New Places, New Faces

Author: Malorie Matos
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are the property of joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.
Summary: Tara has to leave her life and friends behind as her family moves to a small town called 'Sunnydale'.

"I'm going to miss you guys." Tara pulled away from her best friend.

"Well duh, that's cuz we kick ass." Faith said, trying to be tough. Tara laughed at the brunette. She had known her since grade school and now she had to move away.

"Yeah, you do." The blonde said, trying to keep the mood light. She turned to face her other friends. They were her life, and she hated have to leave them all

"God, your parents suck. Why can't you just stay here? You can live with me for a week, then Anya, then Faith..." Dawn couldn't stand the thought of her neighbor moving away. They had only known each other a few years, but had managed to build a strong friendship. Tara hugged the smaller brunette.

"I wish" she giggled "but I really don't have a choice", saying this in a sadder voice.

"I know, I know." They ended the embrace and Anya stepped up.

"You didn't sign my yearbook correctly. How can you move away without signing my yearbook in the proper fashion?" Tara just smiled at her bottle-blonde friend. She had come to the conclusion that, despite her out bursts and blunt statements, Anya was one of her more sane friends. "Why are you smiling? You're not supposed to smile when I'm angry at you and you're moving far far away to a town that none of us have ever heard of!" Then Anya threw her arms around Tara. "You're supposed to cry and apologize, like in the movies."

Tara frowned. She had never seen her friend like this. She wasn't aware that her friends cared this much about her. Anya pulled away and sniffled. She looked at Oz. Without warning, she grabbed his arm and shoved him into Tara. "You! You hug her now! And you need to be more upset!"

"I am." He said very monotonously. The short, currently black-haired boy slowly reached up and hugged Tara. "It'll be weird without you" he said.

"You too."

She turned to Cordelia. Just as Tara was about to speak, the better dressed girl interrupted. "You WILL tell me about all the super hot guys you see!"

Tara raised an eyebrow, and then smirked. "I'll miss you too, Cordelia"

"What? Oh, yeah. Call me every day, cuz I'll miss you, blah blah and all that. HOT GUYS!" Cordelia waved her arms dramatically at the blonde.

"Erm... okay" Tara said halfhearted. She was used to the girl being shallow. It was who she was.

She looked at her other friends, Riley, Jonathan, William, and Faith's boyfriend, Rob. Tara hadn't known them as long as the others, but she'd still miss them. "There's my mom I guess I have to go." She pointed to the school parking lot. Tara scanned over her friends one last time. She wouldn't see any of them for a while, not after she moves from Sacramento to that small town her parents said was called 'Sunnydale'.

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