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Oahu Boarding School - Scooby Style

Author: hot_monkey_love_66
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Disclaimer: The characters have been created by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and its affiliates. I do not own them in any way, although I'd like to... This story does belong to me, but if you'd like to put it in a different archive, ask, and ye shall receive... This story is solely for entertainment purposes, and I expect no money or anything else from them... I think that covers it. And it happens to be about a f/f relationship, if you don't like that, well... leave quickly now!

"So... you're new this year right?" Tara asked Willow, breaking the uncomfortable silence.

"Yeah, my parents thought it would be good to send their only daughter here for her last two years of high school with only one friend, well now two." Willow replied with a smile.

"Well, if it's any consolation, I'm glad you're here."

"How long have you been going here?" Willow asked her.

"Eleven years and counting baby!" Tara said with a laugh.

"Eleven years, geez, that's a long time, you must know like everyone here," Willow said.

"No, not really, I'm really good friends with one girl but, sure I know everyone, but we're not as close as me and Faith, my best friend."

"Yeah, I know how you feel, I have two really good friends Buffy and Xander, he goes to the school for boys here." The two began talking and getting to know each other, and soon realized that they had been talking for about three hours when Willow's stomach growled.

"Geez, it's already seven o'clock. I guess I'm hungry. Wanna go grab dinner at the cafeteria?" Willow asked.

"Um.Willow, dinner is at six, but if you want, we can get some food from the vending machines on the third floor."

"Sure, if you show me where it is, this being my first day and all, and me not knowing where anything is."

"Sure Willow."

Twenty minutes later the girls were walking to their room, Tara's arms full of snacks while Willow looked in her pockets for her key.

"Uh oh. Tara, please tell me you have your key. I don't have mine, sorry," she gave her a sheepish smile.

"Yeah, sure Willow, its in my front pocket, but can you get it, my hands are kind of full with all these snacks." She gave Willow a grin. Willow noticed that Tara's pants were very form fitting, and to get the key, she would need to be painfully close to... well, closer than people who just met should be.

"Um. yeah, sure" Willow replied, trying to hide her nervousness. Willow carefully reached into Tara's front pocket with one finger trying not to get too close to the heat that she could tell was evident through the tiny layer of the pocket. Willow soon realized that she couldn't do anything with one finger, when it came to getting the key that is. She placed another finger into Tara's tight pocket and wiggled her fingers around searching for the key. Tara was failing horribly to suppress her giggles, when Willow looked up at her, horrified that she had violated the blonde.

"What is it?" She asked.

"Sorry... it sorta tickles." Tara replied blushing. She couldn't tell the redhead that she was nervous because of the close proximity of Willow's fingers to her center that were making her so hot. Willow had been wiggling her fingers around Tara's pocket for almost a minute when Tara's voice broke her out of her trance.

"Um. Will, maybe they're in the other pocket," Tara said to her, giggling as the redhead blushed. The only way for Willow to get to the other pocket without blocking Tara's access to the door, where she was currently resting the newly bought vending machine's products on, was to get behind the blonde and put her right hand into the blonde's right pocket. When Willow had placed herself directly behind the blonde, she realized that she had relatively easy access to two other places that she wouldn't mind exploring on the blonde. She quickly shook those thoughts out of her head, telling herself that the blonde was involved most definitely or straight, either way, she was still her roommate, and she hadn't gone out with anyone since Danielle, and that hadn't ended well at all, but right now, she was concentrated on her body currently pressed up against the blonde's backside, tightly.

She could smell the blonde's perfume, and tell that the blonde was blushing as the redhead's hand slipped a tiny bit too far to the left, and the blonde's hips slightly bucked forward and she lost her balance against the door and Willow. The blonde dropped all of the snacks from the vending machine to the floor and immediately bent to pick them up.

"S-sorry Willow," She replied, she hadn't stuttered in a long time, and it was only when she was very nervous or there was a lot of sexual tension in the air. Willow had also bent down at the same time and the two bonked heads and fell backwards onto their heels. The redhead could not control her laughter as she realized that the keys were already in her hand and the two were surrounded by snack foods. Tara quickly joined in as she realized how the awkward situation turned into a hilarious one.

Willow stood up and offered the blonde her hand. "M'lady," she told the blonde helping her up.

"Why thank you, kind prince, err... princess," Tara replied giggling. Willow unlocked the door and pushed the snacks into the room with her foot as did the blonde.

"Well, I hate to say it, but I'm not that hungry right now, I'm kinda pooped, I feel like I could sleep for a whole week," Willow told the blonde.

"Yeah, well, it's not just every day you move into a new school, let alone a boarding school for the first time. We could just leave these here for later, shower, and then hit the sack if ya want," Tara told her.

"Thanks, and then tomorrow, during our free time, we can get to know everything about each other over mocha's or something."

"Yeah, sure, I know this great coffee place about twenty minutes away, that sounds like fun!"

"Oh. but I don't have a car yet," Willow told her, sad that she would have less time with the blonde away from the school.

"It's cool, I got it covered," Tara replied. The girls gathered their things, headed down to the showers, and were back in the room in twenty minutes.

"So, goodnight?" asked the redhead as she fidgeted with her pajama hem while the blonde snuggled into her tiny twin bed.

"I guess, night Will, sweet dreams."

Willow shut off the light and pulled down the covers, and began to crawl in when... "Crap!" The redhead mumbled in the pouty way that only she could accomplish. Willow's bed was broken. The entire right half's springs were off and sprung up as the redhead's side's springs sunk in. "I think I need a new bed."

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