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Love Thy Neighbour

Author: Shai
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: All the characters belong to Joss, that lucky man!

Willow had no idea exactly when she snoozed off, but when she opened her eyes several hours later the sun had already set. Rubbing her eyes she sat up and pulled her crutches towards her, before remembering that Tara had said that she didn't really need the crutches any more since the swelling was less and Willow really ought to start putting some pressure on her foot, before leaving for work that morning. Tara! "She's probably home!" The thought gave Willow inspiration to walk a little faster! She popped her head into the kitchen, and not seeing Tara there she made her way to the living room, where she found her. Tara was sitting on the couch with a laptop open on the centre table in front of her, and was typing rapidly. She looked up when she saw Willow approach out of the corner of her eye.

"Hey" she smiled, and then, looking down at Willow's foot lightly placed on the ground, "Hmm... I see you're taking my advice" she smiled. "How does it feel?"

"It doesn't really hurt that much, so I would say better. Why didn't you wake me up?" Willow asked.

"Oh you looked tired" Tara said, which mentally adding "...and peaceful, and happy and so beautiful." "Have a tiring day?" she asked aloud.

"Uh huh... horrible movies like ‘America's Sweethearts' can really make you dizzy! Hey did you know that The Corrs are on the soundtrack?" Willow questioned.

"Of course! The song's ‘All The Love In The World'. It's actually the remixed version on the soundtrack. I have the original, the acoustic and the remix!" Tara finished, visibly as pleased as punch with herself.

Willow smiled, glad to see Tara happy. She thought again about how silly that girl must've been to dump Tara which in turn reminded her... "Hey Tara... I almost forgot... your Mom called this afternoon."

"She did?" Tara asked.

"Yup, said that your cellular was off, and not to fret, she was just calling because she was bored!" Willow laughed.

"What else did she say? She must've asked you loads of questions." Tara said, more as a statement then a question, though she didn't sound angry at all.

"Nah not really. She just asked me who I was and I said that I was Willow, your neighbour with a sprained ankle who was staying at your place for a couple of days. That's all we talked really." Willow lied.

Tara seemed to buy that. "Oh ok then... any messages?"

"Well she just said to tell you that she misses you, and your father sends you a special message... he says "Miss you Tare Bear"!" Willow couldn't help but grin as she said that last part, and the blush that spread through Tara's skin when she heard that only helped in widening Willow's smile!

"Oh my God!" Tara exclaimed. "She actually said those words?" Tara looked as if she wanted the ground to open up right there and swallow her!

"Yup... and by the way I think the name is very sweet." Tara looked up at Willow with an expression that said ‘Yeah right!' "Honest I do" Willow repeated, she sat down next to Tara on the couch. "I never had a pet name as nice when I was small... or ever actually." Tara looked up and stared at Willow, who held her gaze for a moment, before she turned and looked at the laptop, in fear of getting carried away. "So what you doing?" she asked, nodding her head in the direction of the screen.

"Oh, I'm just scripting my report for tomorrow's show. It's about Manchester United's dismal season so far," Tara replied.

"Aha so you've gotta talk about the poor form of your darling Beckham's team, eh? " Willow asked in her best Captain Hook voice!

"Well a reporters gotta do what a reporters gotta do Tara smiled. "besides, criticism always helps. Anyway, I'm almost done with the script, so what say we have dinner? I have ice cream in the freezer to eat afterwards!"

"Ooooh... ice cream!" Willow rubbed her palms together in glee. "Is it chocolate?" When Tara nodded her head and grinned Willow smiled "Then what are we waiting for?"

She was about to put her hands on her sides to support her as she stood, when Tara offered her hand. Staring Tara in the eye, Willow took her hand and stood up, holding on when Tara didn't let go. Together they walked, hand in hand, towards the kitchen...

"Soooo..." Tara started, "I was wondering... you're sure your foots feeling better?"

They were sitting in the kitchen eating ice cream after finishing dinner. Willow nodded her head as she reached for the bottle of Hershey's chocolate syrup. "Ok... so do you think you're up to making a small trip for a couple of days... tomorrow evening...?"

Now Tara had Willow's full attention. "A small trip? Where to?" she asked.

"Well maybe a two hours drive or so from here... you see there's this champion race horse about to be retired... so we're during a feature on him that'll go on air next week... and it's not really far so the journey won't be tiring... and your foot has healed enough for you to be able to move about... plus some fresh air will be very good especially after how you've been holed up in here this past week..." Tara stopped talking, not knowing what else she could add to convince Willow that it was a good idea. "Maybe I should beg," she thought, as she watched Willow consider the plan.

Thankfully it didn't come to that since a moment later Willow smiled "Sounds like a plan to me!"

Tara let out a deep breath, and said "Great! Well, we'll be leaving in the afternoon tomorrow at about four, and returning in the evening two days later. We'll be staying at the owners farmhouse, which is where the stables are. Don't worry. It's a great place." She finished, all smiles.

"Ok, so I don't have to worry about what to wear for a change. Cool!" Willow grinned. "But, um Tara, you're gonna have to go get me some stuff from my place... if that's not a problem..."

"Of course it isn't. Just write everything down for me and I'll go get them. Don't worry... I'll make sure you're place is locked up just fine. There's just one thing I'd like to be sure you know... You'll be going out to my workplace... and much as I hate to admit this, lot's of my crew is going to tell people that you were there... I mean, since you're you and all... and then the press will know where you are... and..."

Willow cut her off "I can handle that Tara. Don't worry, I've actually gotten pretty used to it, don't you fret... anyway, I'm just taking a trip... how much space do you think that going to get in the tabloids???"

"Well considering the fact that for the past week the press has been going crazy wondering where you were I'd say about half the page!" Tara laughed.

"Then so be it!" Willow smiled back. "I can deal."

"Ok then," Tara rose, her ice cream over. "I'd better start packing, since I have to go to work in the morning tomorrow. I'll get back by about three, and we can finish all the last minute stuff and get out of here by four. Here, " she said, handing Willow a sheet of paper and a pencil. "Write down the stuff you need me to get you. I'll pick them up for you when I'm done packing"

With that she walked towards the stairs in the living room, leaving Willow thinking "I wonder if we'll be sharing a room at the farmhouse..."

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