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The Amazing Kitten Race

Author: watson
Rating: Episodes are PG-13, Recaps and Behind-the-scenes are R or more.
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They tossed and turned on the narrow double bed, the steady humming of the air-conditioning unit creating a disjointed sort of harmony with the sporadic traffic noises outside.

Soft fingers caressed soft skin on a pale freckled arm, then reached up to adjust the bunched-up sleeves on the T-shirt.

"Can't sleep, baby?" Tara asked, returning her arm to its rightful place, looped around Willow's waist.

"No. My body screams that it's tired, my brain super aware of how many hours till we have to set off again, hence the need to rest. But no, I can't sleep. Can you?"

"Not really."

Tara heard Willow sigh as they tried to ignore the sunlight creeping through the not quite thick enough curtains. She glanced at the clock: 12.53pm. They had to be at the start point in under 10 hours, her mind was checking off the Pitstop tasks that had become their routine for the last 3 weeks.

Check in with Ashley, do interview, have lunch, shower, do laundry. Yep, all done. Now if only we can catch up on some sleep.

"Want to do some planning?" Willow asked, but made no attempt to move from Tara's comfortable embrace.

"Only if we can do it in this position," Tara mumbled.

"We can do a lot in this position," Willow snickered.


"What?" She is all sweet innocence, but I have her number.

"You have a one track mind," Tara smiled. She traced a soft finger underneath the sleeve she was adjusting a minute ago and smiled some more at the shiver she felt running up her lover's arms.

Slowly and achingly she slipped further up underneath the cotton material until she reached the collarbone, which she slowly ran over with the back of her fingers, keeping her touches soft. I'm glad this is a loose-fit T-shirt.

Willow let out a sigh at Tara's caress and they felt the flush of desire gradually building through their connection.

Tara worked her hand down from the collarbone to the top of Willow's breasts. She drew large figure of eight spirals around both breasts, intensely aware but studiously avoiding the hardening nubs at the tip.

The sounds Willow was making were sweet and needy, her body arching and pushing back into Tara's, her hips grinding through the clothing barrier and right into Tara's core.

Tara slipped her hands out, earning a needy whimper. "Shhh, sweetie, I'm taking this off," she whispered as she rolled Willow's T-shirt off her back and over her head. Before settling back into their embrace, she quickly threw her own T-shirt and boxer shorts off to the end of the bed.

She resumed the figure of eight movement around Willow's breasts, while pressing her own into the redhead's back. They gasped, but neither was sure if it was Tara's hand on Willow's breasts, or Tara's breasts on Willow's back.

Feeling her own heat igniting, Tara tightened the circular movement on Willow's breasts, at the same time increasing the pressure. When she reached the pebbled points, she stroked, then squeezed, eliciting a sharp hiss from the suddenly still body in her arms.

"Should I stop?" she purred.

"Please don't," came the plea.

She shifted slightly so her other arm, the one previously trapped underneath Willow, was able to snake round and continue massaging Willow's breasts. Her top arm slid tantalizing down Willow's body until it reached the well worn smooth cotton of obstinate, pesky panties. These she removed without hesitation.

They were bare against each other now. Their breathing quickened but remained in sync. Tiny rolls of hips and tightening of muscles were sure signs of an impending hunger, an unending need.

Willow moaned, half-rolled and threw one leg over Tara's hips, opening herself to Tara's touch. Tara wasted no time in reaching down, brushing her palms against damp curls, and began to steadily stroke Willow's inner lips. She felt her lover's clit harden, as if crying out for much needed attention. Natural juices flowed easily over hidden crevices, intensifying the friction.

More urgent thrusting of hips demanded more, and Tara gladly obliged. One, then two fingers slid into Willow, while her palm maintained contact with the now very stiff clit. Gently at first, then more rhythmical, she guided her fingers in and out, basking in the feeling of Willow clenching around her and buried in the bliss and love radiating from both of them.

She knew Willow's body so well now, even though it had only been a few days. The memory and significance of their bonding, back in Africa, still fresh in her mind and soul. A small sign, an extra hitch in the breathing, insides that felt smoother, and she knew, deep in her heart, she knew.

I'm coming baby.

I can feel it.

When Willow arched her back and tightened her grip on Tara's hand, she could hear the chorus of Willow's release whispering, louder, clearer, till with one drawn-out, delightful scream the woman she loved climaxed with such force that they were both pulled off the mattress.

Willow turned into her and kissed her deeply. They easily fell into a tangle of arms, legs and warm melding, whispering small words of love only meant for their ears. They held each other close as they drifted into slumber.

When they woke their room was still bright.

Tara felt before she heard Willow's breathing change. She opened her eyes to be greeted with eager green ones that smiled at her.

"Hey," Willow said, placing a warm kiss on her lips.

"Guess we managed some sleep after all. Did you sleep well?" she asked.

Willow smirked. "Of course," she smiled. "I didn't even thank you properly before zonking out, you must think I'm some sort of guy, at least I didn't grunt and rolled over."

"You're nothing like a guy," Tara replied, allowing her fingers to run down Willow's jawline.

Willow swallowed and tried to suppress the arousal that was fast spinning out of control. "Oh Baby, what you do to me. But," she said as she flipped Tara over. "But now, it's my turn to do things to you."

Tara tried hard to stay focused. "Do we have time?" she asked, at the back of her mind she was trying to remember if she looked at the clock, but rational thought was becoming impossible when her arms are held high above her head and Willow was kissing her.

"Let me worry about the time, just relax," Willow instructed as she continued her kisses, now at Tara's neck and arms.

This is so easy.

Tara took a deep breath and felt her tension melt away with Willow's kisses. The kisses were everywhere, sometimes soft and barely felt, sometimes more insistent. Every so often, Willow would lean up and kiss her on the lips, opening her mouth and letting their tongues enjoy the sensation.

Willow was kissing her breasts now, taking care that each nipple received the attention they yearned for.

I'm lost.

Now the focus was her tummy, then her hips that she always thought too wide, and back to her breasts.

Cool hands slid around her back, pulling her up and wrapping her legs around Willow, now crouching between her legs. Kisses along the top of her thighs, smooth hands lingering at the back of the thighs, down to the knees and ankles.

What was my life before her like? I can't remember. I can't imagine.

Slowly and carefully Willow kissed all around her sex and outer lips, but resolutely not venturing deeper. She felt the grin along her sensitive skin.

Willow slid back up and kissed her again, she could faintly taste herself already.

I'm burning up all over.

The sensation of Willow's kisses on her clit was unlike anything she had imagined or felt before. Now Willow was humming into her, the vibrations and touches igniting a fire that started deep in her belly and was overwhelming every other sensation.

She knew it would be quick. She wanted to draw her climax out but she had been at the edge since she herself first teased Willow. Seemed like a million eons ago.

Willow sucked her clit and it was instantaneous.

I'm coming baby.

I can feel it.

All around her, she could only hear white pulsing light, could only see white pounding noise. She screamed. Loudly. Screams of joy and of bliss and of pleasure that knew no boundaries.

She pulled Willow back up and they met in a kiss that sealed their love. Willow turned her over and rocked her gently while softly stroking her hair.

There was still Race planning to do. They were in a new country now and chances would be the most or even all the next leg would be in Australia. Five teams were left and the competition was becoming more intense. Their staunchest allies had been eliminated. There was a lot to talk about.

Thinking further ahead, the Race was coming to an end. What were they to do afterwards? Their lives, their relationship, everything, had changed so much. There was a lot to talk about.

But at this moment, as their love enveloped them, it was not the time for talk. Talking would be later, when the reality of the outside world greeted them again. At this moment, they were just two girls, one soul, in love.

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