Return to Neverland Chapter Twenty-Two


Author: EasierSaid
Rating: NC-17
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Note: Thoughts in italics.

"Is this enough?"

The voice was soft, concerned, and filtered down to Willow from above through the darkness.

"Yes," was Willow's contented reply. Tara's naked thigh was pressing into her center rhythmically, and Willow rolled her hips gently to meet each movement. The room was pitch black, and as Willow turned her head to the side, she realized she couldn't see anything, much less an identifying marker. Where am I... she briefly thought before exhaling deeply, happily, as she felt Tara press into her again. She knew she was naked, on a bed and a very-naked-Tara was partially on top of her, straddling her left leg and pushing her center gently into the redhead's thigh. The blonde's left hand massaged Willow's hip, and the redhead deeply exhaled again. "This feels so good Tara," Willow said, the words spoken through slightly uneven breaths, a soft sigh of pleasure escaping her lips. "You feel so good." Willow turned her head toward where she knew the blonde to be, nuzzling into Tara's temple, luxuriating in the feel of Tara's full breasts framing her own left breast. It was perfect, their lovemaking slow and sweet, and Willow felt like she could go on like this forever.

It wasn't long, however, untill Willow felt Tara remove her thigh from her center and shift her weight more fully on top of her, nudging the redhead's legs further apart with her thigh. Willow complied, spreading her legs, and felt Tara settle between her thighs, the blonde on her knees, her arms resting on either side of the redhead's shoulders and holding her up off of the redhead's body. Willow looked confused for a second until she felt Tara's lips on her own, Tara's breasts on her own. She relaxed into the slow, sensual kiss and then gasped as Tara slowly dipped her lower body down and thrust her hips forward into the redhead's open core. Tara pulled back from the kiss, supporting her weight on her outstretched arms and repeated the thrust, her curls traveling through Willow's wetness and connecting with the redhead's clit.

Willow gasped again, the texture of the intimate connection catching her off guard, her clit jumping at the unexpectedly exquisite touch. Oh god, she thought, feeling the wetness trickle out of her, her inner thighs clenching in anticipation of the next thrust.

Tara repeated the action once more, pausing slightly to ask, "is this-"

"Don't stop!" Willow said, bringing her hands forward to Tara's lower back, urging the girl to continue with her movements. She heard the blonde lustily chuckle, and then grunt as she pressed into the redhead's open center again, quickly settling down into a smooth rhythm that made Willow moan and then swallow hard. The feeling of Tara's wiry curls rubbing into her clit was electric, and Willow began to rock her hips to meet each thrust more fully.

"You're so wet..." Tara breathed out as she pushed down into the redhead and Willow could only nod, her voice lost somewhere in the growing Sahara that was her throat. She felt her wetness increase, and groaned when it crossed her mind that some of the liquid trickling down her swollen outer lips could be the blonde's. She squeezed her thighs against Tara's hips and then relaxed, opening herself wider to the blonde.

As the rhythm grew a fraction faster, both girl's breath became more shallow, little grunts escaping their parted lips as they concentrated on connecting more fully with each pass. Willow moved her clenching hands to either side of her head and arched her back a bit as she stretched, her legs as wide as they would go, her breath ragged and her hips rolling faster to meet Tara's insistent thrusts. Her nipples were erect, and she felt them pulling on the skin of her breasts as they further tightened. The feeling was maddening acute, and she clumsily reached her hands down and roughly squeezed them, pulling each nipple taut to relieve some of the tension, inadvertently sending an unexpected jolt of pure arousal shooting down her slim frame, puckering her inner lips between her legs. Her breath shuddered and she felt Tara pause in her movements and pull back slightly before resuming; Willow moaned loudly as the blonde's curls were replaced by Tara's soft wetness, their clits raking over the other's with each new pass.

Each time their clits connected the girls grunted and sought more contact, Willow's hips rocking at a quick, passionate pace, Tara's ardent thrusts even and fast. Willow's throat was now completely dry, her skin covered in a light sheen of sweat, her lips ice cold. She couldn't see anything in the dark, could only feel Tara between her legs, hear Tara over her. Each of the redhead's breaths was punctuated by a soft sob as she felt her control slipping away, felt her face screw up with need. "Tara," she choked out, and the girl was on her, lowering herself until their breasts pressed and slid against each other, the blonde continuing to pump her hips, her weight supported by her forearms. Willow turned her face into the blonde's and they desperately kissed in staccato, Willow's whimpering breaths punctuating their lips' frantic touches.

Tara ground her breasts down into Willow's chest forcefully and Willow moaned, arching her back as much as she could into the contact, attempting to rub her nipples against the blonde's as they writhed together. Tara pressed her lips to Willow's and thrust her tongue into the redhead's mouth in time with the movement of her hips, and Willow groaned in response, squirming and quivering intensely beneath the blonde. I'm going to pass out, Willow thought in a flash. She was light-headed, beyond restraint and she could feel every part of her body tightening like a coiled spring; all of the energy being pulled from her various muscles to power the orgasm building in her lower belly. She felt her lower body moving of it's own volition, her hips bucking wildly against Tara's center, her feet loosing purchase on the sheets as she tried to find some support for her counter thrusts and she knew that the only thing that mattered in the world at this moment in time was coming for Tara.

She heard Tara grunt into her mouth and Willow turned proactive. She forced Tara's tongue back into the blonde's mouth with her own, Tara pulling back from her and Willow followed her into the air, lifting her head up off the pillow to maintain contact with Tara's lips. The redhead drove her tongue deep into Tara's mouth and furiously set a pace stroking the blonde's tongue, a pace which Tara quickly matched with her hips. Willow held her breath, her neck strained and suspended off of the pillow, her tongue moving with wild abandon until she needed to breathe and fell away, turning her head to the side and away from the blonde as she hit the pillow, crying out from deep within her gut while taking a low, shuddering breath.

Tara groaned and leaned down, gasping urgently, desperately, "Willow", as their breasts rubbed together. Willow grunted loudly at the sound of her name and felt the blonde's broad tongue lick the length of her exposed neck. Tara pulled back slightly, panting and said in an even more gutteral, husky tone, "Will", before repeating the action, moving quickly to suck on the redhead's earlobe. The blonde let go of the earlobe with a cry and pushed up onto her outstretched arms, using the leverage to set an even faster, harder rhythm with her hips.

"Nnnngh," Willow groaned and turned her head back forward, reaching her hands up until she gently cupped Tara's slick, swaying breasts, the blonde's hard nipples raking across the lines on Willow's palm. The redhead pushed her hands up, squeezing the blonde's breasts, the girl responding with a throaty, incomprehensible growl of satisfaction. Willow rotated her hands, increasing the pressure as she massaging the orbs and ground the blonde's nipples into her palms. Tara grunted, pressing into her center harder. Willow's legs were shaking, and she knew she was on the edge.

She abandoned Tara's breasts, her right hand sliding along the blonde's skin and gripping the girl's lower back tightly, the redhead's left hand flailing backward to forcefully grip Tara's right forearm. The grunting above her got louder, and Willow knew her body was out of control as she moved fitfully in a mad attempt to find release. Her whole body seemed fully concentrated on the effort, her ass clenching, her nipples painfully tight, her lungs almost incapable of sucking in enough air to sustain her. She needed to come, now.

The orgasm ripped through Willow seconds later, causing her to rigidly arch her back and drop her right hand from Tara's skin and grab a fist full of sheet as she spasmed and jerked, the climactic waves rushing through her entire body with surprising force, Tara continuing to press into her as she shook.

Willow's limp body eventually dropped back into the damp bed below her, and the room started to get lighter; she could hear the repetitive beep of her alarm clock getting louder. Just as she was on the verge of consciousness, Willow reached out her hand, fumbled for her alarm clock and pressed what she hoped was the snooze button before slipping back into the darkness, the morning glow receding, the beeping fading away into nothing until she couldn't see anything, could only feel her breath coming in fits and gasps, her skin on fire and Tara sliding off of her.

The blonde shifted and curled up on Willow's left side, holding the redhead tight as the she lay on her back trying to regain her breath. Tara's leg came across the redhead's hips, the blonde's left arm creating a shelf for Willow's breasts as she laid her arm across the redhead's chest, her left hand gently rubbing Willow's right arm. Willow could feel Tara's warm, wet center on her hip, as well as Tara's moist breasts on either side of her upper left arm; the redhead briefly closed her eyes and sighed, contentedly. Willow brought her left hand up from between their bodies, freeing it with a slight tug and rested it heavily on Tara's hip, weakly squeezing the girl's flesh before relaxing and languidly moving her fingertips on her skin. Tara nuzzled into Willow's cheek and kissed her softly before resting her head on the redhead's pillow. The only sound in the dark was their quickly steadying breaths.

"Oh god that was so good," Willow exclaimed blissfully after a long moment, her breath still slightly erratic yet manageable.

"'Good'?" Tara replied mock incredulously and Willow smiled.

"Fantastic. Spectacular. Otherworldly-" the redhead blithely listed before being interrupted by a kiss on her cheek.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah..." Tara whispered playfully, placing another soft kiss on Willow's cheek before pulling back a couple of inches. They settled into a comfortable, blessed silence, holding one another, feeling their skin cool as they exchanged soft caresses.

After a long moment, Willow tentatively asked, "how did you know...?"

"How did I know what..." Tara replied softly, her fingertips running up and down Willow's arm.

"That, it wasn't enough," Willow said shyly as she looked down and began to gently trace a circular pattern on the blonde's hip.

"You were coherent," Tara teased as she giggled softly and Willow smiled, turning her head briefly to face Tara's direction before turning back forward. "I don't know," Tara replied honestly, shrugging slightly. "It felt right." There was a pause as Tara considered her words. "If you ever need, more, from me, just tell me..."

Willow nodded, her moving head rustling the pillowcase. They were quiet for another long moment before Willow's brow furrowed and she squeezed Tara's hip. "Did you? I mean, do you need-"

"You didn't hear me?" Tara again gently teased, and again Willow smiled, Tara pressing her center into her hip as she squeezed her thigh around Willow's middle. Willow sighed happily as Tara nuzzled the redhead's cheek.

"I was kinda, somewhere else," Willow admitted sheepishly, the brief thought literally tickling the back of her mind. Her face immediately broke into a wide smile and she started chuckling, her thin frame shaking.

"What?" Tara asked amused, her lips almost brushing over Willow's cheek as she spoke, her left arm bouncing up and down with Willow's light laughter.

"I felt your smug little smile on my cheek," Willow replied as she continued to giggle.

"Well..." Tara replied, her tone half proud, half embarrassed at being caught. Willow rolled onto her side until they were facing one another, pushing her thigh gently between the blonde's legs, Tara hissing slightly before sighing in pleasure as they settled into each other. Their breasts pushed together, their nipples touching and Tara brought her arms around the redhead's waist, brushing her fingertips up and down her back as she held her lightly. Willow brought her face forward until she could feel Tara's breath on her lips, and then carefully brought her right hand to Tara's face, mindful in the total darkness to keep her movements slow and tentative so as to not poke the girl in the eye.

Willow smoothed back the blonde's hair as soon as she had her bearings, feeling totally at peace when she heard Tara sigh happily, the blonde gently squeezing Willow to let her know that she liked and appreciated the touch. They held each other as their breath synced, neither sleepy, fully mindful of the girl in front of the other.

"You're beautiful," Willow whispered, continuing to caress Tara's head gently.

Tara chuckled softly in reply. "You goof," the blonde said quietly, tenderly. "It's pitch black, you can't even see me."

Willow stilled the movement of her hand, cradling Tara's head and said sincerely, "I don't need to see you to know you're beautiful Tara." She felt Tara's breath catch before her arms squeezed the redhead close and Willow leaned forward, resting her forehead against the blonde's. She brought her hand forward to cup Tara's jaw, her thumb stroking Tara's cheek. "You're so beautiful..." Willow said softly, the words only spoken loud enough to reach Tara's ears. Tara dipped her head a bit and then brought her lips forward to gently kiss Willow, the redhead aware as the kiss began to turn passionate, that the room was getting lighter, the sound of a steady beep getting louder.

Willow opened her eyes and sighed, alone in her room, her body still sluggish with sleep. She reached over and turned off the alarm, and laid on her back staring straight ahead, the room lit in a gloomy gray. The bed felt too big, and she felt cold, even though she was wearing pajamas and was snuggled beneath two blankets. She sighed heavily as she pieced together the dream, putting together the timeline of the lovemaking turning passionate, the words spoken afterward cycling and imprinting on her conscious memory. Willow sighed again and quirked her eyebrows, feeling the cool wetness between her thighs, the evidence of her dream's erotic effect.

The first half of the dream had been... amazing. Willow pulled herself out of bed grudgingly and groaned slightly as her legs pushed her still swollen outer lips together, a reminder of just how real the dream had felt. But then, being with Tara was always amazing. Dream Tara, Willow corrected, although she knew deep down inside that it would be just as amazing with the flesh and blood blonde. Even if Tara didn't know where to touch her right away, Willow knew the girl would learn, and she knew she would be more than happy to show the blonde how to love her. Tara was just so sensual; the way she did anything, be it cooking, walking, pursing her lips... Willow knew the girl would be a fantastic lover. Besides, it wouldn't take much if Tara ever did touch her that way... she'd be so ready, she wouldn't be surprised if she came from a simple embrace. If only... god, if only... she thought as she grabbed two towels and walked to the bathroom.

It hadn't been like that with Oz, Willow thought as she made her way into the shower, drowsily rubbing the warm water into her skin. The sex had been good with Oz, most of the time, and he always tried to please her, although sometimes with varying results. It had never been, passionate, wild though. Desperate sometimes, needy, but never... Never like how I know it would be with Tara... how I would be with Tara... The redhead had never dreamt of Oz like she did Tara, had never imagined him turning her into a bucking, sobbing mess like she did with Tara... had never spent her afternoons at work uncomfortably shifting in her seat wishing she could just go touch herself because of daydreamy Oz-thoughts.

Willow washed quickly, dried off and returned to her room, tossing her underwear into her hamper and placing her pajamas on her bed. She moved to her computer, woke it with a click of the mouse and moved to check her weather menu. "Great, sweater weather..." she grumbled as she moved to her closet, tossing her towel into the hamper along the way. She quickly dressed, the dream cycling through her mind the whole time. The lovemaking, the way Tara so obviously needed her, her overwhelming climax... it had been so hot, so sexy, so charged. So why wasn't she obsessively thinking about it, like other mornings?

Because she was fixated on a different part of the dream, Willow admitted to herself. The feeling of Tara's arms lightly resting around her middle, the blonde's fingertips dancing along her skin as they held each other and breathed in time. Willow closed her eyes for a moment, remembering the feeling, and shook her head, disappointed, when that phantom touch faded. That quiet, intimate embrace was going to haunt her all day, those brief touches, the murmured, playfully affectionate words. It was going to haunt her because that's what she wanted from Tara most of all. The sex, the incredible passion... she wanted that too, but more than anything, Willow knew she wanted to hold Tara close, fully clothed in a turtleneck even, and tell her she thought she was beautiful.

Willow dried her hair and slipped on her shoes, carrying her bag and laptop downstairs. Faintly feeling the echo of Tara's arms around her made her feel... lonely. Kinda sad. Her heart ached and she fought the foolish urge to skip work, wait for Tara to wake and ask the blonde for a hug. The blonde's temple on her cheek, her soft body pressing into her, Tara's arms snaked around her waist... Willow frowned and sighed, trying to slough off the weight of what she didn't have. She placed her bag and laptop on the counter and eyed the french press. She quirked her lips, and moved to the secretary table where she picked up her keys and put on her jacket. She then walked out of the apartment, leaving her bag behind as she shut the door softly behind her and headed out into the morning fog.

Tara woke at around 9 and went through her morning routine, visiting the bathroom before heading downstairs for a breakfast of coffee and fruit. She frowned as she entered the main room and saw a box on the kitchen counter next to a cup of... coffee?, and a note. She made her way to the trifecta curiously, recognizing Willow's handwriting as she got closer. What...

Because you wouldn't let me do the dishes last night, breakfast from Katz (you'll probably want to heat up the latte, unless you want a cold latte, which you might and that's fine, cause that's good sometimes too)."

Tara smiled, clearly hearing the redhead's babbling voice in her mind as she read. She shook her head, amused, and returned her attention to the note.

"I was thinking, maybe, if you weren't too busy, we could have dinner tonight (my treat). We can go out and try that new Thai place that opened by the BART station, or if you knew of another place that would be good we could go there instead. I'll be home at 6ish; hope you're free."

Tara frowned and opened the box, smiling when she saw the blueberry bagel and tiny package of cream cheese inside. She chuckled softly, remembering how she had told the redhead a month before that bagels should always be sweet, preferably with blueberries. She remembered... Tara thought, amazed as she shook her head and looked over the note again. Dinner, at six. The blonde bobbed her head thoughtfully and picked up the latte, walking around the counter to stick it in the microwave for a few moments. She sighed as she pressed the start button, and leaned her hip against the cool marble as she waited for the 40 seconds to pass. Of course I'll be free... Tara thought, equal parts ecstatic and dreading. Of course I'll be free...

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