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Author: Wiccanbotanist
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine (you know the drill) just playing with them.

What is your funniest morning moment?

Funniest morning? Funny ha-ha or Funny embarrassing? Right, of course, why did I even bother asking? Well the thing is my wife tends to get embarrassed more than me and it is usually because of me. Oh it's not because she is uncomfortable with me or with our relationship it is mainly because I have a tendency to do things in public that are embarrassing or say things out loud while I'm rambling that people really don't need to know about. Freudian slips that sort of thing.

Right so to the story. A bunch of us went out to the local club for dancing and drinking on a Saturday night. Tara had been our DD for the night. When we got back I had had just enough alcohol in me to make me very sleepy so I had went immediately to sleep. Tara said she stayed up reading because she wasn't that tired. She eventually fell asleep while reading her book.

The next morning was overcast and rainy and dark. Tara had woken up rather early so she could start everyone's favourite Sunday morning breakfast. She called it 'family time' and we would even invite our friends over. See at the time we were living with the Summers' sisters. We actually still go over there on Sundays. Well Tara went to turn on the lamp next to her side of the bed and after a couple of clicks came to the conclusion that it had burnt out. She had left it on when she had fallen asleep.

Being Tara however she felt the need for the light and naturally leaned over to turn on the one next to me. I was sleeping all snuggled up against her so when she made this move I was rolled over onto my back. She was practically on top of me by the time she had reached the lamp. With all the movement going on around me I finally started to stir out of my sleep.

As she clicked the lamp I had finally opened my eyes. I had quite the pleasant surprise when I saw Tara's breasts in my face. Now many mornings I have woken up snuggled against her breasts but this was new. At that moment I realised the bonus of sleeping naked, it's the waking up naked that is nice. I also really really enjoy my wife's breasts.

Okay so I'll admit I wasn't actually fully awake at that point. But enough of my brain was and my natural reaction was to get my mouth on them. See I'm a suckler, I like to suckle. You know like a kitten that was taken away from its mother while still very young. Miss Kitty did that when we first got her. She would suckle on my shirt, any piece of fabric sort of sticking out. One time I was wearing a tank top with spaghetti straps and she went for the strap to suckle on but she missed and got skin instead. And when kittens suckle they use teeth. I don't use teeth... usually.

Right so I'm sure you could psychoanalyse me and figure out why I enjoy suckling. It's all breast feeding, bottle, or pacifier theories of too much or too little. It is just another quirk I have, this oral fixation is better than my mild OCD quirks. And I'm pretty sure my wife doesn't mind it either when I'm suckling her earlobe, her nipples, her clit. Sorry was that out loud? See there I go again with the rambling and the too much information... and I'm stopping now.

Right well I guess I better finish the story. So there was a breast and then there was me attached to it. Well I'm sure this is no shock when I say it took Tara by surprise. It was a pleasant surprise; I could tell by the way she started to moan after she jumped a little. Since she had just been reaching for the lamp her arm jerked and knocked over the glass of water that I intended to drink the night before.

I was oblivious to the water that went everywhere and we both were oblivious to the sound of the shattering glass as it hit the floor. We also didn't hear the footsteps suddenly rushing towards our door. See this is why the story is embarrassing; it wouldn't be embarrassing if Buffy had never opened the door.

Buffy is uh paranoid of screams and loud noises, she always has to run to the rescue when these things happen. Yeah same girl from my other story, we were roommates in college and best friends before that. So being Buffy she just rushed right into our room to see what had happened.

Well due to the position of the door and the position we were in Buffy got a view of everything. As in me hungrily enjoying Tara's breast and Tara pushing into me and moaning obviously enjoying it herself. "Are you o... Oh my God!" she screamed, jumped back and then quickly shut the door.

That snapped us both back to reality. I was a little confused however because I wasn't entirely sure what had went on as I was still waking up. All I knew was my pillow was wet and Tara was red shaking her head with embarrassment. Outside the door I heard voices. "Buffy what is going on?" "Uh, nothing Dawn just go back to bed." "You caught them again didn't you?"

Tara filled me in on the rest of the details and it was my turn to be embarrassed when I encountered Buffy at breakfast. She was just as embarrassed as me however because of her amazing knack for interrupting us. Or to use her and Dawn's phrasing: Buffy always catching us. It was at that point we seriously started talking about moving out and getting our own place. It didn't happen right away because we both thought it was best to finish school and get proper jobs.

Yeah definitely have been enjoying the new place. It's really nice to wake up in Tara's arms in our house. We've got the porch swing where we can snuggle and watch the sunset. We have the fire place which we can also snuggle in front of. I've got my office and she has her garden for when we need apart time. We have the house to ourselves so suckling time cannot be interrupted, especially since Buffy has learned to call before she comes over. But most importantly we have each other.

So no more questions? I'll go get Tara then.

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