On the Other Side

Author: EndlessD
Disclaimer: As many of you can probably tell, and with this being the fan fictio section of the site, I do not own Buffy in any way.
Rating: PG-13.
Summary: Tara was living a happy life in Southern California when her father was elected mayor of a small town called Sunnydale. With a promise to the public to keep, her father decides to move the two of them there, in the hopes of turning the town around.
Note: There are no vampires, demons, witches or anything of the like. Sunnydale is still the 'Hellmouth', however this is just a nickname.

Tara stood at the entrance to her new home. It wasn't as big as her old one, she'd give it that. She set her suitcase onto the floor and went out to the car to help her father unload.

"Dad, how long are we going to be staying here?" She didn't feel all that safe. Everyone knew that Sunnydale had one of the highest death and crime rates.

"I honestly don't know Tara. I'd like to do some good in this town." Giles handed a suitcase to his daughter. The two of them walked into the house.

"There are four rooms Tara, go find the one you want."

The blond slowly made her way up the stairs. If she was going to be staying here, she would at least have a decent room. She sighed. Her father had moved her to a place where hardly anybody went to school. She was going to have a very long year. Chances were, no one would be interested in being tutored. Maybe I can find another way to help. Another sigh. Well, if there's one thing Dad and I have in common, it's that we both like to help people.

When she was younger, she had thought the reason he wanted to help people so much was because he was British. And she, having lived in England for about a year, had picked it up from him.

It was a silly thing to think. Nice too. It always managed to give her a good laugh when she was feeling a down.

Tara had been going to the private school that her father had signed her up for, for about a week. So far, she had made no friends. Many of the girls had in fact, taken to picking on her. And having a stutter didn't help it any.

She walked over to the old oak tree that she normally ate lunch under. When she got there, she realized that there was someone sitting up on the tree. Sleeping to be more precise.

Feeling slightly uncomfortable, she began to back away. Until she caught a glimpse of the girl that was there. She felt her heart leap.

The girl was small. She could tell just by looking at her. With the sun hitting her fiery red hair, she looked like a goddess in the blond girl's eyes.

Tara was only vaguely aware of other people walking by. She finally managed to tear her eyes away from the vision. That was due to the fact that the other girl had woken up. Uh oh. What if she caught me staring?!

When the girl's feet hit the ground, the blond could finally get a clear view of her. She wasn't just small; she was skinny. And pale. She was dressed in a pair of sweats and tee. She had a pair of gloves on each hand.

Tara opened her mouth to speak, but the girl was already gone.

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