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New Places, New Faces

Author: Malorie Matos
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.
Note: Thoughs in italics.

"So T, how's it been with...what's his name? Will?"

"Um, fine. It's just a crush." Tara answered quickly.

"Uh huh." She heard Faith reply on the other end of the phone.

It'd been a couple months since Faith had asked her if she was "diggin' any of the hotties" down in Sunnydale. Tara had hesitated, which lead to her best friend accusing her of crushing on someone. Tara wasn't sure she was ready to tell her that she was madly in love with a girl, so she made up 'Will' to get Faith off of her back.

"So...Faith, um, how's your W-winter Break going?" Tara asked, trying to change the subject.

"Pretty cool, T...but I was wondering if you could, ya know, e-mail me a picture of this Will guy. I'd like to see who's got you so hot and bothered that you're changing the subject all the damn time."

"Um...I w-would Faith, but I don't h-have one. I'll tell you when I d-do." This was also a lie. Amy worked on the school yearbook staff and had taken a picture of Willow. Tara remembered just how surprised she'd been when she found the picture in her locker with the words "How much do you love me now?" written on the back of it. As creepy as she felt about having a stolen photo of the gorgeous redhead, she couldn't resist. The picture was currently hidden in the drawer of her nightstand.

Tara hated lying to her friend like that, but she couldn't think of anything else to do for now. Maybe, if she ever worked up the courage, she could send Faith the picture and proudly say "That's Will, she's actually a girl named Willow and I love her."

With only a few days left of winter break, Tara was happy to finally be getting out of the house. Amy and Michael had invited her to the movies with them and she was terribly excited. It would be the first time she would hang out with both of them outside of school. Tara was so glad to finally have good friends in Sunnydale, it helped to have them with her when she started to really miss her friends from back home.

The theater was crowded, as was expected of a Friday night. Tara stood in the concessions line with her two good friends, giggling about silly things and just doing what average teenagers do on a night out.

While they were talking, Tara noticed Michael look over her shoulder and then smirk.

"Oh, how convenient...Look Tara, it's the love of your life." He gestured toward the ticket line behind the blonde.

Tara's eyes widened as she turned to see none-other than Willow Rosenberg with her trusty companions, Buffy and Xander. Tara ducked her head as they made their way over to the snack line that she was currently standing in.

"Oh hey, Tara!" Willow said as her trio approached Tara's. Upon seeing the other two she bobbed her head said "Amy, Michael...hey." The two of them exchanged their hello's with the girl

Tara shyly lifted her head and gave a small, rather pathetic wave. I wonder how much I'm blushing right now.

"Fancy seeing you guys here" Xander commented

"Yeah, what theater are you headed to?" Buffy asked.

"Seven" Amy and Michael said in unison. Tara just smiled and nodded as she looked at the redhead in front of her.

"Oh! Well, that's even fancier. We're in seven too." Xander remarked

Willow grinned like crazy and suggested "We should all sit together!"

"We totally should" Buffy added.

Tara and her friends exchanged looks before Amy said "Yeah, sure, that'd be cool." She turned to Tara and smirked "Wouldn't that just be so fantastic, Tara?"

The blonde glanced around at the faces before her and stuttered "Um, y-yeah, it w-would b-be."

The former groups of three now formed a super-group of six. They made their way towards an empty row in the dark theater. Willow was the first to reach it, and Tara noticed the girl hesitate a bit. She turned her head and looked behind her.

Did she just look at me? Tara thought.

Willow stalled for a few more seconds before being pushed further down the row by Buffy.

"Come on, Will. The movie's gonna start. Grab a seat!"

So, for the next two hours, Tara sat and attempted to watch the movie, stealing peeks at the redhead four seats down from her. And, as insane as it may sound, she could have sworn she caught Willow doing the same. Yeah, right.

When the movie ended, the collection of six separated once again, exchanging their goodbyes and saying that they'll see eachother again when classes started back up on Monday. Tara spent her last two days of Winter Break anticipating the start of school.

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