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Love Thy Neighbour

Author: Shai
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: All the characters belong to Joss, that lucky man!

The next morning Willow awoke bright and early, and this time she was quicker to figure out where she was! She lay in bed for a few minutes, waking up properly, before she finally pulled herself up, raising her body with the strength in her arms. Immediately she noticed a single sheet of paper on the bedside table, bearing her name on it. She picked it up and saw that it was a note from Tara.

"Good morning. I've already left for work and won't be back till later this evening, so here's some things I thought you should know. The Sony remote next to you is for the TV, and the Panasonic is for the DVD player. I already have three DVD's in the player. Disk 1 is 'A Walk In The Clouds'. I had that one lying at home because it happens to be my favourite movie. Disk 2 is 'Girl Interrupted', and Disk 3 is a new movie called 'Shrek'. I've seen it and it's really cute if you like animated movies. There's no need to move for anything. The movies can be completely controlled with the remotes.

The paper bag at the side of your bed contains all the stuff you wanted from your place. There's a pair of crutches to your right that you should use if you want to move around. If you move out of your room, the kitchen is to your left. I have a bowl of spaghetti already made. It's in the microwave. Heat it for two minutes when you get hungry, and feel free to raid the fridge. There's a phone next to the remotes. I figured that you'd want to make a couple of calls.

If you need anything else buzz me on my cell. The numbers on the back of this sheet. I've also jotted down my office number, just in case. Call if anything at all.

Make yourself at home.


Willow finished reading the note, which was more like a letter, and realized that she was grinning from ear to ear. "What a way to start the day" she thought, smiling!

Tara pulled her car to a stop outside her house, and just sat there for a minute with her head resting on her seat. Today had been a hard day.

"Who would've thought that Martina would sprain her ankle now, when she was in probably the best physical form she'd ever been in. Poor thing... she's been putting in so much time on her fitness of late..." thought Tara. Sprains reminded her of Willow. Actually just about anything that day reminded her of Willow: A look at Gillian Anderson's interview while it was being edited in the studio, with her red hair standing out so clearly, Brad Pitt, who co-starred with Willow in her last movie... why even catching Seth Green on the tube that afternoon reminded her of Willow for some strange reason!!!

"It must be just 'cause I never expected to have Willow Rosenberg living in my house, much less asking me to call her by her first name!" Tara thought, as she got out of her car and moved towards her front door. Letting herself in, she immediately went towards Willow's room. "Wait, wait, wait!!! did I just think of that as 'Willow's room'???" Tara thought, correcting herself, "Guest room, guest room." Willow was at the end of 'Shrek' when Tara walked in, and she smiled at Tara as she walked in.

"Hey. How was your day?"

Tara wasn't used to being asked that question, and at the back of her mind she realized that she liked it. "Fine. A little tiring though. You?" she questioned Willow.

"Oh great. I made myself at home," she grinned at Tara before going on, "The spaghetti was yummy! You make it?"

Tara nodded, before asking "How's your leg?"

"Pretty much the same I'd say. Boy, it's tough moving around on those things," she said, pointing towards the crutches.

Tara smiled "Tell me about it. As a child I was so used to using them that sometimes I thought of them as two extra feet that I'd been born with!" Anyway, you hungry yet? No? Ok ten, I'll just go take a quick dip before we eat, ok?"

With that Tara left the room, with Willow gazing after her till she was out of sight.

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