The Kitten, the Wiccans, and My Best Dress

Author: Trista
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy. Narnia is the property of the estate of C.S. Lewis
Notes: The song 'One More Night' is by Cascada. Of the outfits tries on, the 'vampirish' one is Vamp Willow's from The Wish, and the dress is Tara's from Once More With Feeling.

Once upon a time in a magical land known to us as Narnia there was a castle called Cair Paravel, and the girl who lived there was a princess; her name was Willow. One evening when Willow was out looking at the stars her advisor Buffy was telling her that, since Willow's eighteenth birthday was coming up, she would have to marry soon.

"I'll marry when I'm good and ready," Willow said. "But I have a theory that it will be soon."

So the next day Willow got a gift from Prince Angel - it was a ring.

"How pretty!" Buffy said, admiring the ring.

"Here, you can have it," Willow said. "I have no interest in Angel."

"But your highness," Buffy said, "Angel is so perfect for you, do'nt you want to rule Tasban as well?"

"I'm perfectly happy living in Narnia," Willow said.

So the next day Willow decided to go for a walk in the village. A while later she was just about to leave when she heard a voice. Who is singing that lovely song? Willow wondered.

"Come on your highness!" Buffy beckoned. "Time to go home."

"Just a sec," Willow replied. Willow followed the voice and to her suprise it was a girl, but not just any girl, the most beautiful girl Willow had ever seen. Willow came closer for a better view. When the song was over the small crowd around the girl cheered and threw money in her cup. After the crowd left Willow was going to taik to the girl, when two thieves showed up and took off with the girls money!

The girl cried out, "Stop, thieves!"

Willow said "Blink," and in the blink of an eye Willow stood in front of the thieves.

"Who the bloody hell are you?" the blonde boy thief said.

"Leviltous," Willow said, and the two thieves flew up into the air.

"I'm not five by five!" the brown-haired girl thief said. "Let us go!"

"As if," Willow said. "Guards, arrest these two." The thieves let go of the girl's money, and Willow headed back to give the girl her money.

"Here's your money," Willow said.

"T-t-thanks," the girl stammered.

"What is your name, girl?" Willow asked.

"Tara," the girl said.

"What a lovely name," Willow said. "My name is Willow."

"D-d-d-did you know you have the same name as the Princess?" Tara asked.

"Well," Willow said, "I am the Princess."

"Oh I-I-I-I'm sorry your highness!" Tara said.

"Whatever for?"

"Because I'm not supost to talk to royalty."

What soft eyes, Willow thought.

"Willow your highness, where are you?"

"Over here," Willow said.

"Oh, thank Aslan you're okay," Buffy exclaimed.

"This is Tara," Willow said.

"Hi," Tara said.

"Tut tut, your highness, you know you can't talk to commoners."

Willow said, "Well Tara, it looks like I have to go, but maybe you can sing for us in the palace."

"R-r-r-really?" Tara said.

"Of course, I'll send for you." And all the way home Willow hummed the song.

The next morning when Willow woke up, she started singing the song at the top of her lungs.

"Someone is sure happy," Buffy said, entering her room.

"Oh I am!" Willow sang. "Send for Aslan right away, I need to speak to him."

"Yes my lady," Buffy said.

A little while later Aslan showed up and said, "What is it, my child?"

Willow said, "Can I invite someone else to dinner?"

"Of course," Aslan said. "The more the merrier."

So, later that night, when tara got into the carriage she said, "Thanks for letting me come." Later when thay sat down to dinner Willow asked Tara what the name of the song that she sang was.

Tara said, "'Under your Spell.'"

When they finished their food, a band started playing the song 'One More Night.'

"Oh my Goddess!" Willow said. "I love this song, want to dance?"

"I'm not a good dancer," Tara said, "but I'll do my best."

After the song was over Willow asked Tara if she had any other outfits.

"No," Tara said.

"Perfect," Willow said. "Tomorrow we will go shopping for a new one!"

The next day when thay arrived at a store the first thing Tara tried on was a leather outfit.

"Too vampirish," Willow said.

"Wre their such things as vampires?" Tara said.

"I don't know." The next thing was a black leather jacket.

"You look like Buffy!" Willow said. The next outfit was a blue dress.

"Perfect," Willow said. "I've got a suprise for you!"

"What is it?" Tara asked.

"Come with me and you'll see!"

When they arrived Tara looked out the window to see two beautiful unicorns!

"Suprise," Willow said, "we're going unicorn-back riding, and on a picnic!" They galloped for miles; when they stopped for water they had their picnic and watched the sun set.

"What a beautiful view," Tara said.

"Not as beautiful as you," Willow said, and with that thay drew closer and kissed. A few days later thay got married. As for Buffy, she married Angel, and they all lived happily ever after... but not the thieves, cause they're in jail, and not all five by five.


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