Watchers is a virtual TV series, a fan-based sequel to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, set after that show's finale, in which the First Evil, which had destroyed the Watchers Council, was defeated by Buffy and her fellow Slayers, whose powers had been activated by Willow's magic. Watchers follows Willow, Giles and several other characters as they establish a new Watchers Council to train and guide the newly activated Slayers. Watchers was created by CN Winters and Susan Carr, who assembled a team of writers, web designers and graphic artists to help create the series. Like a real TV show, Watchers is released one episode each week, with each episode divided into a teaser and four acts. Photo manipulation is used to create virtual 'screen captures' from the episodes, showing the old and new characters interacting in their new setting.

CN and Susan, who produce and direct each and every episode, as well as writing many of them, approached me to head up the art department. In the early days of the show, they presented me with the idea for 'Restoration'. I took the bait and started work, refining the outline into a full episode, introducing some new concepts, and later working with CN and Susan on re-writes to polish 'Restoration' to its final form.

'Restoration' is my baby; I did most of the writing, and all of the graphics, but CN and Susan deserve the credit for giving me the concept, allowing me the freedom to do what I wanted to do with it, performing a stellar edit on the final draft, and letting me remain hands-on with it right up to the day it went online. Credit is also due to all the other people who work on Watchers, for making it an amazing show that attracts a vocal and intelligent audience, who I got to present my episode to. Thanks, guys.
-- Chris Cook
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Sets, costumes & extras sourced from: Babylon 5, Star Trek, The Matrix, Blade Runner, The Terminator, Animatrix, Farscape, Aliens, Metropolis, Xena: Warrior Princess & Warhammer 40,000

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