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The Right Mix

Author: Dragkinggoddess
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't even own a car, how could I ever own anything like Willow and Tara? Written respectfully and unprofessionally (no $$ sought) based on characters created by and owned by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.
Note: Thoughts in italics.

She was a woman on a mission. Ok, she was a woman on a mission before too, but now she was on a new mission. One that would be fulfilled. One that would have much more tangible results.

When Kara walked away from Tara, leaving the despondent girl to her own devices, Kara had tried to look casual. She didn't start stomping and balling her fists until after she rounded the corner of the building. The moment she was out of sight of her roommate her eyes shrank to slits, her posture bent, she leaned forward in a hurry to reach her destination. Her jaw clenched. She wouldn't even have to touch Jack. Her stare was enough to burn a hole right through him at ten paces.

Since Tara had skipped out on class before it started, Kara knew she could still find Jack in his seat being an asshole for the next 30 minutes. She would just wait outside the classroom and...and what? What the hell AM I gonna do? She passed the outside entrance of the academic building, not able to enter the arena until the battle-plan was established. He is not going to get away with this. He will pay for hurting Tara, and he will pay for, well, being a big dumbass. She started pacing back and forth in front of the door trying to make her brain work.

Why am I running? Tara questioned herself, but did not stop. I'm running because I am an idiot. Such a train of thought was all too frequent for her. She had spent most of her life apologizing for her actions, her thoughts, her words. Things had gotten better over her years at Sunnydale, but a lingering self-doubt and, at times, blinding lack of self-confidence still head-butted its way into important situations.

I am running because I was wrong. Willow is obviously not the girl I thought she was. First the thing with that bastard Jack, and now this slutty little public show?

If she had been speaking the words aloud, no one would have been able to understand. Fighting back tears had caused her throat to seize. Heavy sobs threatened her ability to see, hear, and speak.

Why did I fall for her?

Tara knew the answer.

She stopped.

I fell for her because when I saw her for the first time, looked into those beautiful, deep, soulful green eyes for the first time, I knew. I knew she was the one. She has always been a part of me. I fell for her before I even met her.

Kara still didn't have a plan and the class was letting out. She was just about to turn and leave when she saw him.


Subconsciously, she must have had a plan because without any conscious thought she started moving towards him slowly, then with growing speed and anger. She returned to her previous state of rage within milliseconds.

"Fucking pig!" She screamed as her clenched fists slammed into his chest. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" She punched again.

Jack stumbled backwards, falling over his own feet and landing on his ass on the pavement. "What the - ? Who are you?"

Kara grimaced. "Who am I? You really are a pig. Do you even remember her name?" She kicked him back down each time he tried to get up. "You hurt my friend. That makes me want to hurt you." Kara stopped suddenly as she noticed a crowd starting to form.

Once the kicking stopped, Jack was finally able to look up. "Kara. I just couldn't see you. Wait, what the hell are you talking about?" He looked sincerely confused.

"I'm talking about you and Willow. Tara heard you bragging about banging her before class this morning. What kind of a slime ball does that?" Disregarding the spectators, saying Tara's name re-ignited Kara's fire and she started kicking Jack again.

Jack tried grabbing her leg and eventually succeeded. He pulled her down onto the ground next to him to stop the violence. He looked nervously about the crowd. He feigned a laugh, poorly, "Ok, Kara, Game over." He tried to play off the scene in hopes that his classmates would disperse. Kara was stunned by her suddenly change of location. She didn't immediately respond. Jack managed to wave the crowd away. They wandered off, quickly reabsorbed in their own lives. Within moments the two were alone. Jack rolled onto his knees, but his eyes remained on the ground. "I didn't know anyone else heard me."

"What? Now what are you talking about?" Kara sat up, brushing off her shirt. Once she looked up at him, she had the urge to punch again, so she did. This time her fist made contact with his jaw.

"STOP THAT!" Jack grabbed his face. "That hurt!"

"You want to know what hurt is? You should go talk to Tara." Kara stood.

Jack followed. "I didn't mean for anyone else to hear me this morning." He rubbed his face a few more times, carefully considering Kara's possible actions. "Why would Tara care who I screw? I thought she was gay?"

"She is, shit-for-brains. She doesn't care about you, she cares about Willow. She might have been able to handle it if she hadn't found out like that. Now she's upset, and that makes me angry." She let loose with yet another set of blows, this time to the top of his head.

Deciding the truth would cause the least pain, Jack deflated as he spoke. "Would you stop doing that if I told you it wasn't true?!" He tried to speak so no one more than a foot away from them could hear.

Kara froze mid-swing. "What?"

No louder, Jack repeated. "It's not true, it's not true." He was still guarding his head with his forearms.

"It's not true?" Once the statement sunk in, Kara began to laugh uncontrollably. "It's not true!" She laughed again a moment, and then changed 180 degrees, raining down blows on Jack's head. "What do you mean it's not true! What kind of an asshole lies like that?"

Suddenly, Kara got an idea about delivering a different kind of blow to the man. She stopped and spoke more quietly, but none the less firmly. "Say it. Say it out loud so everyone can hear you." She shoved him to turn around towards the milling student body.

Jack turned back against her pushing. "What? Say what? I've had about enough of your craziness, bitch."

"Bitch? Bitch? You are going to pay for that mister, and for lying about Willow." Knowing that Jack was only expecting her hands to connect with his upper extremities, she knew she would catch him off guard with a lower aim. She reached down and grabbed him three inches below the belt and hung on for dear life. "Say it or I'll start twisting."

Jack did not doubt her. The look in her eyes told him that doubting her could cause him the worst pain imaginable. "You are even crazier than I thought!"

Kara started a clock-wise turn of her fist.

"OK, OK!" Jack grabbed her wrist in hopes of staving off any accidental movement as well. From behind a clenched jaw, Jack muttered. "I lied, I didn't screw Willow."

"Louder, so everyone out here can hear you!" Kara was not going to let him get away easily.

Jack hesitated but was encouraged to speak by a slight tightening of her grip. He squeaked, "I DID NOT SLEEP WITH WILLOW ROSENBERG!"

Kara smiled. "There, that's better." She stared at Jack's face. She wanted to remember the look on his face for another time when she needed a little cheering up. Once she was sure it was etched in her memory, she let go. "Now, go away. I never want to see you near me or any of my friends ever again."

Jack nodded, turned, and limped away mumbling to himself.

Kara brushed her hands together in a "job well done" gesture. Yes, much better. She was quite pleased with herself. Her mission to find more out about Willow first-hand had not succeeded, but this unexpected turn was even better. Oh! She had almost forgotten why she was out in the first place. I have to go tell Tara!

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