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Pick My Partner

Author: Coopster5000
Rating: PG-13 for language
Disclaimer: Based on the T.V. show Parental Control on MTV. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.


"So Tara," the redhead gave her a charming little grin. "Where are we heading to?"

"Well I'm a m-m-major animal l-l-lover," the blonde admitted shyly. Her cheeks covering with a tiny blush. "So I arranged for us to have full range of the aquarium on 5th an Hampton."

"Oh really," smiled Willow in absolute shock. "What are we gonna do, what are we gonna do." she clapped her hands together repeatedly like a five year old child.

"I'll tell you when we get there," smiled back Tara as she grabbed Willow's hand and lead her to the MTV van.

In reply to the question and hand holding Willow just shoots the camera a look and raises a eyebrow at the same time before getting inside the van.

"So we're here," grinned Willow. "Now what?"

"N-n-now your g-g-going to go p-put on th-that," Tara stuttered badly as she pointed to a skimpy silk black bikini swimsuit hanging up on a rack.

"Oh yea really?" laughed Willow as she licked her bottom lip. "And what swimsuit are you changing into?"

"Oh look how happy she is," smiled Sheila as she watched her daughter laugh and clap her hands in glee. "See she's never this happy with you."

"I don't know about that 'mom', if you came into our room this morning around seven o'clock you would have seen how happy I was making her," Kennedy said as she thrust her hips forward and towards the older women.

"Oh' that's disgusting," Sheila squealed as she pushed the offending girl away. "and another thing... don't ever call me mom!"

"Oh but Sheila what am I suppose to call you when me and Willow get married?"

"I wouldn't be to worried about that if I were you," said Ira as he directed Kennedy's attention back to the flat screen T.V. where her girlfriend and the blonde were talking.

" what?"

"N-n-now your g-g-going to go p-put on th-that," Tara stuttered badly as she pointed to a skimpy silk black bikini swimsuit hanging up on a rack.

"What the f**k!" shouted Kennedy as she stood up from the couch. "yeah nice pick Sheila... get a f***ing horny bitch who wants to put Willow in a skimpy bikini!

"Oh yea really?" laughed Willow as she licked her bottom lip. " and what swimsuit are you changing into?"

"Ooh," both Sheila and Ira said together to antagonize Kennedy.

"What the f**k." Kennedy yelled out. "what the f**ks wrong with your daughter?"

"Nothing's wrong with her anymore," laughed Ira. "she's finally moving on."

"Like hell she is," harrumphed Kennedy as she plopped back down on the sofa.

" changing into?"

"Well I haven't made my mind yet," Tara responded this time with out a stutter. "I was hoping you could help me chose."

"Yeah!" Willow yelled before answering again in a more appropriate tone. "I mean yes. I would be delighted."

"O-okay come o-on," once again the blonde grabbed Willow's hand and lead her towards the changing room, quickly grabbing Willow's swimsuit on the way.

"Th-they're in there," she pointed to one of the changing stalls. "while y-y-your changing p-pick one and h-hand it over the t-top." she indicated the open space above the stalls before going into the one next to the redhead.

"I cant believe this s**t," hissed out Kennedy as she watched her girlfriend walk into a stall to pick out a bathing suit for some other girl.

"What, that Willow's actually on a date and liking it," said Sheila.

"Or that you just realized that you're the worlds biggest douche," whispered Ira never taking his eyes off the T.V.

"Hardy har har, you stupid f**k tard," snapped the brunette.

One of the doors to the stall open and Willow popped her head through the small opening revealing only a part of her swimsuit. Pulling one of the bathing suits out from behind her she shows it to the camera before shaking her head no and tossing it back inside the stall.

Reaching back inside the stall for the second bathing suit Willow pulls it out to reveal a navy blue bikini to show to the camera. 'I don't know... um nah' she mouths into the camera before disappearing back inside her stall.

After a few seconds of hiding inside the stall Willow fully opens the door to show off the third an final swimwear. Holding up a yellow polka dot bikini, she gives a big grin before nodding her head and mouths 'nice' into the camera.

"Hey Tara I got your bi.. swimsuit," willow shouted as she tossed the garment over her stall and into Tara's.

"I think I'm gonna be sick," groaned Kennedy as she watched her girlfriend approve of an tiny yellow polka dot bikini.

"Well take it outside like the rest of the trash," said Ira.

"Well while I'm heading out there you want me to bring out Sheila?" quipped the Latin girl.

"Wow," said Willow as she watched the blonde emerge from her stall.

"Y-y-yea wow," the blonde replied back as she took in the sit of the redhead in the bikini.

"Ya like," Willow asked as she spun around in a slow circle for the blondes approval.

"Oh yeah," she whispered out.

"Good... cause I like too," she nodded at the blondes attire before reaching for her hand. "So what do we need swimsuits for?"

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