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New Places, New Faces

Author: Malorie Matos
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.
Note: Thoughs in italics.

Two weeks into the school year and Tara still hadn't really spoken to anybody. She just concentrated on her work, and then spent the rest of each class period day-dreaming of Willow Rosenberg. Tara had been gathering up the courage to say something to the red-head, anything. Then, in 3rd period one fateful day, Mr. Flutie spoke the words that would lead to something wonderful. "This worksheet is difficult, I know. So I have decided to allow you to..." He took a deep breath, as if dreading the thing he was about to say. "Work in groups."

The entire class whispered "Yes!" and "alright!" Tara sighed. She didn't have any friends here, so who on earth would want her in their group. She quietly began working on the impossibly complicated worksheet that had been handed out by the teacher.

"Hey Tara." Oh great, now I'm hearing voices. As if things weren't bad enough.

"Tara" this time, Tara felt something poke her back. She turned to investigate, only to be met by two sparkling pools of green. "Do you want to work with us?" Willow gestured to her friends sitting next to her.

Tara's eyes went wide and she couldn't speak for a moment, then she said "sure." It was simple and easy to say without seeming like you were about to pass out. The blonde turned around all the way to share her answers with the object of her affection. All she could think was, okay, I really feel like I'm going to explode soon. I'll just be sitting here, Willow will laugh or smile and I'll just go BOOM! That's it... Then the bell rang. Tara looked at Willow, then Xander, then Buffy. As much as she wanted the red head to talk to her, it was Xander who spoke.

"Thanks for the help, your really smart" He tapped the side of his head then pointed at Tara.

"Any time" she said in a quiet voice. She chanced one last look at Willow and smiled. Buffy gave a little wave of her hand and then the three of them got up, and left the room. Tara was still smiling.

Later, in her sixth class Tara was staring at Willow as usual. She didn't even notice when the class ended because all she could think of was a few days ago when the red head asked her what page they were on in geography. Eight, Tara thought with a grin. This was too much. She had to get the girl off of her mind. Maybe if I talk to her, I'll get it out of my system, she thought while finally getting up and heading to her locker. Okay, during free period, I'll casually strike up a conversation. Yeah, like nothing could go wrong there.

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