Author: Red
Rating: NC-17.
Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: Joss' folk.
Summary: Tara wants to play.

"Now, Pet," Tara ordered, her normally soft voice firm.

Willow smiled as she hurried to get the wooden paddle from the toy drawer. It seemed Mistress Tara was in a mood... yay! Her pulse racing, she retrieved the cherry wood sorority paddle and returned to the bed. The blonde was waiting, lust in her eyes.

"Very good, my little whore," she purred, standing up. "Mistress likes it when you're a good pet."

"Pet is happy when her Mistress is happy," Willow replied, placing the wood on the bed. Her body was on fire. She loved it when her girl was all, mistressy!

Tara looked at her, big blue eyes smoky with desire.

"Ask nicely, Pet."

Willow swallowed hard. Goddess, how she loved being made to say it!

"Mistress," she began, her voice heavy with need. "Will you please allow your pet the pleasure of spanking your lovely backside?"

Tara's eyes closed and she moaned softly. The redhead shivered.

"I said, nicely, slut," she noted, not opening her eyes. Willow bit back a moan of her own.

"Please, Mistress, may I spank that beautiful bottom?"

Tara's eyes flew open and she reached out, gently grabbing a fistful of red hair.

"Nicely, bitch!" she growled, tugging.

Unable to keep this one quiet, Willow moaned deeply, her emerald eyes fixed on her lover.

"My beautiful Mistress," she began, staring deep into Tara's eyes, "may your pet please, please bend her gorgeous Mistress over... mmm... her delicious bum high... *growl*... and paint the soft, smooth milky white flesh the color of her hair with Mistress' favorite paddle? Please?"

Tara smiled as a deep, husky moan fell from her pouty lips.

"Mm, very, very good, Pet," she breathlessly purred, tugging tenderly on Willow's hair. "More."

Willow groaned. Much more and she would be one wet Wicca. Her girl was a goddess standing there, eyes demanding, full lips dripping with power; the black tee shirt strained against the large, fleshy mounds it concealed, white, cotton panties peaking out from under. Willow's eyes moved to the cotton and she moaned wantonly, fully aware of what lie beneath, on both sides. Snaking an arm around, she placed a hand ever so lightly on Tara's behind, eliciting a small gasp from the witch.

"Mistress, my goddess, may your whore please paddle this luscious ass... nice and hard... then have the honor of cooling it down, with her mouth..." She leaned in, so her lips brushed Tara's ear. "May your Pet spank and spank until this yummy piece of flesh..." She squeezed hard. "Is as hot as the sidewalk on a July, California day... and as red as the flame locks you so enjoy clasping between those talented fingers when your Pet's head is between your delicious thighs..."

Tara nearly came right there, moaning deeply. Willow smiled and continued, dragging her tongue slowly across her witch's lobe, then nibbling less than gently.

"Please, oh please, my goddess, my Mistress Tara," she breathed, "please let your Pet spank your luscious ass until you soak these silky-esque sheets with your sweet juices... then please let her cool your nice, red hot ass down with her icy tongue... then please, oh goddess, please, let her clean up the mess she made."

She dug her nails into Tara's bum and bit down on her neck. Tara cried out, her grip on Willow's hair harder. The redhead ignored the pain, sinking her teeth deeper into her love's neck, savoring, both the taste of her witch and the effect she knew it was having on her. After several minutes, she pulled away and stepped back, smiling proudly. Tara 's eyes opened and found her smiling lover.

"Very, very, VERY good, Pet," she managed, panting. "Fix the pillows." Within seconds, Willow had placed three pillows in the center of the bed and was helping her Mistress lie over them.

"Comfy, Mistress?" she asked, her eyes on the cotton clad bottom raised nicely in the air.

"Mm, very, my Pet, thank you," Tara purred, her body already on fire.

Willow reached out and tenderly stroked.

"I love Mistress in her white undies. She looks so innocent... but she is far from it, isn't she?" Tara moaned and Willow smiled, continuing to stroke as she talked.

"My Mistress is naughty... very, very naughty, isn't she? She's a naughty Mistress who needs a good spanking, isn't she?"

"Mm, yes she is, Pet," Tara moaned, arching into Willow's touch. The redhead smiled and slid a hand under the cotton.

"Hmm, perhaps after my Mistress has been properly spanked..." She trailed a finger over Tara's crack. "Perhaps if she's a good Mistress and takes her spanking well..." She slipped between the cheeks. "Perhaps if she thanks her Pet for giving her the punishment she needed..." She teased the opening, her finger dancing lightly. "Perhaps if she asks nicely... hmmm..."

Tara gasped then groaned as she felt her lover's tender invasion, unconsciously pushing back. Willow's smile grew and she quickly pulled out... much to Tara's dismay.

"You are a bad Mistress!" she quipped, reaching down and picking up the paddle.

"I see I have my work cut out for me here."

She rubbed the wood softly over the cotton-clad bottom in front of her, delighting in Tara's obvious state of need. The witch was wiggling her ass like there was no tomorrow and Willow felt her own panties grow wetter.

"Mistress will count, thank her Pet and ask for the next, understand?"

"Yes, my Pet, I understand," Tara panted, her fingers gripping the sheets.

"Ask for the first, my naughty Mistress."

Tara swallowed hard. "May I have the first, my Pet."

Willow's brow went up and she grinned.

"I didn't hear a please in there," she said, rubbing the paddle harder over Tara's butt.

Tara moaned. "Please, Pet."

"Please what, my beautiful Mistress?" Willow teased, removing the paddle from Tara's bum.

Was that a growl? She mentally mused, nearly bursting out laughing. Goddess, her woman was adorable!

"Pet, my little whore, may I please have the first spank?"

Willow answered by bringing the wood down onto Tara's behind, not too hard, choosing to torment her lover instead.

"One, thank you my Pet," Tara said, her voice raspy. "May I please have another."

"Yes, you may, you naughty mistress," Willow gleefully purred, once again, bringing the paddle gently down onto her lover's bum.

Tara counted, thanked her Pet and nicely asked for the next one. Willow spanked and spanked, eventually putting a little muscle behind it, much to Tara's joy.

"Fifteen, thank you my slut," Tara moaned, relieved that her lover was no longer torturing her with play spanks.

"Hmm, think it's time for these to come down," Willow mused, reaching out and tugging the white cotton undies down over Tara's thighs to her ankles.

Tara closed her eyes and moaned, lifting slightly to allow Willow to remove her panties. Goddess, how this turned her on! Goddess, how Willow turned her on!

"Mmm, I do so enjoy this sight!" The redhead exclaimed, taking in the pink bottom of her lover, the panties around her ankles adding to the yummy. She took a moment to bask in the view, then got back to business.

"Now, where were we, Mistress?" she asked, stroking the pink flesh with a nail.

"We just finished fifteen, Pet," Tara replied. "Perhaps now we will have a real spanking," she added, smiling as she baited her lover. Willow took the bait; it was how the game was played, and raised her arm. With all her strength, she allowed the wood to meet flesh and was rewarded by a loud oh!

"Sixteen, thank you, my little whore, may I have another?"

"Yes you may." *Smack* "Mistress does need a REAL spanking now, doesn't she?" she cooed, grinning from ear to ear. "She needs to have this yummy ass set on fire!"

"Seventeen, thank you, Pet," Tara grunted, the sting of the wood melting into a sweet pleasure. "May I have another, slut?

Willow happily obliged, paddling her lover's ass with tender vengeance. She took her time, ensuring her love would get nothing but pleasure from the kiss of the wood. The only 'hurt' she wanted her girl to feel was the nice, makes you feel good all over, kind. And judging by the moaning, wiggling, grinding into the pillows dance the blonde was doing, that's exactly what she was getting.

"Twenty nine, goddess! Thank you my whore," Tara panted, raising her ass higher. "Please, another." *Smack!* "Oh goddess, thirty, thank you, Pet! Another!"

"Hmm, ordering, are we?" Willow teased, caressing the very red, very hot flesh of Tara's bottom. "That's not very nice now, is it Mistress? I mean, after all, isn't your Pet taking good care of you."

"Mm, yes, yes she is," Tara purred, pushing back. "My little whore is very, very good to her Mistress."

"Darn tootin'!" She slid a finger teasingly into Tara's bum, causing the witch to push back again. "Hmm, my Mistress likes this, does she?" she purred, easing her finger deeper in. "She likes having her Pet's finger in her sweet bum, doesn't she?" She wiggled her digit and Tara moaned. "If I didn't know any better, I'd think my Mistress wanted her luscious bottom fucked."

At the word, fuck, Tara growled and pushed back more. She loved hearing her normally clean-mouthed lover talk dirty. Goddess, it made her... she growled deeply. Willow's smile grew, as did the fire between her thighs.

"Well, do you, Mistress? Do you wish to have this sweet bum of yours taken by your Pet?"

"Goddess, yes!"

"Hmm, "Willow pretended to think about it, slowly pumping her finger in and out of Tara's bum as she did.

The blonde witch moaned, groaned and growled, pushing back for more.

"Let's see how you take the final five spanks," Willow said, pulling out of her lover. "If you're a good Mistress, maybe."

Tara whined at the removal of the redhead's finger, arching and raising for more. Willow smiled at her love's desire, so tempted to give in. But she wanted Tara, the love of her life, to have the utmost pleasure; so she tempered herself, smoothing the paddle over her heated bottom instead.

"What do we say, Mistress?" she cooed. Tara growled. "What was that?"

"Please, slut, may I have the final five."

Tara's voice was barely above a whisper and her body was trembling. Willow had to catch her breath, the vision before her overpowering. She took a second to admire the contrast of her lover's cherry red backside against the black tee that hung just above, smiling at both the image of Tara's well spanked bottom and the knowledge of what she would soon be doing to it.

"Pet, please."

The pleading voice brought her out of her happy visual and she raised her arm.


"Goddess, thirty one, mmm, oh thank you, Pet!" *Smack!!* "Ohh! Thirty two, oh goddess, thank you, my Pet!" *Smack!!* "Thirty three, ohhh, mmm, thank you so Pet!" *Smack!!!* "Oh, goddess Pet!" She ground hard into the pillows. "Thank you!" *Smack!!!!*

Tara arched her back, her body shaking. "Thirty four, THANK YOU PET!" Willow used all her strength to temper herself. It wasn't easy. Tara's backside was raised even higher, red-hot and begging to be... suddenly, Willow remembered to breathe. Breathing was good.



The redhead dropped the paddle and watched Tara bask in her release. Leaning down, she brushed her lips over the hot flesh, covering in tender kisses.

"I love you so much, baby," she said, stroking her back.

"I love you, too," Tara moaned, her body a mass of quivering yummy. "Goddess, I love you!"

Willow placed a firm kiss on the blonde's backside then moved to the drawer. Retrieving a strap-on, she removed her own undies, slipped it around her waist and returned to the bed.

"My Mistress took that very well," she purred, placing herself behind Tara.

Tara felt the toy rub against her thigh and pushed back. Willow giggled.

"Now, now, Mistress," she began, keeping the vibe away from her lover's behind, "if you want something, I believe you should ask nicely. Isn't that what you taught your Pet?"

Tara growled but answered with a, "Yes it is, Pet."

"So then?" Willow mused, patting the hot flesh in front of her.

"Please, my Pet."

"Hmm, please what, my Mistress?" Willow teased, pressing the vibe ever so lightly against Tara's bum.

Another growl. Willow giggled and pressed harder.

"Pet, please," Tara begged.

"Please what, baby?" She leaned in to Tara's ear and whispered, "You know I have to hear you say it, Mistress."

Tara shivered and moaned.

"Please, Pet, please... take your Mistress' bottom."

"Hmm, it's a start... but Pet needs more... a lot more. Come on, my naughty Mistress, say it."

Tara groaned in frustration as Willow rubbed the vibe back and forth over her burning behind, at the same time, loving every second of the delicious torture. And she knew the redhead was enjoying herself, which made her arousal all the more.

"Come on, you bad, bad Mistress," Willow chided, allowing a finger to slip between Tara's thighs.

Her love was soaked even more than she thought and Willow moaned in spite of herself. She remembered when Tara had confessed her love for 'creative theatrics.' That's what she called them; playful, fun and games in the bedroom... or the kitchen, storage room at the Magic Box, etc... She had been more than pleasantly surprised finding out her girlfriend was no vanilla. Willow herself had always wanted to try a little flavor in her romance and was thrilled to find Tara was the same. Of course, neither had actually TRIED any flavor, so that made the experience of discovery even sweeter doing it together. Willow had, however, had a bit more real life action, so she knew some of what she enjoyed. And now, as she looked down at her lover, she knew that introducing Tara to the joys of anal love, had so not been a mistake. The blonde was nearly as bad as she was. Who would have guessed the shy little witch loved to have her bum spanked then taken? Well, Spike; an evening of research and nasty booze leads to interesting conversation. The vamp helped her get info on a particularly mean demon, one evening, despite his slightly drunken state, while the rest of the gang was in LA helping Angel out.

During their book trek, the conversation swayed to the redhead's new girlfriend, to which the vamp wholeheartedly approved, as well as gave his strictly professional opinion. Of what profession, Willow often pondered. In any case, he told her that sweet little Tara would be quite the vixen in the right place, with the right person and by gum, he was right!


Willow smiled. "Still waiting, Mistress." Tara growled. "Oh, I so love when you do that!"

"Please, Pet, please... do it."

Willow licked her ear.

"Do what, my Mistress? Sink this nice toy between those well spanked cheeks?"

Tara moaned. "Yes."

"Ride your naughty little bottom until you can't sit straight?"


"Fuck this luscious ass nice and hard?"

"Oh goddess!"

"Is that what you want, Mistress?"

She rubbed the vibe harder against Tara's bum, teasing the entrance.

"Yes, so very the yes!"

Willow bit her lobe, then said," Ask nicely."

"Goddess, Pet, please," Tara moaned.

"If you want this pretty toy in this pretty ass, then that pretty mouth is going to have to ask."

She pressed harder and added a second finger to Tara's soaked center, pinching and playing with her blonde curls. She knew how having her hair played with... all of her hair... drove Tara crazy. Unable to take any more, the blonde broke.

"Please fuck my naughty, well-spanked ass, Pet, please!" She cried, gripping the sheets and pushing back. "Oh goddess, fuck my ass... fuck it nice and hard! Please Pet, fuck your Mistress' naughty ass!"

The pleas of her, never say a bad word, lover nearly made Willow come right then and there. She managed to stay somewhat calm, however, shifting to slide the vibe across Tara's wetness a few times, then positioning herself behind the blonde witch. Tara opened herself up as much as possible, desperate for her lover to get inside.

"It will be my honor, my beautiful goddess," Willow softly said, easing the vibe into Tara's bum, "to fuck this luscious bottom. But first, I am going to make love to it."

Tara moaned deeply as Willow gently filled her, her bum accepting the toy's tender invasion. When she was all the way in, Willow leaned in and whispered into her ear.

"I love you so, so much, baby," she breathed, her fingers brushing through strands of blonde.

"Oh, I love you too, Will... so very the much," Tara replied, raising her head and glancing over her shoulder.

Their eyes met and for a moment, they stayed still, silent, their love for each other echoing throughout the room. Finally, Tara broke the silence.

"Please, Will... please, make my ass yours."

Willow smiled. "I plan on it, baby... I so plan on it."

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