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Love Thy Neighbour

Author: Shai
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: All the characters belong to Joss, that lucky man!

Willow stared at Tara's neck, so, so, sooooo close to her face. All she had to do to kiss it was lean in a wee little bit, and at that moment that was the most tempting thing in the world!

"She smells so good, I'm sure she wouldn't even notice a small peck..." Willow thought, and with that she moved her head in and a little and kissed Tara's exposed skin... not a quick peck, but a slow kiss. Pulling back, Willow licked her lips and saw that Tara was still asleep. She didn't seem to have noticed the kiss. "Good" Willow thought, as she propped herself up on one elbow and watched Tara sleep. The sun hadn't even risen yet, so Willow figured that Tara could get some more sleep. "She could most certainly do with some rest" Willow thought, remembering Tara's condition the previous night. All that Willow wanted was to have Tara snuggle up to her and sleep all day in her arms, so that she could rid herself of her fatigue. "But I don't even know if that's what she wants... to be with me..." Willow sighed. "How the hell do you know if a girl likes you???"

She continued to stare at Tara's sleeping form, her eyes taking in the sight of Tara's chest as it rose and fell, her flat tummy, her highly kissable lips, her skin that looked so deliciously soft... just then Tara moved, and Willow realized that she would wake up anytime now. "So much for my personal 'Good Morning Willow' show" she thought Wistfully, as she quickly lay back down on her side, deciding to pretend that she was just waking up too.

Closing her eyes, she counted to sixty, before slowly opening them up again... to see the most beautiful pair of blue eyes looking right at her.

"Thank God I'm lying down, or else I would've probably passed out," Willow thought.

"Good morning" Tara said, her voice still think with sleep. Willow didn't think she was in any position to use her vocal chords so she just smiled back. "I'm so sorry I just fell asleep last night... I didn't kick you or anything did I???" Tara asked worried.

Willow found her tongue and replied with a grin "No Tara, you didn't! And I took the fact that you fell asleep while I was massaging your back as a compliment! How does it feel now by the way?"

"Much better, all thanks to you" Tara said, "If you weren't one of the world's biggest stars then I would have offered you the job of my personal massage therapist!"

Willow was considering how tempting that offer sounded when Tara rose. "Have to get ready for work. And before that I'd like to make us something to eat... breakfasts on me today... scrambled eggs and toast sound ok to you?"

When Willow nodded her head Tara turned and walked headed for the door, and Willow watched each and every movement that she made until she was out of sight. Her heart almost skipped a beat when Tara raised her hand and absentmindedly rubbed the exact spot where Willow had kissed her...

"Coincidences," Willow thought, as she got up and hobbled over to the bathroom...

Willow walked into the kitchen fifteen minutes later and was greeted by the smell of fresh scrambles eggs, soft Irish notes playing in the background and best of all, an unobstructed view of the curves of Tara's body! Willow just stood there quietly in the doorway, taking in the sight. What she wouldn't give to be able to just go and pull Tara to her from behind and wrap her arms around her figure. She'd really liked the closeness they'd shared that morning... Tara smelled so good... and boy, she tasted even better! "Would Tara have liked it had she been conscious? How will I even know???" Willow asked herself, as she stood there.

As if on cue Tara started singing along with the song "What can I do to make you love me? What can I do to make you care? What can I say to make you feel this? What can I do to get you there?"

Tara turned around to dump the eggs onto one of the plates on the table and saw Willow standing there. "Didn't wanna disturb the master at work!" Willow grinned, as she sat down at the table. "What music is this by the way?" she asked, cocking her head to one side and concentrating on the woman's voice coming from the living room, trying to recognize the artist.

"She looks so adorable when she does that" Tara thought, as she looked at Willow for a moment before answering "Those are The Corrs... Irish band made up of three sisters and one brother. They're like THE best band in the world!" Tara exclaimed as she took her seat at the table.

Willow smiled at the enthusiasm in Tara's voice and continued to listen for a few moments, before saying "Hmm... I think I like what I hear" and tasting her eggs. "Mmm... these are good girl! Talk about some people having multiple career options!" she smiled."Speak for yourself" Tara laughed.

They ate on in comfortable silence for a while before Willow asked "Sooo... how many days have I been here?"

Tara looked up in surprise and asked "Why?" her tone clearly puzzled by the question.

"Well, I was just thinking that my foot feels better... a lot better actually... and the swellings gone down a lot too... so I was wondering how many days it's been sprained... and... Oh! This music is nice!" Willow said, as the tempo of themusic picked up.

Tara said nothing and continued to eat. After a few more minutes of silence Willow said in a quiet voice "I've been here for eight days."

Tara looked up, her face expressionless. Willow continued "When I came here you said that it ought to take about fifteen days for me to get back to my regular routine. That means that I should be out of here in about seven days."

Tara continued to look at Willow ,not saying a word. "Why doesn't she say anything?" Willow asked herself.

Looking back at her plate Tara finished her last bite of breakfast, gulped down her coffee and rose, saying "I had better get ready to leave for work" before walking out of the kitchen.

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