Return to Neverland Chapter Fifteen


Author: EasierSaid
Rating: NC-17
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Note: Thoughts in italics.

Willow restlessly rolled onto her side and stared at her drape-covered window in the dark. She angled her head up on the pillow making a slight rustling noise and took in her alarm clock. She sighed when she saw the time, and rolled onto her back. Forty minutes. She had been tossing and turning, with no sleep in sight, for forty, full, minutes. She sighed again and contemplated her choices. She could get up, put on a DVD... or wake her computer and surf the web... or go downstairs and make myself a glass of warm milk; always works in the movies... She pouted and stared at the ceiling. Nothing sounded appealing, but she knew she couldn't keep laying in bed wide awake. She threw back the covers, swung her feet over the edge of the bed, and crossed to her door.

The house was quiet, the only noise the sound of her bare feet and baggy cotton pajamas shuffling down the hardwood stairs. The main room was dark, but her eyes were used to it and she was able to deftly maneuver to the kitchen. She let her eyes wander over the spotless, moonlit living room; the tall flowers and candles sitting stoically in the dark. She must have hired a cleaning team to come in while we were at the gallery; you can't even tell there was a party here tonight. Willow shook her head with a slight smile. Tara. The girl was simply amazing. So meticulous and thoughtful. Willow knew that she never would have thought of such details, that if the party had been hers she would either be elbow deep in suds right now or looking forward to a very long morning of cleaning tomorrow. Her gaze returned to the candles and she cocked her head slightly, an idea forming.

The candles were so beautiful tonight at the party; I bet they'd look even more beautiful now. She opened a couple of drawers, and located a large box of kitchen matches. She moved to the living room, struck a match and lit the first candle. The corner of the room lit up in a subtle glow, and she quickly moved to light the other three candles, having to strike two more matches to finish the task. She put the spent matches into the fireplace, then rested the matchbox on the mantle. She turned and took in her handiwork. Just like I thought it would look... she thought appreciatively, a wide smile gracing her features. The whole room was bathed in a soft, intimate light, the small flames illuminating the large room surprisingly well. Willow took in a deep breath and her smile turned wistful. Vanilla. Tara... She moved around to the front of the couch and sat, her knees together, her feet tucked up and crossed at then ankle behind her thighs. Her weight rested on her left side, and she rested her arms on her bare forearms.

The night had been so much more than she could have imagined it being. Okay, the Anya, Kevin part had been pretty miserable, Willow thought frowning. But the gallery... The corners of her mouth quirked up into a smile. She sighed contentedly, her whole body relaxing into the pillows. She let her mind wander... picturing Tara smiling as she talked to potential buyers; seeing Tara as the girl sipped a glass of champagne; feeling Tara, as the girl took her hand in a warm embrace. Willow brought her right hand to her lips, and gently ran her knuckles over her flesh. She lost herself in the thought of a fuller embrace, of slipping her hand up Tara's arm, around her waist... pulling her closer-

She heard a delicate voice clear off to the side and Willow snapped her head to see Tara standing just inside the closed door. The redhead opened her mouth, flustered to see the girl she had been fantasizing about, and then frowned a bit when she realized she hadn't heard the key in the lock. "Hey..." Willow looked past the blonde to the door. "I didn't hear you come in..."

"Because you were off in deep think land." Tara smirked affectionately as she put her purse down on the secretary table, and then stepped out of her heels. Willow watched raptly as the blonde's calves flexed and then relaxed under the ragged hem of her layered silk skirt, her bare feet now flat on the floor.

The redhead shook her head slightly to clear the naughty thoughts beginning to infiltrate her mind, and spoke. "I hope you don't mind me lighting the candles..." Willow trailed off, wondering why she was apologizing for an act Tara surely wouldn't mind.

"Of course not." Tara replied softly, walking more fully into the room. "It's beautiful."

Willow nodded in agreement, her eyes watching Tara's frame sway as it stopped a few feet away. "I kept thinking during the party how pretty the room would look without the people, the candles lit."

"It's lovely." Tara complimented, her head bobbing a few times earnestly. They shared a long moment of silence before Tara spoke, a tentative half smile on her face. "You probably want to be alone, so I'll-"

"Tara." The eager tone of her own voice surprised Willow, and she smiled sheepishly when the blonde looked at her expectantly. "Are you tired?" The redhead asked hopefully. Please say no, Willow thought. Tara shook her head slowly. "Wanna sit down?" Willow asked, gesturing to the empty space on the couch next to her. Tara's face lit up and she nodded.

"I'd like that."

"Good." Willow smiled, relieved, in return. Tara moved to the couch and sat about a half foot away from the redhead, tucking her right ankle behind her left knee as she got settled. The blonde's right knee juted out toward Willow, and the redhead couldn't help but think that only a few, measly inches separated her from feeling the blonde's warmth. She watched as Tara rested her right hand on her juting knee, the glass bead bracelet slipping forward on her wrist. Willow smiled widely at the sight. "I had a really good time tonight," she said, looking up at Tara's profile. The blonde smiled warmly in return, and rotated her head slightly to make eye-contact.

"Me too."

Willow's breath caught as she took in the blonde's face up close in the candlelight. The soft light enhanced her strong features; her lips looked fuller, her eyes more sensual. The blonde pressed her lips together, and Willow's stomach fluttered as the candlelight spotlighted Tara's dimple. "Did you have fun?" She squeaked out. Before Tara could answer, Willow flushed red and began to babble, looking at her lap. "Of course you didn't, you were working, and working isn't fun, it's work, and work is-" Willow stopped, sucking in a breath when Tara's hand gently ran over her own.

"I had fun," the blonde said sincerely, tickling Willow's knuckles with her fingertips before she removed her hand to her own lap.

Willow brought her eyes up and looked at Tara's baby blues. Her eyes are sparkling again... Willow thought, fully aware that she must look like an idiot, fixedly inspecting the blonde. The redhead ducked her head and said, "I'm glad. Glad that you had fun I mean."

Tara half-smiled and nodded, a lock of hair falling forward. "It was a lot of work, but it was great to see everyone..." she reached up with her right hand and tucked the lock of hair behind her ear before bringing the hand back down to her knee. Willow stared at the bracelet on Tara's arm as it moved over the girl's skin, first sliding down her forearm toward her elbow and then back to her slim wrist. Tara looked over at Willow, her eyebrows raised. "What?" She murmured, a trace of mirth in her voice.

"Nothing." Willow said, snapping her eyes to meet the blonde's. "Did you sell anything? I mean, besides the one to my uncle?" She asked, hoping her starefest hadn't been too obvious.

Tara nodded proudly. "Three. Besides the one to your uncle," she tacked on teasingly. The blonde chuckled quietly and Willow's face broke into a wide smile.

"That's so great," Willow said sincerely.

"It's a good start," Tara nodded modestly. Again the lock of hair fell forward and again she reached up with her right hand and tucked it away before returning the hand to her knee. Again, Willow couldn't tear her eyes away from the bracelet as it slide along the blonde's skin. "What?" Tara again asked, this time more insistently, her eyebrows raised.

"Nothing." Willow replied, her throat constricted, fully aware that she had been caught staring at the bracelet.

Tara smiled as she watched Willow try and look everywhere but her face. "Everyone thought it was beautiful..." the blonde whispered, dropping her eyes and running her left hand over the sparkling glass bead bracelet. Willow felt her eyes drawn to the action, and she stared as Tara's fingers caressed the gift. The redhead looked up when she felt eyes on her face. She saw an amused Tara arch an eyebrow and ask, "do you want a closer look?" Willow's mouth opened, but no sound came out. Tara smiled wider and closed the distance between them, scooting over so that her right knee nudged up under the redhead's knees; the blonde's shoulder almost touching Willow's. Tara moved her hand from her knee to Willow's. "All yours," she giggled softly.

The weight of Tara's forearm and hand resting on Willow's knee was enough to make the redhead's heart pound. She looked up at Tara's eyes tentatively and then down at the hand on her knee. She brought her right hand down, splayed her fingers and traced her middle finger lightly over the bracelet. On her second pass, Willow allowed her ring and pointer fingers to fall on either side of the bauble, running the pads of her fingers slowly along Tara's skin. She felt Tara's thumb start to trace a circular pattern on her knee, felt the blonde gently squeeze her flesh when on her next pass, the redhead pressed her fingers more firmly into the girl's soft flesh. Willow watched as Tara blushed, and dropped her head forward. With a trembling hand, Willow reached out with her left hand and moved to tuck the fallen lock of hair behind Tara's ear, again moving her right hand along the blonde's wrist.

Willow tucked the hair securely behind Tara's ear, then trailed her fingertips behind the blonde's ear slowly, prolonging the contact. The blonde brought her head up and turned slowly to face the redhead, and Willow's hand lowered, coming to rest on the girl's shoulder. Their eyes met, and Willow noticed just how close they were. She softly caressed Tara's shoulder through her shirt, their eyes locked, the gaze unwavering. Willow wasn't sure how long they stared before she felt herself slowly drifting toward the blonde's face, her green eyes darting between Tara's eyes and lips. The blonde made no move, either forward or away, and Willow continued forward until her bottom lip momentarily grazed over Tara's top lip.

Willow pulled back slightly and dropped her head some, leaning back in until both sets of lips pressed together lightly. She pulled back again, then pressed forward again, another light pass, and like the spark of the matches earlier, something was ignited. Willow leaned in more fully, pressing her lips more firmly against the blonde's, and she felt Tara's hand squeeze her knee tightly, the blonde's lips pressing back with equal force. The redhead released a moan, quickly echoed by the blonde and Willow leaned in further, tilting her head as her mouth opened and closed over the blonde's. Tara's right hand quickly moved to snake around the redhead's waist, squeezing her slight frame through the thin sleep shirt.

Willow licked Tara's bottom lip with her tongue, and then pressed forward hungrily, seeking permission to enter. The blonde opened her mouth and Willow's tongue dipped in once, tentatively, before returning, probing boldly, deeply. Willow felt light headed as her tongue stroked Tara's, as she felt how hot the blonde's mouth was against her own. She cupped the back of Tara's head with her left hand and fervently moved her lips, thrilled with how well Tara's passionate movements matched her own. When her tongue tried to retreat, Tara followed her into her mouth; when she pressed forward, Tara accepted her. Willow dipped her tongue into the blonde's mouth deeply only to find it trapped, Tara suckling it intently. Willow moaned and pressed her lips firmly against the object of her affection. Oh god... she briefly thought.

The blonde's right ankle unfurled from its tucked position on the couch, and her right knee nudged under Willow's. Willow felt her right leg slip from its position under her thigh, and she placed it on the floor briefly, before hooking it around Tara's leg at the ankle. The blonde moaned at the contact, and she slid her bare leg up against the thin cotton of Willow's pajama-clad calf. Willow groaned.

Tara's hand pressed into Willow's back, urging the redhead to shift, to move in front of her. Willow moved her left hand from the girl's head and braced herself against the couch pillow, moving without breaking the passionate kiss to kneel on the edge of the sofa between the blonde's legs. Willow spread her thighs until she comfortably sat on her ankles, the movement pushing Tara's legs up onto the redhead's legs on either side of her hips, sliding the blonde's skirt up her own thighs and opening the girl's legs wide. The redhead leaned forward, the movement pressing her lightly into Tara's center and the blonde arched her back at the contact, causing her shirt to rise. When Willow reached forward to grasp Tara's hip, her hand instead connected with the bare flesh of Tara's stomach, and she felt a spark.

The touch was electric, and Willow felt like her hand was on fire. Instead of jerking it away, or recoiling from the source of the almost overwhelming heat, she slipped her hand along the smoldering skin to Tara's waist and squeezed, massaging her nimble fingers into the flesh. Tara gasped into Willow's mouth, and the flame shot up the redhead's hand, through her veins; her kiss became more desirous, her need for the woman beneath her driving her movements as her touch became more urgent.

She felt Tara nodding her head, and when their lips broke apart for a quick gasp of air, she heard the blonde pant, "yes." 'Yes', Willow echoed in her own mind, reconnecting their lips. Wait, 'yes' what? Before her mind could work the puzzle out, she felt Tara shift beneath her and gently push her away, their kiss breaking unexpectedly. Willow was at first confused, but her mind quickly went blank as Tara reached down her own body and pulled her shirt up and off her voluptuous frame. Willow was shocked by Tara's bold maneuver, yet she couldn't keep her eyes from dropping down, taking in Tara's flushed skin, the girl's ample chest rising and falling with every shallow breath, her full breasts straining against a simple, white satin bra. The redhead looked back up to Tara's face to see heavy lidded eyes and swollen lips, and suddenly, Willow was very aware of the wetness pooling between her legs.

The redhead practically growled and recaptured Tara's lips in a forceful kiss, pressing the blonde back into the couch. Willow moved her left hand to Tara's neck, bracing her weight on the couch pillow with her forearm, while her right hand continued so stroke the blonde's skin at her waist. Tara moved her right hand to Willow's back, taking a fistful of shirt, her left hand burying in the red hair as they kissed deeply.

Willow's mouth moved furiously over the blonde's, her hands moving over the blonde's supple skin at an almost fevered pace. Their tongues clashed, dueled, paring strokes between gasps and whimpers, and Willow knew she was drowning, that she was quickly losing all cognitive function. Wait, she thought, a brief flash of lucidity seizing her. Wait. Willow pulled back from Tara's lips with a pop, and the redhead quickly dropped her head to the crook of Tara's neck. Tara's hands smoothed over her back, her neck, and Willow closed her eyes, breathing heavily against Tara's collarbone. What am I doing?! Willow thought wildly. We were just talking and now I'm mauling her... her brow furrowed against Tara's soft skin as her breathing started to level out. This is so fast, too fast, I haven't even told her how much she means to me, how much this means to me; I have to tell her, before this goes any further I have to te-

"Willow." Her name was said softly. Upon hearing it she became aware that Tara's movements on her body had stilled, and she again furrowed her brow against the girl's skin, trying to figure out why the blonde had stopped caressing her. "Willow." The voice was a little more insistent, and this time the blonde's hands moved to Willow's shoulders, pushing gently. Willow opened her eyes, her head still in the crook of Tara's neck and from her vantage point, she saw Tara's full breasts. The redhead's breath caught at the sight, and she licked her lips. "Willow..." she again heard. "Do you want to stop?"

Stop? Willow thought confused.

"W-We c-can stop," she heard the blonde stutter, "if you think this was a m-mistake-"

Willow's head snapped up, her anxious eyes taking in the blonde. Tara looked so frightened, open, vulnerable. "I-It's okay," the blonde continued, her voice faltering as she tried to give Willow an opportunity to run. "If t-this isn't w-what you wanted-"

"Wanted?" Willow said, before realizing what the blonde was saying. She thinks you don't want her because you stopped kissing her, you dummy. "No, Tara." Willow said, bringing her left hand forward to caress the blonde's cheek. "I don't want to stop, I just needed a minute to breathe, slow down... oh god, I want you. I want you so much-" she said ardently.

Willow meant to move her left hand over the girl's collarbone and down her right arm comfortingly, but instead she completely misjudged her motions and ran her hand down the girl's torso, fondling the girl's right breast. Her hand froze on the breast and she immediately tried to pull it away, stammering "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have touched you without ask-" but before she could drop her misadventuring hand, Tara's hand reached up and stopped her, trapping her against the fleshy mound. Willow closed her eyes, and bit back a moan at the feeling. Tara was so soft, the satin of her bra under her hand, the hard nipple pressing into the center of her palm.

"You w-want me?" She heard Tara ask, the vulnerability in her voice unmistakable.

"Yes." Willow answered in a shaky, breathy voice, opening her eyes to look into Tara's. Tara nodded, understanding, and after a long moment of just staring at each other, the blonde pressed Willow's hand into her, and Willow gently squeezed the full breast in response. Tara removed her hand and Willow squeezed again, this time tracing the edge of the bra with her thumb. Tara leaned forward slightly and Willow looked at her quizzically, before she saw the blonde's hands reach back and unsnap her bra. The redhead froze again, her hand still pressed against the mound. Tara shrugged out of the bra on her left side, running the strap down her arm till it dropped limply against her stomach. She did the same with the right, until the only thing keeping the bra to her flesh was Willow's hand.

Willow looked down and saw her hand on Tara's breast, holding the satin garment in place. Her eyes traveled to the other breast, fully exposed, the rosy nipple hard, the creamy skin around it a sharp contrast in the flickering candlelight.

Willow looked back up at Tara, noting immediately the unguarded look in the blonde's dark eyes. The redhead leaned forward slowly, and kissed the girl reverently. Before things could escalate however, she broke the kiss and dropped her head, kissing the blonde's neck several times, then gently passing her lips over the girl's collarbone. The redhead rested her forehead in the crook of the blonde's neck as before, and her green eyes watched as she squeezed Tara's breast once with her left hand before she relaxed, pulling her hand back until the bra dropped to Tara's lap. She then returned her freckled hand to the soft mound, rotating her hand slightly, grinding the nipple under her palm. Tara sighed, contentedly.

Willow's right hand travelled up Tara's smooth skin and stopped on the blonde's rib cage. The redhead dropped her head slightly and trailed three, tender kisses along the swell of Tara's left breast, her hand again massaging the right mound, her fingers gently squeezing the hard nub between her thumb and finger. Willow's right hand moved up and gently cupped Tara's left breast, tentatively testing the weight, softly stroking the underside of the waiting nipple with her thumb. Willow slid from the couch until her knees touched the floor, and Tara slightly moved her hips forward on the seat. Willow brought her lips forward to Tara's left breast, and gently, adoringly kissed the stiff nipple. Tara gasped at the feather light touch, and Willow's hands squeezed.

Willow dropped her right hand to Tara's hip, then moved her head to the side, placing a kiss on the inside of Tara's left breast, before moving and repeating the action on the outside. She could feel Tara's breath going shallow, the breast near her face rising and falling in time. The redhead nuzzled the nipple with her cheek, and then turned and engulfed the bud in her warm, wet mouth. Tara gasped, and Willow sucked softly, gently bringing her tongue forward to tease the bud with a few short strokes. Tara's hands gripped tightly on Willow, and Willow brought more of Tara's breast into her mouth, sucking harder, rhythmically. Tara bucked her hips into Willow's stomach, and Willow responded by pressing down into the blonde's center.

The redhead released the breast briefly, then reclaimed the bud, sliding her lips down over the creamy flesh surrounding it, taking the breast deep into her mouth so she could run the rigid nipple down the center of her tongue slowly, back to front, her taste buds working their way over the pebbled flesh. Then with a flourish, she released most of the breast and ran her tongue in a flat circle along the areola before flicking upward with the tip across the swollen nub. A strangled cry came from Tara's throat, one hand rhythmically clutching at the collar of Willow's night shirt, the other hand buried in the redhead's hair, her thumb stroking the soft patch of skin behind her ear. Willow dropped her head and broadly licked the underside of Tara's breast, briefly nipping at the tender flesh before moving back up to the swollen nipple. It glimmered in the candlelight, shiny with her own saliva and Willow couldn't help but take it back into her mouth to suckle again.

Tara moved her legs together, placing the arches of her feet on the back of Willow's thighs. She slid them up, and cupped Willow's ass, before sliding her feet back down, crossing her ankles and squeezing the redhead tightly with her thighs around her waist. Willow emitted a low moan and Tara answered in kind.

"Oh god," Tara whispered. "Do that again."

"Hmm?" Willow asked, looking up to the blonde's face, unwilling to remove her mouth from Tara's nipple. Tara smiled through pants and sighed deeply.

"Moan." She explained, looking down her glistening body, her smile widening when she saw Willow's confused look. "When you moan, with your mouth on me... it vibrates-"

"Mmmmm...." Willow drew out, the vibration rippling through Tara's breast. The blonde squeezed hard with her hands before relaxing, her eyes rolling back in her head as it fell back against the pillow.

"You feel so good Willow," she panted, restarting her rhythmic clutching of Willow's shirt and gentle massage of Willow's scalp. The redhead brought her lips from Tara's left breast to the right, moving her right hand up to work the now slippery, fully erect nub. She then dropped her left hand to the back of the blonde's leg. She drew a lazy circle on the skin just behind the girl's knee that matched the one she drew with her tongue on her breast. Tara gasped and arched her back, and Willow leaned forward, pressing into her, feeling Tara's warm center through the blonde's slight skirt and her flimsy night shirt. Tara bucked her hips forward, begging for more contact, hoping to illicit a rhythm. Willow ran her hand up the back of the girl's leg, moving to the inside of her thigh as she passed her knee. "Oh god, Willow," Tara moaned, the redhead's fingers tickling her flesh near her mound. Willow sucked hard, and Tara bucked her hips forward in an attempt touch Willow's fing-

The shrill sound of the alarm clock startled Willow into a bolt upright position. She blinked her eyes, and quickly realized she was in bed, alone, the sun streaming in through the window. "Son of a-" She sighed, hoping to calm her erratic heartbeat. She reached over and turned off her alarm, and then fell back into her pillows. She rolled her hips, and groaned when she felt how wet she was. She closed her eyes and remembered her dream. Pressing between Tara's open legs... "I should have known it was a dream..." Willow muttered as she got out of bed, somewhat uncomfortable with exactly how aroused she was. "The couch was facing in the wrong direction." She stopped before her closet and rolled her eyes. Oh yeah, kissing a half naked Tara? Nothing out of the usual, but the couch facing the wrong direction... dead give away of a dream... She grabbed her towels and exited her room.

A few moments later she stood beneath the warm stream of water in the shower, attempting to escape the dream that still fogged her brain. She closed her eyes as she rubbed the water into her skin, recapping the events of the dream. Tara returning home from the show. The bracelet. The first kisses, Tara taking off her shirt... Willow's mind went back to the first kiss. She frowned deeply and she opened her eyes as she realized something. Huh.

The redhead's brow knit and she reached for her body gel, absently rubbing the slick soap into her flesh. Her mind was suddenly very awake, the analytical part of her brain completely taking over in the analyzation of her dream. This dream... this dream was... different, than her previous Tara dreams.

Okay, there was sex, of a sort... not exactly different... Willow thought, washing the soap from her body. Done that thousands of times... But this time, this time I initiated it. She reached for her shampoo. I mean, not all of it, Tara unsnapped her bra... The redhead felt a shudder pass through her, and she put a steadying hand on the cool tile wall. Oh... naughty thought. She collected herself and opened the cap on the bottle in her hand. She poured the shampoo into her hand, put the bottle down and worked her hair into a lather as her mind whirled. Every dream that she had had about Tara over the last three years had been the same. Well not the exact same... Willow conceded. There were different locations, scenarios, positions... focus! She stepped into the stream and washed the suds from her hair.

But in other dreams, Tara leans in for the first kiss. Tara always makes the first move, let's me know it's okay, that she wants me, that I'm desirable to her... This dream... the look on her face when I stopped kissing her before... Willow picked up the cream rinse. Tara was the scared one, she needed my reassurance... Willow worked the cream rinse into her hair, and then washed her hair clean. She shook her head as her mind went back to her dream. Tara wasn't sure I wanted her...

Willow turned the shower off and reached for her two towels; wrapping one around her hair and then after patting down her skin, wrapping the other around her frame. That dream could have happened. Willow thought as she stepped out of the shower. Well, no, it couldn't have... she chastised before walking the short distance to her bedroom. Right? She stood still before her closet, her mind racing. If Tara knew I wanted her... if she knew how I felt, and she felt the same- Willow sighed. The catch. Tara wanting her.

She reached into her closet and pulled out her outfit for the day. But she loves the bracelet... Willow shook her head as she tossed her towels into her hamper, pulling on her clothes. She said she loved the bracelet, not you doofus. Willow sat down on the edge of her bed and pulled on her socks, then her shoes. Maybe she loves the bracelet because you gave it to her... Willow stood and walked to her dresser, picking up a brush and running it through her wet hair before she picked up the hair dryer. Or maybe she loves the bracelet because she loves Annabelle's. The redhead frowned and turned on the appliance. Could this be any more confusing?!

Fifteen minutes later Willow was turning off her computer and rinsing out her coffee cup in the kitchen. Her shower had taken longer than usual, and now she had to rush. She had noticed Tara's door was closed before she moved downstairs, and Willow couldn't help but wonder what time the blonde had returned home. If she was at the Living Room with Buffy, probably stumbled in sometime after 2... the redhead smirked. She sighed as she put the computer into her bag. "Stupid dreams..." she muttered as she picked her keys up from the secretary table and pulled on a jacket. She sighed again and shut the door with a little more force than she meant. She winced in the hallway, and locked the door behind her. Hope I didn't wake up Tara...

Willow was licking her in long, broad strokes and Tara bucked her hips in time. She panted, sweat running in rivulets down her skin and she groaned, "right there, oh god, Willow-"

The door slamming snapped Tara's eyes open. She was discombobulated, and she pushed the down comforter away from her face trying to figure out just why she was awake. She twisted and looked at the clock. 8 am. She groaned, and sunk back down into the pillows. Absolutely no reason to be up this early... She sighed, and relaxed back into her warm cocoon. She smiled slightly as she hazily remembered exactly what Willow had been doing to her before the door slammed. She sighed and attempted to put herself back into the dream. She smiled contentedly, and ran her hand down her body, underneath the waistband of her pajama bottoms and between her legs as the image came back to her. "Ohhh yeah..." she breathed out quietly, her fingers slipping into her with ease.

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