One Night

Author: Amazonaa
Rating: R
Disclaimer: None of them are mine except for maybe a couple.
Summary: Even lost souls sometimes find something worthwhile.
Note: Adult themes.

There she walked through downtown. Her fiery red hair gleaming in the moonlight. She had missed curfew again at the Sally and was just looking for a warm place to hang out for the night. Her boots, fish net stockings, mini skirt and corsette weren't doing much for warmth at the moment.

She came across The Smoker's Den. A place for people to get high, get drunk and pick up another lonely person for a one night taste of bliss and happiness. She walked in her face blushed from the sudden change in temperature. She sat down at the bar and checked her pockets for some cash. All she found was two dollars, a quarter and a package of powder. Two dollars wasn't much but it got her a double shot of whiskey.

The bar smelled of alcohol and cheap perfume. It was a dive.

Then a woman walked in. Long blonde hair that was a bit straggly. Bright blue eyes and a smile to die for. She was wearing even less than herself the redhead noticed. The blonde came up beside Red and pointed to the chair next to her. Red nodded that it was available and the blonde sat down. Which was odd considering there were fifteen other seats that were currently vacant.

The blonde ordered a tall glass of beer and looked at the red head. She drank slow as if wanting the beverage to last forever. She had quite a nice body the redhead had noticed. Long legs, firm stomach, big chest. Although she looked like she hadn't eaten in a few days. She looked back up into the blonde's eyes and found them softly staring at her. The blonde had a small smile on her face and tilted her head towards the door. Red also smiled and nodded. The blonde slammed the rest of her drink and grabbed the other woman's hand as they exited.

They came to a cheap rundown motel and the blonde went inside. Red saw her flirting with the young man at the counter, who was obviously falling in love with the vixen. She sat on his lap and whispered into his ear while reaching behind him for the key to room 214. He gave her his number and she sauntered back outside.

They went to the room and went inside. It was a one bed room with a small bathroom. The shower's hot water didn't completely turn off which made the room musky and cloudy.

The two women clung to each other and kissed passionately. Each discarded the others clothing slowly. The blonde pulled the redhead on top of her as they fell on the bed. Red slowly kissed down the blonde's neck and collar bone nipping occasionally as the blonde jumped. She licked the very tip of the woman's nipple, hardening it quickly. As Red did the same to the other the blonde rubbed her hands up and down her sides.

Red then straddled the blonde and they both simaltaneously entered each other and rocked back and forth. Holding each other as they fell into bliss. Then they held each other for a while before doing it all over again all night.

The next morning Red rolled over to a warm but empty spot next to her. The blonde was gone. But a note lay on the pillow next to her written in red ink.

We will meet again.

- T -

And the redhead smiled.


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