La Poste, To Serve You

Author: Julia De Roussie
Rating: Oh I hope it is NC 17 because that's what I wanted! Lol
Disclaimer: Willow and Tara are characters of EM... Although I do believe those ones have nothing to do with Joss' ones. Or not very much. La Poste is an enterprise soon not owned by France anymore... but by people... Right now it is a mix of the government and people... so let's just say La Poste is a French enterprise of mail and package delivery... I don't think they plan on going in America though.
Summary: Willow has received a package delivered by Tara...
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Notes: I have started this short fic a long time ago, well not so long... One month. After a chat with Boone especially. She asked me to write it... so I did. But I couldn't write it for some weeks. So Boone here you go. Hope you'll appreciate it.

Tara pulled her delivery truck in the alley in front of the house. It was her last delivery and then her day would be over. She wanted only one thing, take a long refreshing shower.

She went to the back of her truck and pulled out a heavy package. She had to carry the package though, her trolley being broken since some days. The package was hiding her face, keeping her from seeing where were going her feet. Not knowing how she managed to get to the door in one piece, and without having let the package fall. The "Handle with care" remembered her well to be careful.

She found a way to carry the package and to push the doorbell all at the same time. When the door opened, she couldn't see who was there, but the voice she heard was surely owned by a hot mama!!

"Hello Miss... huh... Rosenberg?"

"Yes that's me. Is it the package I am waiting for?"

"Surely, otherwise I'll have to come back with another one" said Tara, smiling, even though she only wished to put down the package to see the other woman.

Willow Rosenberg also wanted to see the owner of this sexy voice. She could see only her fingers, and they were pleasing her. She wished they could also please her.

"Oh huh, please come in, there is a table over here, you can put this on it."

"Thanks ma'am." Tara went in, and walked very carefully for she still couldn't see where she was walking. Willow guided her in the kitchen, where she indicated the table. She then understood that the woman couldn't see her, and so she started to take the package herself, her fingers touching Tara's.

"Huh let me help you with this. Here"

Once the package put on the table, she didn't want to let go of Tara's fingers. However, she had to, and even if it took longer than usual, she did.

Tara hadn't given much attention of what was on her fingers while carrying the package, it was somewhat heavy, and very uncomfortable to carry, but when it was down, she felt it. The fingers' sweetness that were touching hers. She also felt like they were slightly caressing hers. She dismissed the thought as the fingers went away, once the package was down, and when she at least could see her customer's face. And body.

Oh My! If all of my customers could be that hot! Oh do not let your eyes go down Tara! She is in a bathrobe. Nothing else?

Indeed, Willow was wearing only a fluffy white bathrobe. Strictly nothing else. She was taking in the sight before her too.

The post woman was wearing her working outfit, but suddenly it seemed hot.

Tara was wearing a pair of tight jeans, a dark blue tight tank top with "La Poste" written on her left breast in yellow. Left breast, which was gorgeous. If she could take her eyes off it, she could see its twin, as gorgeous. But she couldn't.

Tara was back to business. She was about to ask for Willow to check the package's contents and then sign, when she saw the other woman blocked on her left breast. She looked down and saw the "La Poste" thing.

"It is a new delivery enterprise. We are around 100 employed over the USA."

When she heard the other woman's voice, Willow looked up and kicked herself mentally for having stared. She then actually heard what the other woman had said and replied.

"Yeah I have heard about it. You have only a few contracts with cyber stores for now though. Speaking of that, Can I check the contents before to sign?"

Tara nodded, and couldn't stop herself of saying:

"Yeah we have to make you check, and yes we have only a few contracts. Dream Store is one of our biggest one though."

Smiling knowingly she looked Willow in the eyes, and went on:

"Would you like some privacy to check the contents? You should check if everything works well. May I use your bathroom for the while being? Please?"

Willow blushed a bright shade of red when Tara let her know she *knew* what was in the package. Which was unusual for Willow. To blush. She was the kind of women open, free, and proud. She wasn't sure if she had to take the "check if everything works well" as an invitation. The girl was hot, and Willow would have loved her help to check everything.

"It may take a while, there are a lot of items, would you like a drink? Oh and the bathroom is over there, please help yourself. And no need for special privacy, thanks."

Tara smiled and excused herself; she made her way to the bathroom, and noticed on her way a room full of computers, screen and video stuff.

Oh... Maybe that's why she has bought so many things. She must be a director, or a producer... Oh my! Tell me she isn't a porn actress!! Well she could... she's hot. But that would be truly unfair! Oh nice bathroom.

Tara entered a huge bathroom, with black and blue tile on the floor and the wall. The tube, sink and bowl were in black ceramic. Tara forgot one moment why she was there... lost in her thought of Miss W. Rosenberg being a director or even a porn movie actress. And lost in this bathroom.

Her ladder made her remember what she was doing here.

In the kitchen, Willow was filling a glass with iced tea, and opening her package.

She didn't notice Tara's return, so lost was she in her package. The contents were all there, discarded on the table for her to count them.

Tara coughed a little to announce her presence. Willow turned to face her and smiled.

"Here is your glass. I am sorry it will take a while. I hope you aren't too much in a hurry... huh... Miss?" asked a concerned Willow.

"Maclay, Tara Maclay ma'am. And don't worry; you're my last customer today. Take all the time you'll need; Thanks for the drink" replied Tara.

Willow only smiled. She liked the name of Tara. She also liked Tara's voice, and was searching on something to make her talk. And maybe could she find something to make her bend down? Errrr get a grip! Nevertheless, her naughtiness was stronger than her reason, and discretely she made something fall on the floor beside Tara.

"Oh I am sorry," said Willow innocently, seeing that Tara was someone nice and indeed was bending down for the item. When she noticed what it was, she blushed bright red and regretted to have made fall THIS toy.

"Oh it's okay... huh... Miss Rosenberg? What is this exactly?"

"A penguin" replied Willow. She then noted that Tara had called her Miss Rosenberg, so she went on:

"Please call me Willow"

"What?" replied a Tara still looking strangely at the item in her hands. Her brow lightly furrowed.

"Willow, that's my first name. You can call me Willow" smiled Willow.

"Oh sorry! It is a beautiful name. So... huh... a penguin? Don't get me wrong I have nothing against penguins. But... I don't want to intrude but you have a huge package of sex toys, and a penguin?"

Willow broke into laughing instantly. This surely seemed strange. And the woman in her kitchen wasn't used to all the items it seemed.

"It's a sex toy too. It's a stimulator. Only it is a stimulator for various zones." Tara put the penguin on the table with wide eyes on it.

Seeing her doubtful expression, Willow explained more.

"See this? The beak is a vagina stimulator. The belly is a clit stimulator. See how it is not smooth? Well that stimulates the clit. And its back is smooth in case you prefer smooth. This part can also stimulate the breasts and nipples."

Tara was now red. She was still surprised that this thing looking like a bath toy for kids was actually a sex toy. She was curious to know why Willow had blushed though.

"And... huh... Why did you blush?"

"huh... because that's one of my favorite. I think it is cute" said Willow a little sheepishly.

Tara couldn't stop curiosity and asked more questions.

"So you have tested them all? That's a lot of toys..."

Once again, Willow broke into laughing.

"Yeah actually there're more in another room. And no I haven't tested them all. I... huh... it may seem silly but I am a collector of sex toys."

Tara quirked an eyebrow. She didn't know what to say but had suddenly a picture in her head of this woman without her bathrobe and trying her toys. Especially this penguin. She must be flushed a bit for she felt the heat in the room.

"Collector of sex toys.'" repeated Tara.

"Yes I am a dork. But they make some funny shaped, or with wonderful colors... and the Jelly ones are wonderful to use and to watch!"

"I... huh ... believe you. I have tried once or twice with my ex... But she wasn't really great so I didn't really had the occasion to enjoy it."

She! Yay! she's lesbian.... Can be interesting... Thought Willow. She felt suddenly very bold. She wanted to show this woman how fun and good it could be to play with toys sometimes. Alone or with a partner...

"Can you help me? With the checking I mean... and if you have questions about them I could show you how it works?"

She wants to show me how they work? If I ask her to show me how those Chinese fingers works will she do it? I know how they work. Stop that Maclay. You're all sweaty from work. Shit, still at work. Tara's mind raced while she was nodding.

"So huh... Where do I start?"

"Oh you could check the ones in glass... if there are no fails and all. I'll be right back, I need batteries to check all the vibrators." replied Willow.

Glass dildos? Did she hear correctly? Tara approached the pile of toys on the table and saw three glass dildos.

"What an idea..." she muttered for herself.

"Yeah they aren't really for use I think." Laughed Willow as she entered the kitchen with a box full of batteries of different sizes.

Tara couldn't help but blush. Manipulating fake dicks next to a hot redhead had this effect on her. But at least she could control herself to not jump over the woman and rip off her bathrobe.

One of the batteries fall from the box, and Willow went on her knees to retrieve it from under the table. When she went out from there she was flushed, her bathrobe open a bit larger and showing almost her breast... the areola of the right breast showing itself. Willow was about to get up, having put a foot on the floor and for so bending her knee, when her bathrobe slide up on her right thigh, showing here a creamy flesh, to the pure delight of Tara. Tara who couldn't take her eyes off the sight. She wanted to caress this thigh with her lips. She also wanted to caress the areola with the tip of her tongue. Now she was getting very flushed, and she really wanted this redhead. She didn't notice Willow looking at her.

Willow did notice Tara staring at her. Once again, she decided to be bold. This time however she could look like a pervert. But she tried anyway.

"Like what you see?" she said seductively

Tara couldn't speak. Her mouth was dry. This tone, this skin, this woman. She was burning. Without noticing it she started to massage the toy in her hand. A bottle of Coke shaped dildo. Once again, Willow noticed. She took it as a yes.

She got up and went in front of Tara. She took Tara's hand and put it against her face. She caressed her own cheek with Tara's hand.

She then kissed the palm, slowly, and then the fingers. One by one. From thumb to little finger. And then she sucked each tip, from little one to thumb. Looking Tara right in the eye, and very seductively, she whispered:

"Wanna play with me? And check if everything works well?" She ended her question by sucking the pulse point on Tara's wrist.

Tara could only moan and nod. Her mind went back in her brain though, she took Willow roughly in her arms, and kissed her hard, already asking entrance with her tongue. Willow complied and let Tara kiss her. This delivery woman was good at kissing, so she wouldn't complain of anything. Actually she couldn't even think.

Tara stopped abruptly, and after a blank moment smiled sheepishly.

"I... huh... Can I use your phone please?" She asked.

Willow, still flushed could only nod, looking at Tara oddly. She was still under the kiss' effects, and on the abrupt stop.

Tara looked at her expectantly, and Willow pointed the phone on the wall. Tara called her work to tell them she was taking a break for lunch before coming back to the office.

Once she was done with this, she turned around and faced Willow once again. She took in the redhead's appearance, her bathrobe showing one breast, deliciously pointed at Tara, and the noodle almost off. Showing almost the apex of long and creamy thighs. Tara's eyes went down, on well shaped knees, and cute carves. Her eyes went up again, taking the same way, but this time undressing virtually Willow.

She was interrupted in her process by a very turned on red head, who pinned her on the wall, crashing against the phone. But none of them cared. Tara thought she would have a bruise but she didn't care. She kissed hard Willow, their lips clashing as well as their bodies.

Willow was moving lightly up and down, unconsciously, her nipples hardening against the feeling of the bathrobe and the other woman's body.

Tara's nipples were also responding to those movements, up and down, breasts against breasts, belly against belly... Tara moaned in her kiss, and heard Willow moaning in response.

Willow's hands left Tara's wrists to come to rest on her hips. There the thumbs started massaging very delicately, a clash against the rough kiss and their bodies movements. Although she started to slow down the kiss, still with passion but without this wildness. Now they would be sophisticated she decided. And practical. Tara had taken a break in her work, which meant she didn't have all the time in the world. And items needed to be... "checked".

"We have 9 vibrators to check... are you still up to do so?" whispered Willow between kisses along Tara's jaw line and up to her ear.

"Is the penguin in these 9?" half whispered half moaned Tara whom hands were caressing Willow's back up and down.

"Oh... huh... well we can, but it is not for use... I already have one... this one is a collector one, as well as the ducky.... so it will make 7 to check." Answered seriously Willow.

Tara pulled out from the embrace and looked in Willow's eyes.

"You're really a collector huh?" she asked half smiling, her pupils still dilated from the heat rising in her.

Sheepishly Willow nodded, feeling really... stupid at the moment. But then she saw in Tara's eyes it wasn't mocking or judging.

"Stupid much huh?" she asked.

"I'd rather say "quirky"" smiled Tara. "So shall we try the 7 items that need to be checked? Or do I devour you right on the spot?"

It was enough for Willow to go back to kiss roughly the girl. For a moment she wanted to be devoured and throw away the toys. But then... She'll take more time to check them and Tara will never go back to her office to sign off. So after what seemed like an eternity of kissing and tongues dueling, they pulled apart, both flushed and getting needy.

"I finish to put the batteries in the items, and then we'll start.... is that ok?" Asked Willow heading for the table.

"Huh... yeah, I suppose so... How do we proceed?" Asked a blushing Tara.

"Oh... huh... Well the are 3 dildos/vibrators, an artificial tongue, a vibrating ball that is also shiny, a pair of Geisha's balls and a pair of eggs.... Maybe we will not use these ones because I bought them more for their look than their use. Aren't they nice?"

Tara laughed and nodded. There were indeed nice, the color of a real egg, with a text written on it in an ancient language.

"The beginning of the world... At first there was nothing, the 0, an egg... blah blah blah... I thought it was cool a sex toy with spirituality on it.... You don't mind if I keep them for my collection and actually don't try them?" said Willow.

"Of course not, you do as you wish. That's your package. I am here only for help" said innocently Tara.

Once the items all had batteries on, Willow took them all and went in the living room, she put the toys on the coffee table and turned to Tara.

"I like to have everything ready next to me when I need them, so sorry for this break. I hope you will not mind what I am going to do, but we don't know each other, and I prefer safety, so I am going to the bathroom and take some condoms for the dildos and balls ok?"

Tara could only nod, she had never thought of using condoms with another woman. But of course exchanging toys entering another person isn't the safest thing... so she agreed. Can we ever be too much safe? Lesbians aren't as in danger with sexual diseases than gay but risk 0 doesn't exist.

By the time Willow came back from the bathroom, Tara started to get nervous. She has never slept with a woman like that. Never has she been laid with someone she knew for no more than half an hour. Plus she had spent the whole morning working and sweating... Had she shaved recently? Yes... now she remembered having shaved yesterday afternoon during a relaxing shower. Well she hadn't shaved everywhere... She didn't mind if Willow was hairy so to speak, but what if Willow did mind? She wasn't hairy hairy but still... that was always something worrying her. For a moment she seriously thought about running away.

Fortunately for us, she didn't make her mind before Willow's return, and the sight of Willow wearing her bathrobe now wide open was enough to make her stay. The redhead, real one for sure now, was carrying a bowl of water, a blindfold huh?,a pack of condoms and lubricate. She put everything on the coffee table next to the other items, and went in front of Tara. She started kissing her slowly, on her lips, on her cheeks, one, then the other. She then kissed the blonde woman's neck, from ear to the collarbone, then from the other collarbone to the other ear... All the while her hands where playing with the hem of Tara's tank top.

She backed off a bit in order to pull this evil cloth off.

The tank top off, Willow went back to her kissing session of Tara's neck and shoulders now. And her hands went on Tara's back, massaging delicately and playing with the bra's crochet. She took it off in a smooth motion, still kissing Tara. Now half naked before her.

Tara needed to kiss this woman. Now. So she took her face in her hands and took it to her face, Willow's lips to her own lips. A sweet kiss growing in heat. The passion rising every time higher and higher.

Tara's hands played with the bathrobe's collar until they pushed it off. Letting it fall at Willow's feet. A very naked Willow. Willow's breasts now having truly nothing to keep them from saying hello to Tara's.

The two pairs of breasts welcoming the contact like all friends who would not have seen the other for a long time. Greeting each other with hardening nipples. As well as moaning voices.

But Willow's lower belly and center weren't happy to find jeans.

Willow didn't care about being smooth this time, her hands went directly to the button and zipper and took them off. She pulled down the jeans, but having forgotten about Tara's boots, made her fall backwards. Fortunately on the couch.

They both fell on the couch, Willow on top of Tara. Stopping the kissing Willow was worried about Tara while this on was laughing.

"I am so sorry! Oh my God! Are you ok?" asked Willow.

"Yeah I am fine but now you're off me and I don't like it." replied seductively Tara.

Willow smiled at that, but instead of coming back in Tara's arms, bent down, on her knees. Looking directly Tara in the eyes, Willow started to take off Tara's shoes, slowly. Too much slowly. One, then the other. When she was done with shoes, she took care of the pants as slowly if not more. One leg off, then she would caress with the very tips of her fingers Tara's creamy leg. Then the other leg... same thing. Tara was now half seated half laid on the couch, wearing only her panties, her pupils as dilated as they could. Willow on her knees in front of her. Still looking directly in her eyes, she kissed Tara's right knee. Then the left one.

Willow backed off a bit, and took Tara's right ankle in her hand, put off the sock. And started kissing gently the foot. The inside of the ankle... And slowly up until the inside of the knee. There her left hand caressed from the knee to the panties' hem. Playing with it, she bit gently Tara's knee. Like a promise of wonderful things coming. She backed off once again, and took this time the left ankle, put off the sock, kissed Tara from the big Toe to the inside of the knee, but this time continuing in the inside of Tara's thigh.

Tara closed her eyes and moaned at the proximity of Willow's little kisses and her center, beginning wetter and wetter as well as needier and needier. But near it, Willow left the inside of the thigh and went on the belly directly. There she started playing around the navel, while her hands put off the wet panties.

Without nothing keeping her from Tara's body, Willow got up and went back in Tara's arms.

Their bodies against the other, without any barriers, sensible breasts against sensible breasts, taunt belly against taunt belly, wet and hot center against wet and hot center... Thighs trying to find a place without going between the other's thighs yet. But it couldn't work, and soon Willow thigh went between Tara's, and one of Tara's between Willow's.

They both moaned in their kiss at all those sensations.

"Hey Beauty, wanna play a bit now?" said half seducing half laughing Willow.

"Definitely" moaned Tara.

Smiling, Willow got up, lacking Tara's body as soon as off it. She went to the coffee table, and selected an item. She put it in the bowl and then pressed it. The humming of the motor could be heard, and mockingly she said to Tara:

"Not as silent as they said...."

Although being very curious and not knowing what expecting from the thing, Tara laughed at this.

"Hopefully it makes moan higher than the motor's humming..." She whispered.

Willow put the big shiny ball delicately between Tara's breasts, and indeed she started to moan. She sat down beside Tara. The tears of water running between her breasts until her navel, making her very sensible. The vibrations working well and making her nipples peeking out proudly.

Willow put a peck on Tara's lips, and then played with the ball, made it roll between the breasts and down to the belly, the navel... just before the patch of brown hair. And back up, the shiny thing not rolling straight. Which was expected. And the water it has sponged making all the parts it went on more sensible to the air. With her other hand, Willow caressed Tara's collarbones, and breasts, avoiding the nipples. But suddenly she laid down on the top of Tara, not putting fully her weight though.

The balls between them, still vibrating. Willow moved her body up and down to make it keep rolling, her nipples touching Tara's in the process.

"MMmmm God!" moaned Tara.

Willow kissed her hard, still moving her body.

She then stopped. Just like that. Tara looked at her almost shocked. Kinda worried she had done something wrong. Even tough she had done nothing. Maybe that was it?

Willow smiled at the blonde, took back the ball and said

"Already 15 minutes of it... didn't notice huh? There are other items to try, we don't want this to be over before we've checked everything do we?"

Relieved Tara just smiled. She sat and took Willow in her arms. kissing her passionately.

"Well maybe you should lay down a bit and let me see if it works well. Ok?"

Willow nodded, curious to see what the woman would check then, hoping it wouldn't be the artificial tongue. She had already planed things for it.

"I have to say I never really played with things like this before... but I think I have a good imagination. I just hope this time I am not mistaking." explained Tara while opening the lubricate and putting some on the Geisha's balls.

Willow was perplexed, wondering if the girl would already entered her. Which would be nice, but since they had many things it would be sad to go directly there. But lets see what the girl was up too.

"I am sure you know very well there is at least 7 parts of the body very... cool to stimulate. Some we would not especially think of. I need you to lay down. Fully. Please?" explained Tara, a bit insecure but at the same time deeply in the game.

She turn on the balls, holding the command in her left hand. She went on her knees at the couch's feet. The perfume of vanilla of the lubricate could be scent in the air as well as the arousal of both girls. Tara made the balls running over willow's little body, from her collarbones to the toes. And back up. Then back down, very slowly, avoiding the needing parts, and going on not so usual places. On the arms, the inside of the elbows. The underside of the breasts... the sides of the belly. But this tickling Willow she went fast at her other goal. She went rapidly near Willow's center, making the red-haired woman emit prayers to be touched. But when she arrived to the knees, Tara spread them a bit, and placed a balls under each knees. She then turn the balls of some seconds, during which she trailed with her tongue a path from the red hair to the neck... passing by the navel where she entered her tongue once or twice in and out. Willow didn't know exactly, she was enjoying this but her brain was wondering why Tara turn the balls off.

Suddenly Tara turn them back on, faster though. The lubricate making them slide then and there. Strangely, Willow felt the sensation on her knees directly *in* her center, her nectar flowing even more, the need going higher. She had to say she was pleased by this use of the balls. She usually used them inside...; but here it was fine too. She needed Tara against her.

"Please Tara, come on top of me, please!" she begged.

Tara complied gladly and kissed Willow while moaning at the feel of the girl's body under her, the vibrations of the balls under the knees strangely coming in her core too. She turned them off though, still while kissing Willow, because too much wasn't fun.

"I think them work well..." she said in Willow's mouth.

"mmmpphh" was the only reply. Followed by a "Oh Fuck I want you!".

"Soon... Very soon... well I hope?" asked Tara.

Willow looked straight in her eyes and made a move to get up. Understanding, Tara got up and both her up. Willow kissed her softly while turning her around. She pushed her in sort that Tara sat down. They parted, their hands still joined as Willow went to the coffee table. She smiled at the item, and then at Tara.

"I need you to put that on, do not cheat". Willow said as she was giving the blindfold to Tara.

Tara complied and put on the blindfold. She could feel her arousal flowing even more. She was sitting in the couch and waiting for Willow to start. Wondering what she had planed, knowing she would use the artificial tongue. When she felt Willow spreading her legs wide apart, she understood what was going to do Willow. Not only checking the vibrations but also if the sensations are as they were presented.

She felt Willow hands caressing her thighs up and down, always stopping one or two inches from her need. She felt Willow breath on her wet center, and wet even more. Needing the contact more urgently she spread her legs more, as wide as she could actually, spreading in the process her outer lips and revealing inner pinky swollen lips and a throbbing clit. As well as an opening ready to be filled and giving much nectar.

Willow had to fight with herself to not just go an lick all this juice... She was starving. She breathed against the lips and clit for good measure, to check how sensible it was. Tara's moans and begs told her it was very sensible and that she would come very soon.

She kissed Tara's knee while wetting the artificial tongue in the water, the silicon covering the item making it not cold. she put it on, and licked Tara's left thigh with it, while herself licked the right one.

She gave Tara's lips a lick with her own tongue before playing with the artificial one in this heaven. She then alternated her own tongue and the artificial one, checking for reaction saying that Tara noticed which one it was. But the blonde woman was lost... moaning, and rocking her hips. Trying to catch Willow's face to hold it against her need.

To hear this was too much for Willow, she needed herself some release. She stopped her game with Tara and the artificial tongue, put the tip of the tongue in the water to clean it a bit, and told Tara:

"Beauty, I will check the vibrators later if you don't mind, I just want to eat you know, to have you in my mouth... You smell and taste so good."

"Fuck Willow come there and eat me now!" replied Tara, this time reaching for Willow's head and holding strongly this face against her need. Willow moaned and closed her lips around Tara's clit. Putting the artificial tongue against her own clit, the faster it could go.

With her free hand, she caressed Tara's inner thigh, and then put directly 2 fingers into Tara. She felt the muscles closed around her fingers instantly. She didn't know hat was the most arousing her, the tongue against her own clit or Tara's body's reactions.

Tara bucked when Willow entered her, and come only a few thrusts later. Holding Willow's face for dear life.

All of this made Willow come. So much she would have to change the carpet. She kept licking Tara though, cleaning her folds, not letting the tiniest tear of nectar.

She felt Tara pulled on her shoulder to ask her to come in her arms. To hold her. She got up and sat in Tara's lap, kissing her deeply.

Tara moaned to taste herself on this woman lips. She wanted to hold this woman for now, but wished she would have another occasion to taste Willow nectar.

Willow pulled off the blindfold and watched Tara in her eyes.

"Hey there... how are you?"

Tara could only smile... she whispered a "great" though.

They were holding each other, appreciating the silence when a ringing tone broke the moment.

It was Tara's cell, she watched the hour but didn't move to go and answer her cell phone. She knew what it was, but to tell the truth just had not strength to move.

"Shit... That's the office, they must wondering where I am... I should go... but I don't want to."

"Well, maybe we could see each other later... you know, to get to know each other? I mean if you want to get to know me? You can say no of course but... I would like to get to know you and see you again?"

Asked sheepishly Willow, blushing for her inability to just ask out the blonde.

"I would love to see you again Willow... Maybe we could go and have coffee tomorrow afternoon? Tonight I have to baby-sit my nephew so... it will not be possible. But tomorrow?"

"Ok... well that's a date then!" replied happily Willow.

They made no move though, and rested another 10 minutes in each other arms, enjoying the feeling of another woman against them.

When Tara's cell rang once again though, they got up and Tara answered.

After her call she put back her clothes on. They said goodbye after an exchange of numbers.

They would have a lot of other things to try... with or without toys.


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