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Author: Wiccanbotanist
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine (you know the drill) just playing with them.

Willow sat nervously on the couch. It certainly had been an interesting day. 'Poor Tara,' she thought, 'is this how she felt when it was my turn?' Willow was impatient. She didn't like waiting. That was why she went first. But it didn't really matter because now she was waiting. Finally she heard the door to her office open with Tara and their visitor coming out.

"So is there anything else?" she heard Tara ask.

"Just a couple more questions for you both so we can wrap things up." said the visitor.

"Care for some tea?" Tara asked.

"That would be great thanks." The girl sat down in the chair across from the couch. She placed her notebook and other accessories on the coffee table, adjusted her brown hair in a pony-tail and pushed her small stylish black framed glasses back up on her nose. Glancing at Willow, who was still shifting nervously on the couch and now twiddling her thumbs, she smiled.

Willow caught the gesture and tried to keep her body still. "Are we almost done yet?" She asked her nervousness still in her voice.

As Tara brought forth the tea tray the girl said "Yeah, we are almost done."

Shortly after they waved goodbye and shut the door on their visitor, the couple plopped down on their couch. Willow turned and cuddled up against Tara, sighing on her neck. Tara automatically went to stroking Willow's hair.

"What is it sweetie?" She asked.

Willow sat back up and looked at Tara panicked. "I can't believe we just did that. I mean she asked all those questions and I couldn't help but answer them. And answer them honestly. Too honestly sometimes. And now so many people are going to see it. And I'm sure I've embarrassed us. But I couldn't help it. Did you sense any magic? They had to have used magic. I mean there was no way that..."

A finger was placed on Willow's lips putting an end to the babble. "There was no magic sweetie. Though I understand, I'm a bit shocked about some of the things I said."

"So which embarrassing story did you tell them?"

"You mean after they stopped me from telling the lamp story because you already told them?"

"Uh yeah, sorry."

"I told them about Spring Break."

"Oh, that's a good one." Willow paused, her face obvious that too many thoughts were bouncing around in her brain. "How did a topic about mornings get turned into sex? Was this accidental or purposeful?"

"Considering the source, I'm going to go with purposeful." Tara paused this time as a frightening thought entered her mind. "You didn't mention any breakfast stories did you?"

"Huh? No." Willow responded confused. "Why?"

"The syrup incident." Tara said.

Willow was still confused, "That wasn't a morning thing."

More of Tara's memories flooded her. "No not the chocolate syrup, the maple syrup."

"Oh." was all Willow could say at first as the memory repeated itself in her mind. She then smiled a wicked smile and with a mischievous glint in her eye said "We are definitely going to have pancakes tomorrow for breakfast."

Tara responded with her sly half smile. "So are you hoping I remind you in case you forget again?"

Willow replied with an audible gulp and promptly nodded, her wicked smile still plastered on her face. Tara giggled at Willow's reaction. It didn't take much for Tara to prompt Willow speechless.

Tara tried to regain focus after the memory. "But it's probably a good thing because I don't think the world is ready for that story." The words brought both Willow and herself back to reality.

Shock came again to Willow's face as she again realised what she had done. Tara gave a soft laugh and shook her head. "Don't worry about it sweetie."

Willow embraced her wife and their lips met softly. "How can you be so calm about this?" Willow asked almost to herself.

"Well I like to think about it like this. We really are doing the world a favour." Tara answered.


"We are living proof that lesbians can get happy endings."

In a high rise San Francisco building sat a blonde woman at a desk in a nice office with a view. There were five folders on her desk. Four of them were stacked on the corner with the fifth having its contents spread out over the length. The woman was in a state of giggles. It seemed this was a calmer state than previous as she wiped tears from her eyes. As the seal of the door broke so was the woman broken from her stupor.

"You wanted to see me?" said the brunette with glasses, her head just peaking through the space of the door.

The woman at the desk motioned the girl to enter and tried to regain her composure. After the girl took a seat the woman crossing her arms and putting her weight on the desk asked, "I just wanted to ask out of the five couples you interviewed which one was your favourite?"

The girl eyed the blonde and then eyed the desk. Her answer would be obvious and clearly the same as the woman's. "The recently married couple, Rosenberg-Maclay. They were a lot of fun and really nice too. It was obvious how in love with each other they are."

"Good, Good." Replied the woman. She picked up what appeared to be a worksheet glancing down to where a sticky note pointed to one of the answers. "The questionnaire was a good idea. It provided some generic information. I think why I like these two is that they didn't take it too seriously. I mean this question 'What is your favourite breakfast food' was responded with 'my wife and pancakes.'" The blonde shook her head at the answer Willow had put. It was an accidental hint to the story the world would never know.

"What worries me is that I'm not sure if she's listing them separately or together." The blonde stated her mind reeling at the idea.

"I honestly didn't want to ask." The girl stated.

The blonde woman shot her a look with a raised eyebrow. To the brunette it meant 'Then what am I paying you for?'

Her response was a mere, "Some things are just better left unsaid."

"Well despite that I admit I admire you for your ingenuity. You remind me a little of myself when I first started this magazine."

The blonde remembered when the girl first pitched the idea. She would interview 5 different couples at varying stages of relationship on the simple topic of mornings. It would serve as a comparison across the couples but more importantly it would show 5 happy lesbian couples living their lives. And what more could a popular lesbian magazine ask for?

The blonde handed the materials back to the girl. "You know at first I thought, hey this is a pretty decent idea. But now I know it's going to be more than that. I can't wait to see what you make of this."

"Thanks." The girl beamed and turned to go.

She was stopped however by one last comment. "I want you to do me a favour."


"Get me the contact info on Rosenberg-Maclay. I'd like to keep in touch with them."

(For now)

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