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Queen of Thieves

Author: Robotguru
Rating: PG
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"Things aren't going so well for your hero, are they? She gets turned away by her love and now a tiger is set to maul her."

"The course of true love, it has never run smooth and indeed it shouldn't."

"What is this thing with Willow in drag? Anya said it herself, Willow is a woman, she should know the way to Tara's heart."

"You can say that in this time through the eyes of one that views the world differently, but in those times..."

Willow steps back, backing away from the tiger seemingly intent on doing her harm, she whips of her turban, waving it at the tiger, trying to get its attention away from her jugular. She calls softly to the figure behind the curtain, trying to ignore Rajah's insistent growling, "Princess?"

"Who's there?"

"It's Will..." Willow coughs and deepens her voice, "Uhm, Prince Will Ababwa."

Tara's voice cracks out like a whip, ice dripping off of every word, "I do not want to see you."

Willow tries to get closer to the curtain but there is still a lean mean tiger in the way. Beneath the balcony, Anya, lying back in a hammock, tilts her shades and looks to Xander, "How is our little femme Casanova doing?"

Xander replies by drawing one tassel across his 'throat'.

"Right!" Anya disappears in a blink.

Meanwhile, Willow is still splitting her attention between smoothtalking an unwilling Juliet and keeping her jugular from being torn out, this is not made easier by a bee buzzing around her, "Please, Princess, just give me a...chance."

Tara looks up, seeing the sight of Willow trying to bat away protective papa tiger with her turban, there is something about his face, almost an effeminate line, one that is vaguely familiar, her voice softens a little, "D-do I know you?"

Willow quickly puts her turban back on, ", I would remember if I knew one of such radiant beauty."

Tara narrows her eyes at the flattery, but still..."It's remind me of someone I met...i-in the marketplace?"

Willow laughs this away, "I have servants that go to the market for me, besides, I've only just arrived in this gem of a city."

Willow swats at the bee as Tara's face falls a little, "Yeah...I guess."

A small voice buzzes in Willow's ear, "Enough about you! Did I slip a Y Chromosome in there when I turned you into a prince or something? Talk about her, her hair, those eyes you're so mad about, pick a feature!"

Somewhat distracted, Willow tries to take this advice, "'re very..."

Having not really thought this through, Willow pauses for a moment, almost tonguetied (Willow, tonguetied? Now I have seen everything), Anya buzzes around agitatedly, "Beautiful, marvelous, glamorous, punctual."

Willow blurts out 'punctual' which earns a somewhat puzzled look from Tara, Anya blushes a deep red that covers her body, "Sorry."

Willow tries again, "Beautiful."

Tara's eyes narrow, leaving a flicker of blue, she half turns, her voice dropping a notch, "I'm rich too, you know." Willow is suddenly unsettled by the sudden change on the conversation and can only nod her head, "The daughter of a Sultan..."

"I know."

Anya suddenly looks shocked as what is happening clicks and flies into Willow's ear, giving of a sound very much like a submarine alarm as Tara's voice drops to a sultry tone, "A fine prize for any prince to marry."

Willow nods her head, "A prince like me."

Anya, with a face remarkably resembling that of Scotty from the Enterprise shouts out "She's gonna blow Cap'n!"

Tara whirls back around to face Willow, walking quickly towards her, fire behind her cold blue eyes, clear that she is about to take all of her frustration over the suitors out on this one, "Right! A prince like you! And every other self obsessed, arrogant, swaggering peacock I've met!"

"Ooh...that's gotta hurt."

Tara gives Willow a long look, disgust coloring her blue eyes, before she whips around, her voice lowers to almost a snarl, "Go jump off a balcony."

Willow stands there almost shell-shocked, "Hey, stop her, stop her! You want me to sting her?"

Willow swats at the bee, replying in a low tone, "Buzz off."

"Fine, be like that, 'Mistress', but remember, bee yourself."

Willow shakes her head as Anya disappears inside of her turban, her voice rising just as Tara is about to disappear behind the curtain, "Yeah, right."

Tara turns her head over her shoulder, "What?"

Willow blushes, part of that from realizing that she was heard,8 part of it something she had just realized, she sighs, heading for the balcony, "'re right." She drops her head, Tara turns and tilts her head, confusion behind her eyes, "You're not just a prize to be won. You should be able to make your own choice and...I forgot that, I'm sorry."

Willow climbs onto the balcony and hops off onto the carpet, disappearing from view, Tara gasps, "No!"

Willow, startled by the shout, gets Xander to rise, "What?"

Tara looks all the more confused, poor soul, "H-how are you doing that?"

Willow smiles and rises, Xander coming into view, "It's a magic carpet." Tara walks over and Xander holds out a tassel, taking one of Tara's hands and 'kissing' it. "He's also an irrepressible flirt for some reason. Would you like a ride?"

Tara hesitates, not sure, "Is it safe?"

"Do you trust me?"

Tara blinks, "P-pardon?"

Willow holds out her hand, "Do you trust me?"

In four words, Willow has just confirmed what Tara had suspected, it was perhaps her joy at Tara taking her hand and stepping onto the carpet that caused her to miss the mixed emotions that briefly flashed across Tara's face...

Without so much as a bump, the carpet rises skywards, spiraling as it gains altitude and eventually, Agrabah looks very much like a toy city, the lanterns of those dwelling the nighttime streets shining like pinpricks. "Wow...I never knew just how beautiful Agrabah could be."

Willow gives a smile, her own voice dropping, "There is so much outside the city walls." Willow is quiet for a moment, listening, "The pyramids of the endless sands, the glaciers of the ice-caps, so cold that it can burn, arches and bridges, great stretches of never quite get used to it." Willow takes Tara softly in her arms, gently coming out of the almost trancelike state she had found herself in at Anya's words, then she suddenly feels her stomach lurch as the carpet flips upside down, spinning and floating downwards as Willow and Tara go into freefall, landing gently back upon it, almost as if they are in a dream.

The carpet's speed is intense, spanning the immense desert in seconds, the rush is unbelievable as a bridge flashes over Willow's and Tara's heads with inches to spare, both girls feeling experiences that they have never felt before, the closest Willow could come to describing it would be the buzz that she feels when she runs from the guards, living moment by moment, going wherever her heart felt was right.

The sky is almost torn apart by light, loud explosions rocking the sky as the fireworks made it take on almost a look of having many wounds. The two lie on the hovering Xander, watching the show as they cuddle together.

All of this time, Tara had leaned back into Willow's embrace, resting her head against her shoulder. She looks back into those eyes that had captured her at the market, eyes she can see now are still that powerful green. Despite the restfulness and the happiness, something that Tara does not feel she has experienced ever like this, there is still a hurt that spreads from within her stomach. "It's a pity Miss Kitty had to miss this."

If Willow had fallen into an unwitting trap earlier, she has no chance with one laid in her path, "Nah, she doesn't like loud noises that much..." Willow trails off, realizing just what she has said.

Tara shakes her head, whipping off Willow's turban and drawing away from her, the hurt is clear in her voice, "Why did you lie to me?"

Willow shakes her head, completely unprepared for this, "I...I"

"D-did you think that I would n-never find out? That I am stupid?"

", of course not."

Tara's voice lowers a notch, "Who are you, Will? The truth."

The fireworks finish and Xander flies on, slowly.

Willow thinks desperately, by Allah, if Tara knew she were a mere scoundrel... "The truth...I...I ran you did that morning." That much was true at least, "I...suitor after suitor, just like you said, every one of them more arrogant, more sic kingly pompous than the last. I couldn't take it. I made it to Agraba, determined to lie low...but then I saw you. They weren't going to let me anywhere near you, I..."

"Ethan said you were dead, Will..."


"Willow then. Do you have any idea how I felt? That you'd died because of me? And you c-could j-just stand there on my balcony, when I thought I'd seen your face...why couldn't you have told me this then?"

"I didn't know..."

Tara places a hand on Willow's lips, "All of those suitors...I didn't turn them away because none of them were the right man..."

Willow lies back, not bothering to wipe the tears from her own eyes, she is surprised to feel a soft finger do that softly for her, she looks up at Tara, "I'm...I'm sorry."

Tara's face softens, she's let her hurt out and whatever she did, this is the woman she almost instantly fell in love with, she looks at Willow for a long moment, "You look good in those clothes, Giles and Ethan didn't have a clue..." Tara looks into the green orbs staring up at her, a small smile plays across her lips, "You'd look better out of them."

Willow looks up at Tara, seeing the desire that smolders behind her eyes. Tara flicks her finger inside the folds of Willow's jacket, slowly teasing apart the buttons one by one. When the final button is undone, the sides of the jacket lie to either side of Willow, the shirt does little to hide her pert breasts, the nipples already hard against the fabric. Tara purrs, stroking the back of her hand against the outer contour of Willow's breast, she almost purrs, her voice husky, "Much better."

One of Tara's hands dip lower, the carpet bucks underneath Willow's hips, leaving her briefly in the air before hitting the carpet again causes Willow's stomach to rise into Tara's caress, this and the fact that her breast had been pushed more firmly into Tara's gentle stroking elicits a moan. Willow places her hand on top of the one Tara is stroking her stomach with, stopping it for a moment as it trails lower, she can barely form words, ""

Tara nods her head, finding her own difficulty in speaking, "I...w-want."

Willow nods her head and one of her arms wraps around Tara's back, pushing her chest closer to Tara as she finds the mere string keeping the back of Tara's outer robes in place. The translucent pink silk falls away from her shoulders and exposing her bare skin to the air. A breeze plays across her nipples, causing her to shiver not from the cold, her fingers while kneading Willow, work on the royal blue shirt as Willow, sliding her arms from her jacket, rubs Tara's bare back with one hand, pushing her now exposed breasts to Tara's, keeping Tara's left hand trapped between the two of them, her other drifts to Tara's soft core, softly stroking the long skirt that is all that keeps flesh from meeting nerves. Tara's hips gyrate forward and the carpet moves beneath them, the very thing they are resting on is working with them now. Willow's shirt lies open to her sides. There is no frenzy between the two of them, the touches are soft, gentle. There is no need to rush because they have all the time in the world to explore.

Tara unbuckles the strap keeping Willow's pants in place, she teases the waistband down slightly before her hands find themselves stroking Willow's hair of their own accord as Willow gently lifts Tara from her to slide herself under her, bending her knees around Tara's body as she finds herself looking up at the thin fabric that is all that remains between her and Tara's core. Willow kicks free her pants, her body arching as the full length of it is exposed to the night air and places her hands gently at Tara's hips, her thumbs hooking the inside of her skirt and tugging gently.

Tara's hands move down Willow's back, her fingernails gently scraping her spine. Inch by inch, the last of Tara's clothing is removed, Willows fingers linger on Tara's ass for a moment, then they stroke her thighs, her thumbs teasingly close to Tara's centre, causing her body to writhe on top of her. Willow's lingering caresses take Tara's skirt to her shins and Tara's writhing does the rest. Willow's fingertips return to the place they had lingered on, her fingernails digging into Tara's buttocks, leaving their imprints before she releases some of the pressure. Another pass at her spine from Tara's fingernails causes her to arch her back, she stretches and holds it, the carpet supporting her weight. As Willow does this, she presses Tara's core towards her mouth, gently trailing her tongue and mouth along the opening. Tara's already moist lips peel aside like the petals of a rose receiving their first kiss of the sun.

Tara wraps herself around Willow, drawing her up so that they are at the same level. She dips her head and gently nibbles on Willow's bottom lip. Willow gently pulls away from this and rises her head towards Tara, her teeth gently find Tara's jaw and Willow leaves a soft trail of bites along her jawline as Tara's thigh slips in between Willow's, causing her to moan and bite down a little harder than she meant to as her teeth close around Tara's pulse point. Tara yelps slightly at the unexpected pressure, but that yelp turns into a moan of her own, Willow raises her head and brushes Tara's lip with hers, running her tongue across Tara's lips as she does so.

Tara opens her mouth slightly and Willow takes the invitation, gently flicking her tongue inside, drawing a little Tara-tongue out to play. Instead, Tara gives an impish grin and bites down on Willow's tongue slightly, holding it between her teeth as she shifts on top of her to push her gleaming pussy closer to Willow's warm mound. Willow writhes underneath her, the friction of the two pussies grinding against each other causing pins and needles to jolt throughout her body. Tara releases Willow's tongue and starts to massage it with her own, gently sliding her own tongue into Willow's mouth. She can taste herself on Willow's tongue and that causes her hands to move faster as they continue to run up and down Willow's back. One of those hands leaves that area, instead caressing Willow's breast, she takes one of Willow's hands from her ass and places it on her own breast, moving it up and down her to show what she needs. Willow doesn't disappoint as her fingertips spiral, moving in ever decreasing circles until she is tickling the sensitive area around her nipple. She takes the nipple between her index and middle fingers, pulling gently on it, after a moment of this, Willow pulls back from the kiss and instead sets her mouth following the path her fingertips had taken on Tara's other breast, leaving butterfly kisses as she trails her tongue in their wake as mouth and fingertips work both of Tara's bounteous breasts. Tara kisses the back of Willow's neck, taking gentle nips as she does, her hair tickling Willow's forehead.

Rain starts to gently pour upon the two, the extra sensation causes Tara's back to arch and her breathing to become ragged. Willow uses her free hand to guide Tara's chest back down to hers as the tension starts to dissipate, moaning as they move against each other after the contact had ceased. Tara moves the hand she had taken Willows in down lower, placing it in between their centers. Her body jolts as her hand is trapped where it is for the moment, her knuckles rubbing along her own lips, her fingertips seeking out Willow's core. Tara's fingers leave teasing brushes as Willow starts to rock her hips, attempting to draw Tara inside of her. Willow tries to form a single word, but her lack of breath makes it some time before she is able to plead, "Please..." Tara's fingertips continue their gentle teasing for but as moment before Tara runs one finger along the line of Willow's lips, opening them wide before thrusting that finger in, stroking Willow's inside as she looks for the area that would give her the most pleasure, Willow's body arches in a wave of painful ecstasy, every part of her stretching to its limit, then her hips start to rock in time with Tara's finger. Her own hand falls from Tara's breast where it had had a good time fondling and falls towards Tara's own warm mound. Willow places her hand on Tara's center, but Tara removes her own hand from inside of Willow, Willow whimpers at the sudden change but Tara was merely making room to press her core once more to Willow's. Tara ground up and down Willow, looking into her eyes as her arms wrapped around her, the sensations ripping through her body almost too much for her to bear. A keening moan falls from Tara's lips as Willow presses her hands firmly on her ass, pushing Tara's mound closer to hers as she moves beneath her.

Willow's and Tara's bodies almost make one form as their breathing comes faint and ragged. As one, they scream as mini explosions ripple inside of them, suddenly, carpet flips over, throwing them into freefall as they climax, their arms wrapped around each other's backs. Willow's vision whites out as she vaguely picks up that she is falling, the next she is aware, she and Tara are lying back on the carpet, only a handful of feet above the ground.

Breathless, Tara rolls over onto her back, unable to move or speak for a long moment. When she is finally in control of her own body, she rolls onto her side and cuddles next to Willow. The two just hold each other for a long moment as the carpet flies back to Agrabah.

Willow is just buttoning the last of her buttons as the carpet hovers in front of Tara's balcony, Tara sits on the edge, her legs dangling over the side. Willow puts her arms around her from behind, resting her head on her shoulder. The two have barely spoken on the trip back, no words were necessary.

Tara leans her head back, offering her lips. Willow gives her a relatively chaste kiss before helping her over the ledge of her balcony, "Good night, sweet princess."

Tara's radiant smile warms Willow to her soul, she whispers her own goodnight and disapears behind the curtain.

Willow watches Tara's room for a long moment until the lights dim, she falls back onto the carpet with a satisfied sigh. Xander drifts gently closer to the ground and Willow lies there with her eyes closed...which is why she was so shocked when a rough pair of hands pull her to her feet. She opens her eyes, blinking, to take in the form of Buffy holding her against a tree, Xander being tied around another. Ethan looks on approvingly, walking towards her. "I think you have quite worn out your welcome, Prince Abooboo." He smiles at the mockery he made of her 'surname' before turning to a guard over his shoulder. "Get rid of him." The next thing that Willow knows is a sudden and total blackness, she does not feel as her body plunges over a cliff and into the sea...

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