Paid to Get Excited

Author: Coopster5000
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

"You guys are on in five," said Ted the club manager of The Bronze, the local hang out spot for teens. Ted was in his mid forties, overweight with short brown hair and going bold. He was a fair man, paid the bands their appropriate amount of money and always gave them breaks between sessions.

"oy Ted where's my bloody guitar," said Spike one of the lead guitarist/singers for the band 'Blood, Guts, and Slaughter.' "I can't play my bloody solo without my bloody guitar."

"Easy Spiky, you say bloody another time somebody's gonna think we're slaughtering people back here," said Willow the other guitarist/singer while brushing past Spike.

"Ya well somebody is about to get slaughtered if I don't find my bloody guitar soon," said Spike saying 'bloody' extra loud at Willow's retreating form.

Turning around to look at the bleach blonde man, "Well Spike if you kill our drummer, we're screwed," she said with a smile.

His face turning into a scowl Spike flung around, his black leather duster flying in the air behind him. "Faith!" he bellowed down the dark corador looking for the brunette drummer.

"Damn Spike no need to blow my ear out," said Faith.

"Where the bloody hell is my guitar?" he said looking down at Faith who was sitting in a chair cradling a beer.

"O, yeah, uhmm...... I lost it in a poker game," she said before taking a swig of her beer. Looking up Faith saw the horrific look on Spikes face. "Oh my god you should've seen your face, it was priceless. I was just joking, it's in back."

"I'm gonna kill you, you stupid bit," said Spike clenching his jaw and fist tight.

"Kill'er later, we have a gig to start," said Willow walking by while slinger her black and green vintage venderstrat over her shoulder.

Willow was 21, she had straight red hair with a tint of black. Wore black nail polish and all black clothes like the rest of the people in her band. Also like her friends she has no parents or real siblings. About two years ago there was a fourth member to their band that wasn't yet created. Her name was Buffy Summers. She and Spike had a thing for a while but for some reason she went and blew it. She was caught in bed with the person Spike despised the most. His name was Riley Finn. After that Buffy took off and they haven't seen her since. The only person that ever got in contact with her was Willow. In high school Willow and Buffy were the best of friends along with Spike, Faith, Xander, Anya, and Willow's secret crush Tara. The first and only contact Willow made with Buffy was from a pay phone that Buffy came across on her way to were ever it was she was going. She told Willow that she was sorry and that she was find. That she was going to stay with some old friends. And the last thing Willow expected to hear from Buffy was "I still love you ever think he will forgive me? Tell him...tell him nothing. I gotta go. Lov'ya Will." And that was the last she heard of her best friend.

"Ready luvs," Spike said making his way on stage with his guitar. "Let's show this club what music fucking sounds like."

As soon as Spike got on stage the door to The Bronze opened and Buffy, Tara, and Anya walk in. Tara and Anya grabbed a table near the stage while Buffy went to get drinks.

As soon as Anya sat down she looked up onto the stage and her face turned incredibly white. Turning to Tara she said "Oh shit!" then pointed to the stage were Spike was standing. Looking at the stage Tara didn't even acknowledge Spike, she was to caught up in the beauty to his left. Willow was just standing there with her eyes close tunning her guitar with a smile on her face that could charge up a 9 volt battery.

Tara couldn't keep her heart from fluttering. She hadn't seen Willow in over four years and yet she still felt attracted to her. She had felt attracted to her in their sophomore year upon arriving at Sunnydale high.

Tonight Spike started the gig since he won the game of pool that they were playing earlier. Spike stepped up to the mike and singled Faith to start playing.

"There was a blackout in my heart in the summer of '03
I was walking over bridges
Tryin' to find my way to me
When the problem was restored
I can't describe the damage done
This would be the first time
And no it wasn't fun

As soon as Buffy heard the familiar voice she turned around and saw Spike standing on the stage playing the black guitar that she gave him for his birthday a little over a year ago.

All these aging hipsters with another axe to grind
So put me on the battle field
Where hardcore goes to die

Can I get a hell yeah

WILLOW: If you're as lost as I am

Yeah dawg

WILLOW: If you hate that expression

Doggin' on others is now my profession
Since you blew the lights out in my heart

Quickly Buffy made her way to her friends table. Tara quickly stud up and grabbed Buffy and pulled her into a big hug. "I'm so sorry sweet."

"I had no clue he would be here. I didn't know any of them were here still," said Anya patting Buffy's back. "We can go if you want. Let me just go call Xander," said Anya walking away.

I'm feeling kinda bored so let's go charge up the car
Let's all put on those trucker hats
And head out to a bar
We'll end up in the standard in the bathroom
Doing coke this is very Hollywood
And yeah I get the joke

Everything tastes better
When the Novocaine sets in
So have a second helping of the ones you call your friends

Just then Spike noticed Buffy near the stage crying. 'my god she looks more beautiful then before' he thought.

Can I get a hell yeah

WILLOW: If you're as lost as I am

Yeah dawg

WILLOW: If you hate that expression

Doggin' on others is now my profession
Since you blew the lights out in my heart

Why don't ya all f-f-f-fade away

Vodka rhymes with lotsa
Bourbon rhymes with hurtin'
These are things I'm gonna feel
This much I know is certain

Can I get a hell yeah

WILLOW: If you're as lost as I am

Yeah dawg

WILLOW: If you hate that expression

Doggin' on others is now my profession
Since you blew the lights out
since you blew the lights out
since you blew the lights out in my

The last sentence was aimed directly at Buffy but she was to busy crying on Tara's shoulders to notice Spike's glare.

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