Author: Wiccanbotanist
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine (you know the drill) just playing with them.
Summary: Are you a morning person?
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Are you a morning person?

People tend to categorize things into either/or. You are either a morning person or you are not. If you wanted to pigeon-hole me I would be in the 'not' category. It wasn't that I hated getting up. I usually looked forward to the day even when I was in school. I had friends to hang out with, stuff to learn all in all lots of reasons to get up and enjoy the day.

It was the period of when you first wake up that I had trouble with. The time when the brain slowly turns on and your senses come into play. The sound of the alarm clock, the sun peaking through curtains and burning your vision, the warm morning air that made you sweat all night and your sheets stick to you a warning of the heat that will follow in the afternoon.

It is during this time that I have a conflict of interest. Part of me wanting to go back into my happy dreamland and ignore all of these signs that indicate the start of my day, the other part of me wanting to quickly get up and take care of everything as quickly as possible so that I can start my day. Because I lay in the intermediary arguing back and forth with myself I don't get up quickly and the start of my day is rather slow. But all is good as soon as I get my morning dose of caffeine and sugar.

I've been told I talk in my sleep. There really are only three people who know the extent of my ramblings. See my brain never actually shuts off even in my sleep. Often as another part of my morning waking up ritual I tend to mumble random things. I started keeping a notebook of the things I was told I had said. "It's in the sandblaster." I still wonder to this day what was in the sandblaster. "Let the old people in." Where was I that needed the old people to be let into? "Thanks how about an apple." I just don't remember what I was dreaming so most of them I really can't explain.

There is one memory I have. When I was in college, dorms, freshman year, and I had woken up screaming. This of course frightened my poor roommate who I was sure had just gotten home and had just drifted off to sleep herself. Now my roommate was also in the not a morning person category mainly because she stayed up all night every night for... for reasons. My screaming caused her to jump straight out of bed quickly grabbing the nearest object ready to strike at whatever had caused my scream.

The scream woke me up of course. I sat up in bed, red faced and breathing heavy, looking around the room ensuring my pace was no longer in the dream world. The light was just starting to peak through the windows allowing enough light for my roommate to tell that I was unharmed. She asked if I was okay and I mumbled an apology, something about a bad dream.

I still remember the dream vividly. It was the most amazing sex dream I had ever had. I wouldn't have called it a bad dream; in fact it was a good dream a very very good dream. Well considering the modern use of the word bad as meaning something good it could have been bad. Or thought of as 'bad' as in naughty and everyone knows that naughty can sometimes be nice. But I'm rambling again. It was so real that I was brought to a screaming orgasm while asleep. And I've never categorized myself as a 'screamer.' I was glad the scream was mistaken because I really wasn't in the right frame of mind to truthfully explain myself to my roommate.

It was a dream of two sweaty bodies grinding against each other on a waterbed. I'm not entirely sure where the waterbed came from because I don't actually care much for them. Of course the dream makes me want to reconsider them. It started out as snuggles. A soft face buried in my neck content with the situation. Then a kiss. Then a fiery passion building in both of us until there was a body on top of me. Our hips grinding into each other seeking immediate attention riding the waves of the waterbed. And her voluptuous breasts pressing hard into mine. But the best part of the dream is when I looked up at the angelic face flushed with desire and I got lost in her deep blue eyes.

And I don't feel that even my description is worthy of the dream. There was a simple elegance to it. All that mattered was us... together... riding the waves of passion as it were. For my first lesbian dream pretty good eh? It amazes me sometimes how your body and your entire being will recognise something and it takes a while for your brain to catch up.

That morning of the dream was an interesting one. I was in another conflict. Should I go back to sleep and try to recapture the dream? Or should I get up and embrace the day because I could go and see the blue-eyed gal of my dreams. For once my decision was quickly made and I got up and dressed and ready for the day in record time.

Which brings me to my point... At least I think this is where I was going with this. I may not be a 'morning person' by categorical definition. I still oft get too little sleep and generally require a large dose of caffeine before I'm fully functional. However I don't put any sweetener in my coffee anymore. Instead I get my dose of sugar every morning when I wake up with my blue-eyed beauty in my arms. It is much better than the dream let me tell you. I guess what I'm trying to say is that everything is different especially the mornings. Every morning is wonderful when I wake up with my wife Tara.

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