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Paid to Get Excited

Author: Coopster5000
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.
Author's Note: It's only gonna get bumpier before it gets better.

Willow awoke from a drug induced haze. Her eyes were blurry and her head was foggy with previous memories. Rolling her head to the right she noticed a blonde curled up in a plush blue arm chair sound asleep.

"Tara..." she whispered, stretching her arm out to the blonde but was denied any type of movement by the restraints wrapped around her wrists.

"Wha..?" the redhead panicked, trying to sit up only to cause pain to shoot through her arms as her forearms were forced down. "ahh!"

"Will?" Tara called out, raising her head up from the arm chair. "Will calm down!" Tara shouted out as she hoped off the chair and hurried over to the redheads bed.

"Whats going on? Whats happening?" questioned Willow, panic evident in her voice and eyes.

"You don't remember?"she asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No! no, what happened?" she gripped the restraints on her arms once again and started tugging on them. "What the fucks going on!"

"Will, sweetie calm down," the blonde begged gripping the redheads left hand. "Willow you started freaking. The doctors had to give you a sedative to calm you down. you've been out of it for awhile now."

"What? How long?" Asked Willow, looking intently at Tara.

"You've been asleep for about...," looking at her watch for the time, "gosh. Its been about sixteen hours."

"Sixteen hours?" the redhead repeated.


"And you stayed with me?"

"Yeah," Tara replied again this time in a quieter tone.

"Wow why the fuck am I tied up?"

"Apparently you got a little feisty with some of the doctors," remarked Tara with a sheepish look.

"Oh...," she let out a pathetic sigh before turning to Tara with a lopsided grin. 'did I win?"

"Hah, sure sweetie," Tara smiled back as she combed her hand through the redheads tangled locks. "Go back to sleep will," the blonde coxed as she watched the guitarist struggle to keep her eyes open. "I'll wake you when your food comes."

"I'm here to see a Miss, Rosenberg," grumbled a British voice.

"I'm sorry sir but Ms. Rosenberg already has a visitor. You'll have to wait until she leaves." said the secretary, never taking her eyes off of her computer screen.

"She?" he questioned with a raised eyebrow before disappearing down the corridor to Willow's room.

"Sir!" the secretary yelled, leaning over her desk watching the man descend down the hallway. "security!" the over weight secretary yelled as she held down a button on her desk.

"Tara what are you doing here?" demanded the man as he pushed the heavy oak door open.

"Mr. Giles," Tara said. Her head shooting up from Willow's bed, where it was resting previously near the redheads hip.

"Miss. Macley I do believe it is time that you leave." Giles huffed out as he took another step into the room.

"But I... I w-was j-just keeping her c-company," Tara stammered out.

"Yes, well know I'm here and I think it's best if you go."


"What?" Giles demanded, taking off his glasses in irritation.

Shacking her head, "I.. I didn't say," Tara started.

"I said no," croaked out Willow.

"But, but Willow," Giles turned he's head to his young charge as he tried to sputter out a complete sentence let alone a thought. "I...I...she sh..."

"No," the redhead growled out. Her eyes narrowing and shooting imaginary daggers at the older man.

"Is there a problem here," husked a burley African American man as he came to stand behind Giles.

"No, there is no problem here," said Giles as he replaced his glasses back onto the bridge of his nose.

"Actually Gus, there's a bit of a problem. Umm.... Would you mind escorting Mr. Giles here," she head nodded to the tweed cladded man since her hands were still tied up. "out of my room please."

"You got it Willow," smiled Gus as he grabbed Giles by the upper arm and hauled him out of the room. "Come on pops."

"Will you know I would of went so you guys could have had some time alone," Tara said as she gripped the redheads hand again.

"I know but he shouldn't have talk to you like that," grumbled Willow. "plus," she added with a smile. "Ikindalikehavingyouhere."

"What?" Tara smiled giving the hand she was holding a gentle squeeze. She heard what the redhead said but she wanted to hear her say it again without jumbling the words together.

"I kinda like... havingyouhere."

"Come again?" the blonde teased.

"I kinda... sorta... like um havin' ya here" Willow dragged out.

"I thought I heard you say that but I wasn't quit certain," quirked the blonde as she gave the guitarist a side ways grin.

7 Days Later

Tara sauntered through the double French doors that led to the enclosed garden were she spotted the redhead sitting under a shaded tree playing with shards of grass that were probably a few days over due for a mowing.

She watched as the auburn haired girl would slowly pull out a sliver of grass from the ground and with shaky hands tear it into pieces. All the while she did this though, Tara found herself staring at the guitarists mouth, trying to make out what she was mumbling.

"Hey Will," Tara called out as she came to stand next to the redhead.

"Shh," willow demanded as her unsteady hands continued to pull another piece of grass in half an then into fourths. "dam it, now look what you made me do! I lost count," she yelled, crumpling up the tattered stem in her hand and then throwing it to the ground. "I said I wan.. Tara!" she exclaimed as she finally noticed the blonde. "I'm sorry I thought you where a nurse."

"What were you doing?" she pointed to the pile of shredded grass blades on Willow's lap and surrounding her.

"Got bored. Decided to count fragments of grass," retorted Willow.

"How high did you get up to?" Questioned Tara a bit curios.

"I don't know. I lost track remember," smiled the redhead.

"O yeah sorry,"

"No problem there's always tomorrow," she shrugged. "and the day after that and the day after that." she picked up another piece of grass with trembling hands and slowly tore it in half.

"So how's everything going Will?"

"Well they untied me from my bed.... So I would say that's pretty good" she let out a small chuckle but then quickly stopped. "but then again my D.T.'s aren't really going away. But you already knew that."

"I'm sorry Willow," Tara said as she took a seat next to the redhead. "I'm sorry there's nothing else that I can do for you."

"You can stay with me," volunteered Willow. "you know keep me company in this god for sakin' hell hole."

"Is it really that bad?" Tara asked as she looked around the enclosed space.

"There's not one thing I like about this place."

"Well then I guess I will just have to keep you company for as long as I can" smiled Tara, reaching out to pat the smaller girl's hand.

"I would like that," Willow replied, her head lowered to the ground to conceal her blush.

"Willow, medicine," called out a middle aged nurse with a sweet smile. She extended the cup and shook it gently to get the redheads attention as if she was a dog.

"I guess there is one thing I like about this place," said Willow as she stood up and brushed off blades of grass stuck to her pants. "my pills come regularly."

"What's with goldilocks being here all the time," asked faith as she flung one of her legs over the arm rest of the chair she was sitting in.

"I like her company," said Willow from next to the wall as she picked at the dirt from under her fingernails.

"Ha! Yeah right." laughed the brunette. "I bet your working that whole friends angle. But in reality you just wanna wine her din her and the sixty-nine her. Shit, I bet you'll just fucking skip to the sixty-nining." the insolent dark haired girl laughed.

"There is no angle," Willow clarified as she came to sit down at the end of her bed.

"God I wonder what she's like in the sack," imagined Faith. "I bet she likes it rough. Could you just picture that," grinned the brunette. "bending her over a table and giving it to her hard. She'd be all like 'oh oh Willow don't stop. Will please!" she laughed out loud only to be hauled off her chair and slammed into the wall behind her.

The fist clenching her black tank top tightened as she was lifted further off the ground. "Don't ever talk about her like that again!" snarled Willow as she removed faith away from the wall only to slam her back into it. "EVER!" she released her grip on her half sisters shirt and took a step back as she dropped her to the floor.

"S-sorry Will, I was just joking" Faith puttered as she scrambled to her feet. "I didn't realize she meant that much to you."

"She doesn't," the redhead lied as she walked back over to her bed an flung herself on it. "she doesn't."

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