by Spike, "I thought we were done for when the door opened. Next time let us know with your voice." As soon as he said it he started off after the others, followed closely by Spike.

The group came to the train station as fast as they could, running into minimal trouble, thank the heavens. Willow couldn't help, but think that most of them were probably still trying to find their way up from the electrical tunnels.The real question was, Where is the hunter, as its prey runs toward freedom? Willow questioned herself. She knew it wasn't over yet. Something was about to happen.

Buffy looked at Willow and Willow nodded, "Alright, everyone on the train," shouted Buffy. Then more quietly she spoke to Willow," Do want me to get it?"

Shaking her head 'No' Willow made her way to the second car. Right there, was the bloodied, half eaten body of her ex-(FAKE-husband. She reached down and grabbed the case and shut it. Just as she took a step away, Oz grabbed at her long leather boot, "h-e-e-l-l-p," his voice rasps through his bloodied face.

Willow kicks his hand away, "I thought you wanted my dreams to come true. They wouldn't if I helped you." She smirked and walked away. Before she could reach the door she runs into a very stricken Tara.

"I thought, well I needed," Tara shook her head, "In case we don't make it through, as you and I both know it's coming," She grabbed Willow with both hands, one by the back of the neck and one by cupping Willow's cheek, and kissed her with all her might. It shared all that needed to be shared. The pain of one's lost, and the known that they still had hope to live. It sealed the promise that they knew what was about to come.

They pulled apart leaving quick pecks in between. Tara stared hard into emerald eyes. Willow stared into sapphire, "Tara, will you go out with me when this is done?"

"How do you know we'll make it," was the question Willow knew was coming and the question Tara knew to ask.

Willow smiled, "Because I didn't go through all of this thinking about almost the entire time, maybe I thought about survival and what I was doing here, but that's not the point. I'm getting off track, but I didn't go through all this," Willow stopped when Tara let out a giggle, "What are you giggling about?"

"You," Tara said without question, "You babble. I think it's adorable."

Willow hung her head and smiled while biting her lip, "Back to to my point, I didn't go through all of this planning how to ask you out just to end up dying, going to heaven and slamming my foot down thinking,' Ah man. I didn't even get to ask her out. How fair is that?' So ya know, I'm prayin'."

"How do you do that," Tara asked.


All through this 2 minute conversation, Faith and Buffy sat there watching, "Makes ya kinda wish you were at home with a honey of your own don't it, B?"

Buffy nodded her head, "I had a 'honey' as you call it. She left me. I think she thought love was a little too complicated."

"Well, maybe she's learned somethin' and wants to try again. Would ya take her back?"

"Maybe," Buffy smiled at Faith, "Angel? You've been my best friend since we were kids, and Xander I met you in high school so you and I are pretty close too. Would you give her a second chance?"

Xander scratched his chin mockingly, "I don't know. She seems pretty suspicious to me."

Angel nodded, "I agree. Maybe, nah. I would take her back," Angel said, winking at Faith. He was a pretty friendly guy. He gave a reasurring smile and walked away to see how Dawn was holding. Xander went back over to Anya. Riley was sitting in the corner.

Just then Willow and Tara joined them on the train. Spike nodded at them," Does this mean we're ready for take off?"

Tara nodded. He started the train then came back into the car. By then, Willow was giving Riley the anti- virus. He looked up at her, "I lost almost everything here. My love. My humanity. I almost lost my life. You know that if this doesn't work, I want you to shoot me. I don't want to be one of those things." Willow sadly nodded. She moved to Spike to give him the anti-virus from his scratches that the zombies gave him.

Spike went back into the drivers place, while Willow gave it to everyone else who had been infected. Not many really had been. They just wanted to be sure so that if the scratches they had had come from the zombies that they wouldn't have to be killed.

Just then there was a loud thump on the top of the train. At the side of the train a huge scratch came through and hit Angel's arm. He had 3 gashes in his arm now. Right after this, Spike was wipped out of the front and thrown off the train, landing dead on the tracks behind. The monster came through the roof and everyone backed away. It's long tongue whipping round.

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