Parting Gifts

Author: Irene73
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: G-Money Willow and Super-Fly Tara.
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Summary: She says good-bye, and I say hello.
Note: A very special thanks goes out to 'mi amiga' and beta, all wrapped in a neat little package that is she, Senorita Tiggrscorpio. Her honesty was and is invaluable, her suggestions eye-opening and funny; I am forever grateful. Gracias chica...and don't forget to have fun at the wedding. Save a dance for me?
Note: I forgot to mention this before; Tiggr, I agonized over the title remember? But you were there to lend a hand...thank you for the title, can't you see my smile?

I was devastated when our Senior Office Manager, Tara Maclay, informed us one day, at a weekly meeting, that she had taken a position with another firm and would be leaving.

Two years ago, when I first met Tara, I was totally fascinated by the 25-year-old's sexy, yet quiet beauty, beautiful blond hair, soulful azure eyes...gorgeous. I was instantly hypnotized by her beauty. Pouty kissable lips and a ravishing figure that I'd mentally undressed hundreds of times completed my painting of a true goddess. I'd never been so attracted to another woman...ever. Not that any other woman would ever notice me...hello, professional nerd here. I mean really...did I need to enter every Science Fair in middle school ...and do I really need more than one laptop? Okay, yes to that last question.

I fantasized about her on a daily basis. Adding to my fascination, I found out through Buffy, my best bud and personal secretary to the one and only Tara Maclay, that she is gay! Now she's leaving and I'll never know what it would be like to have coffee, food, kisses and gay love with her. I had to make my move. If only my move didn't involve both of my left feet and a serious case of the 'bat sized butterflies'.

A couple of weeks before Tara was set to leave I decided to go for it...carpe diem...darn tootin'.

I agonized over what exactly I was going to do. I had to let her know I was interested. So, how to begin? Flirting sounded like a good start. Inappropriate in most work environments, but I was a desperate woman - I only had two weeks.

Eye contact was essential in getting her attention, and I did. Our eyes met on more than one occasion, with interest, with appreciation. We'd make intermittent eye contact every five seconds out of thirty. I know...I timed it once. Okay, more than once. She'd look directly at me and I'd return her gaze with one of my own.

We would have casual encounters around the office.

By the Xerox machine:

"Oh, um...sorry I'll come back later."

"No its okay Willow, I'm almost finished. Just two more copies and its all yours." She had said, standing in front of the printing machine. "You pulled your hair up today. It looks lovely on you. You should style your hair like that more often."

"Thank you." I answered, delighted that Tara had noticed. "It's nothing really. I was in a hurry this morning. I forgot to set my alarm clock last night and ...well...this was the end result."

"You should forget to set it more often," she said with a wink as she left the room.

My hand landed on the copy button as I tried to steady myself. The flash of the Xerox machine nearly blinded me.

In the break room:

"...and then he ordered her to step out of the car - she wasn't even driving Tara! You should have seen the look of terror on her face. It was priceless." I couldn't stop laughing as I recounted the tale of Buffy's brush with the law. "Please step out of the car miss." I said, in what I perceived to be an accurate impersonation of the male officer.

"Oh my god, Buffy must have been so scared."

"I'm sure she was, but I was to busy suppressing my own laughter that I hadn't noticed." We fell into a companionable silence. She reached out and grabbed one of my fries from the paper wrapper my hamburger was currently sitting on.

"You're supposed to ask first you know. That was very rude." I said frowning, crossing my arms over my chest in mock disbelief.

"Do you want it back?" She teased, dangling the fry in front of me.

"I'm you- I mean...what I meant to say is...oh phooey, it's yours." By the way she was grinning at me, I'm pretty sure she caught my little slip-up. It didn't seem to bother her though.

"Good" She took a bite, "Wanna share?"

"Oh, yes!" I leaned forward and took a bite of the proffered fried spud. A fry never tasted so good.

"You're cute when you pout."

On our way to the elevators:

"Let me help you with that Willow. You should have one of the maintenance workers take this down for you, it's too heavy for one person, and you could get hurt."

The elevator door swooshed open and Tara and I stepped in with the faulty monitor.

"I'm good Tara." We placed the monitor down on the floor. Straightening back up, I caught her eyes and flashed her a knowing smile. "Plus I knew you'd come to my rescue and anyways I'm a lot stronger than I look you know."

"Hmm, good to know," she smiled, tilting her head sideways as she raked her eyes over my entire body.

The parking lot conversation was the best by far:

I was on a deadline for a project that began three days before. So there I was, in my cubicle, way past quitting time. I managed to finish my project just in time for tomorrows meeting. Tired and hungry, I couldn't wait to get home. I figured I'd stop by the drugstore and pick up some much needed aspirin. It was one of those days. I was in the elevator already pressing the 'L' button, when a disheveled Tara shouted for me to hold the elevator doors open. As we descended to the lobby, I frequently found her glancing coyly at me. My cheeks ached from grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"Working late?" She asked, as we exited the building, heading out into the warm evening air.

"Uh?" I stammered shyly, while holding the door open for her. "I stayed late to finish the Scholastic Inc project for Snyder. They're representatives will be here tomorrow morning for the meeting."

"Oh, that's right. So how long h-have you lived in Sunnydale?" That was the first time I had ever heard her stutter. It was the most adorable thing ever.

"All my life." We reached my car far too quickly for my liking. I had no idea how we had gotten there. I was just so caught up in her presence. This was the first time we had ever spoken outside of work, unless you count the polite 'see you tomorrows' and 'have a nice evenings'.

"All your life, huh? Well since you know your way around..." She leaned against my car and reached out with her right hand and brushed her fingers against my arm, making it all tingly,

", then maybe one day you could...ahh...I don't know, pick me up, take me to some of your favorite places; points of interest? I know we'll have a good time."

"Um...sure! That would be great...super even."

To the casual observer this would seem like a lame conversation, perhaps, but when this lame conversation is with Tara, well it automatically becomes the most fascinating tête-à-tête between two people.

We giggled, we smiled, and then we went home. I know what your thinking. 'What happened to carpe-diem?' I spazzed. I've been known to do that from time to time. No worries though because the day in question was coming up.

Our flirting got intense as the two weeks flew by. But nothing more came of it until her last day. This was where I made my move, if you could call it that.

I knew she worked late because, hello, I work late. With Buffy going out of town this weekend, with Angel, that meant no roommate and no roommate meant perfect opportunity.

The customary farewell party was held in her honor. She made a simple speech and concluded it with her charming smile. The entire office wished her well; even her boss, grumpy Mr. Snyder, went as far as buying her a gift. Individual gifts were also given by the staff. Buffy got her the usual bath and body oils.

"So, when are you giving Ms. Maclay your gift, Will?" she teased conspiratorially. Buffy's a sweet girl, but very dense at times.

"Shush Buffy, she'll hear you!"

"Hey, I didn't buy those bath oils because she smells bad. It's been two weeks, Will. She leaves today."

"I know, I know." I was nervous. My hands felt clammy, so I wiped the offending moisture off on Buffy's new blouse.

"Hey! That's new! Here!" she shrieked, glaring, while handing me a napkin. "Civilized people use these."

"Sorry Buff. I'm just a little nervous...that's's all good." My hands began to shake.

"So when do you make your move, feline Casanova?"

"Tonight when everyone leaves. She has to stay behind a little late and give Riley her work keys. He doesn't come in until 6:30 p.m, a whole hour and a half after everyone else has left for the day."

"Sneaky." declared Buffy approvingly. "Good luck, Wills."

"Buffy, I'm not taking a test."

"Oh, well in that case...have fun mi amiga! I want details when I get back, okay? Oh, there's cake..."

I hung around the office until everyone left. I made a mad dash into the ladies room and removed my stockings and panties before going to Tara's office. I saw Riley exit her office and head towards the elevator...right on time. He had closed the door behind him. I knocked softly. Upon her signal, I entered and closed the door behind me. I told Tara how much I had enjoyed working alongside her for two years, that I was heartbroken that she was leaving and that I wanted to finally give her something I'd been wanting to give her since we first met. Then, I lifted up the front of my skirt.

Tara's baby blues widened at the vision before them. "Oh, how p-pretty. How very p-pretty!" she whispered, blushing. "You're a natural red head." I blushed too.

I remember how much her eyes were filled with desire and excitement as she came around her desk and knelt before me. She traced her fingertips over my moist swollen lips, and stiff clit, before pressing her nose into my intimate area and inhaling my scent. "Oh, you smell absolutely heavenly."

She had mentioned that it would be too risky to do anything in her office. "Follow me to my place?" she suggested. When I nodded, she pressed her face into my folds again, licking it for good measure before standing up. She grabbed her coat, the last of her boxed possessions and instructed me to wait for her out in the parking lot.

She knew where I parked my car and in no time she was there. I followed her to her place, which wasn't that far from downtown Sunnydale.

It hadn't taken long for us to enter her home. Once inside, she took me into her bedroom. The first thing I noticed when I entered was how comfortable I felt. Her walls were painted in soft lavender. Candles were strewn everywhere; on her dresser, the night stands. The walls were adorned with paintings of pastures and meadows, where various flowers seemed to go on without end.

"Did you paint these?" I was in awe.

"Y-Yes." She spoke so softly, I almost didn't hear her.

"They're beautiful." There's that smile again, and I even got a little twinkle-in-the-eye to go along with it.

She embraced me from behind. I felt her hands begin to unbutton my shirt while she nuzzled the back of my neck. In no time, we both successfully removed our clothing; caressing, touching, and kissing along the way.

Finally, after two years of wondering and mentally undressing Tara, she was standing before me in all her splendor.

She turned me around and cupped my petite breasts in her hands. She squeezed them gently pressing her more generous ones against my back and rubbing her center on my ass. "You have no idea how many times I've thought about being with you," Tara whispered planting soft butterfly kisses along my neck while I swayed and moaned. I couldn't believe she felt the same way!

Just when I felt my legs would no longer support me, she led me to her bed. When the back of her knees made contact, she turned me around and directed me to my hands and knees. Before I knew what was happening warm soft lips pressed a gentle kiss on my outer folds. A strong wet muscle lovingly ran up the length of my pussy. She found my clit and began to swirl her tongue in maddening circles. Her own moaning only served to inflame my arousal even further. Her melodic voice vibrated against my swollen nub. I heard angels singing.

I voiced my discontent when her tongue abandoned its loving attention, but then, I quickly understood why. Using her knees, she parted my legs wider. With her thumbs, she spread my folds open and pressed her tongue deep inside me, making me groan with delight. I held my breath as she began kneading my throbbing clit between her fingers. She continued to lick and press her tongue in and out until she sent me over the edge. My lungs collapsed, as I shuddered against her.

I didn't have time to come down from that moment of sheer bliss when she rolled me on to my back and spread my legs wide. I cried out when she sucked my clit into her mouth. In one moment her tongue was flicking fast and hard and the next it was swirling softly around my hard nub. I wanted more...and Tara gave it to me. She buried her head deeper between my legs. Two fingers entered me with ease. Her slow careful thrusts increased as the sounds of my arousal assaulted her ears, and within minutes Tara had brought about one of the most staggering orgasms I had ever experienced. Tears ran down my cheek as I nuzzled against her breasts. I was in heaven. Being in her arms felt...right. I knew this was where I belonged. And right then is when I decided our weekend was far from over.

I heard her steady breathing and realized she had fallen asleep. It had been a long day for both of us. Saturday would soon arrive, and with it, new beginnings.

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