Return to Labyrinth Chapter Five


Author: Willow Watcher
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own anything having to deal with BtVS. They all belong to Joss Whedon and the other people out there who have a claim in the series and all things dealing with Buffy. I however did write this story and the other characters are mine.

Willow picked up her cell phone when it rang. "Hello." She answered.

"Will, they let Angel out of the hospital. He has a few broken ribs and a lot of bruising, but he didn't want to stay. They gave him some medication for pain but they said as long as he rested he should be O.K." Buffy said.

"Thank god it wasn't worse than that. I'm about twenty minutes away. See you soon. Bye."

She flipped her phone shut and placed it back in the console.

Willow stared out the windshield.

"You gonna sit there or tell me the rest of the soddin' story."

Tara came down stairs after taking a shower. She had worked out a bit longer and meditated after Cordelia had filled her in on what happened.

She walked into the kitchen and put the kettle on the stove.

Buffy walked in and sat down at the bar.

"You want me to fix you a cup of tea?" Tara asked in her normal sweet tone.

"That would be great." Buffy answered. She rested her head in her hands.

Tara sat down across from her. "So...umm...where did Willow head out to?"

"She didn't say much just that she had to go out of town for a bit. I just called her and she's about twenty minutes out." Buffy said as she looked at Tara. The woman sat there and was wringing her hands together. "You want to talk about it?" She asked.

"I don't know where to start." Tara said as she shook her leg nervously.

"Start at the beginning." Buffy suggested.

"When I went down to work out, Willow came down there. She was doing nothing but comforting me when I broke down. I kinda forced myself on her. I don't know why." Tara confessed lowering her head.

"I bet I can tell you why." Buffy took Tara's hand into hers.

Tara looked up at the blonde hoping she could give her the answers she needed.

"After today and what happened at the prison, all those memories came back, didn't they?" Buffy asked making sure she was on the right track.

Tara nodded.

"You just needed comfort and when you saw him again, and the memories of not having Willow around when you needed her, it all came crashing in on you. You just needed to be reassured that Willow still wanted you in every way. So, the going slow part just kinda got pushed to the side. You wanted the raw touch of attention not the words. Frustration and anger and all those other memories just made you react in a non Tara fashion. Am I getting close?"

Tara nodded one again. "But I was the one who pushed her away. I told her that I needed time."

"And you used that time wisely. You found out who you were and you also found out without Willow, your life isn't complete. Right?"

"Once again, you're on the mark." Tara stood up as the kittle started whistling. She grabbed two cups out of the cupboard and fixed the tea. She turned and handed one to Buffy.

"Buffy, I was rough with her. I bit her lip and made her bleed. I would never do anything to hurt her. I love her but now I hate myself." Tara looked down at the steaming hot liquid in the cup.

"Just talk with her Tara. When she comes back, just talk it out. People have told me this a thousand times over but everything will be alright. Just be yourself. Willow loves every part of you. Mad Tara, forceful Tara, loveable Tara and all the Taras in between." Buffy said with reassurance.

"When did you become all psychological?" Tara asked smiling sweetly at her friend.

"You know me, just full of surprises." Buffy said as she took a drink of tea. She groaned enjoying the sensation that ran down her throat.

Anya came in the kitchen. She noticed the steam coming out of the kettle. She fixed her a cup of instant coffee and sat down at the bar.

"How's it going?" She asked Buffy.

"Well, things are pretty shitty right now. Angel will be alright, but he's beating himself up inside because he knows that he's out of the game plan. He can barely move. They should have made him stay in the hospital." Buffy sighed as she took another drink.

"Well you know how men are. They act tough because it's a thing they have going on with their penis." Anya said as she took a drink from her cup.

Tara and Buffy looked at one another and laughed. "Anya, you're a hoot." Buffy said.

Anya looked at Buffy puzzled. "Well, it's true. They think since they have a penis they have the power, which isn't true. I know during sex, I ask Xander all the time who does his penis belong to and he always says it's mine. Men are always with the 'Power of the Penis'." She said as she raised her fist in the air.

Tara about fell off her stool from laughing so hard. Buffy got of from her seat and went over and hugged Anya, still laughing. "I love you."

Anya looked confused. " you too, Buffy." Anya and Buffy never shared really close moments, much less exchanged feelings for one another. "Why are we hugging?" She asked.

Buffy pulled back. "I just needed a good laugh. This entire experience has been hell and a little laughter once in awhile can help out. And you, my dear Anya have a sense of humor no one could match." Buffy kissed her on the cheek and walked out of the room, still giggling.

Anya turned her attention to Tara. "Have you and Willow been rubbing your lesbianism off on her? She's acting very strange."

"No rubbing of any kind going on. She's just loves everyone that's helping out. It means a lot to her that you and Xander are here."

Anya puffed out her chest. "We are going to help find that baby. She's a cute child and I want a child as sweet as she is one day. I want a lot of children, but I think Xander wants just a limit of three."

"Well, don't you think three's enough? That's a pretty good hand full. With all the kids I deal with everyday, I know it can get a little overwhelming." Tara stated reasonably.

"No, no. I want at least five or maybe six. I love children and I think I would be a good mother."

Tara smiled. She walked over and hugged Anya. "You would make a fantastic mother."

Anya hugged her back. "You are sweet. I have always liked you."

Tara pulled back and looked at the woman. She kissed Anya on the cheek and headed out of the kitchen.

Anya smiled. "If they think I'm joining their lesbian group, well, I'll have to ask Xander." She said to herself as she continued drinking her coffee.

Tara came out of the kitchen and saw Buffy sitting on the couch. She headed towards her when the front door swung open.

"I'm back." Willow said as she walked in.

Buffy turned around. "Hey Will." Buffy hesitated a moment. "You gonna close the door?" She asked curious.

"Well, if she did that then I would be locked outside in the bleeding rain. You wouldn't want me to catch a death of cold, would ya goldie locks?"

"Spike!" Buffy jumped off the couch and took the man into a tight hug. "Oh my god!"

"Glad to know I'm still welcomed around here." Spike said as he pulled back. "Where's nancy boy?"

Buffy looked at him and rolled her eyes. "You haven't changed a bit. He's upstairs in the bed."

"Well, I'm gonna go see how he's holdin' up." He said as he walked up the stairs.

Willow closed the door and turned to Buffy. "Angel's doing alright?" She asked shaking the water off her clothes.

"Not much. He's more hurt that he can't move and take care of business tomorrow." Buffy said with hurt in her voice.

"That's the reason I brought Spike here. He's no Angel, but I know he'll do what he can."

Buffy took the redhead into her arms. "Thank you."

Willow clung to her friend. "I told you that I'm here, no matter what." She looked up from Buffy's shoulder and saw Tara standing there with her arms crossed over her chest, looking everywhere but at the two embracing women.

Buffy and Willow parted.

"I'm...uh...going to go upstairs and get dried off. Probably take a long shower." Willow said as she headed up the stairs.

"Hey." Tara said in a high pitched voice.

Willow nodded her head and continued to ascend the stairs.

Tara looked over at Buffy. "She hates me."

"She doesn't hate you. She's just confused and hurt right now. Let her take a shower and relax a bit. She'll come around." Buffy said as she sat back down on the couch.

Tara plopped down beside her and sighed.

Angel woke up with the blonde British man looking down at him.

"Hi Spike." He said weakly.

"Hello to you too." Spike picked up a chair that was in the corner of the room and sat it down beside the bed. He swooped his black leather duster around his legs and flopped in the seat.

"Why are you here?" Angel asked trying to sit up, but he was in too much pain to move.

"Willow said that you all needed help finding the nibblet. She filled me in on most of the info that's goin' on around here. Thought I might join in the fight." Spike said looking at his old friend.

"We don't need any help. So just go back to wherever you've been." Angel spat out.

"Ah, I see how it is. Well, nancy boy, get out of that bed you're ass is stuck in and throw me outta here." Spike said smirking.

"Fuck you Spike! I don't need you're help!" Angel yelled and then cringed in pain.

"Don't be a stupid git. You can barely move." Spike said with reason.

Angel tried his best to move. He yelled out when his body twisted.

"See. That's what I mean. I just came to help is all." Spike got up and helped Angel situate to where he felt more comfortable.

"That better?" Spike asked.

Angel nodded his head and sighed as the blonde headed man sat back down.

"Alright, captain peroxide, tell me what you plan on doing?" Angel asked.

"Well according to red, just escort the ladies to the warehouse and make sure that no one gets hurt. Give the money to who ever has Lacey, get her back and then come back here. Simple as that." Spike said as he and Willow basically went over the scenario on the trip over.

Angel laughed then coughed and moaned in pain. "That's it? That's the great plan?"

"What the hell do you want? If you're expectin' some kind of Rambo trick, you're out of you bleedin' skull." Spike sat up and looked at the man.

"Do you honestly think that I would let them get away with taking my daughter?" Angel asked looking at Spike.

"What else were you gonna do? There are ladies going to be there and the little bit. Do you think that if you pulled your brass balls out that no one would get hurt? Are you stupid man?!" Spike stared him down.

Angel sighed. "I hate to say this, but you're right. And remember, I hate to say it."

"Right then. Well, I'll leave you to rest. I'll check with you tomorrow before we leave." Spike rose up and placed the chair back in the corner. He had his hand on the door knob.

"Thanks." Angel said as he closed his eyes.

"Not a problem." Spike turned the light out and exited the room.

Tara walked down the hall with a hot cup of tea in her hand. She knocked on the door to Willow's room.

"Yes." Willow answered.

"'s me. Can I come in?" Tara asked. Her heart was beating fast.

The knob turned and the door opened a bit. Tara walked in and watched as Willow lay back on the bed, covered her legs and began reading a book.

"Whatcha reading?" Tara asked as she walked in and closed the door behind her.

Willow closed the book and laid it on the nightstand. "Nothing interesting."

"I thought you would like some tea." Tara held out the cup.

"Thanks." Willow took the cup and placed it on the table beside the book.

"You're welcome." Tara stood there placing her hands behind her. She looked around the room, trying to find something, anything to think of to talk about.

She walked over to the dresser and picked up a teddy bear. "This is cute."

"My mom gave it to me. I never go on a long trip without it." Willow said as she watched the blonde.

"I'm sorry about your mom." Tara said as she stroked the matted fur on the bear.

"Thanks. Buffy told me you were at the funeral. I appreciate it." Willow said as she watched Tara place the bear back down on the dresser.

Tara shrugged her shoulders. "You're welcome."

She looked over at Willow and sighed. She knew that apparently it was hopeless. "I'll just go." Tara headed for the door.

"Tara?" Willow called to her.

"Yes." She answered with a cracked voice. Tears streamed down her face.

Willow looked at her love. "Come here, please."

Tara walked around the nightstand and stood by the bed.

Willow held out her arms and Tara fell into them. "Oh Willow, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. Please forgive me."

Willow stroked Tara's beautiful long hair. She giggled and it turned into a laugh.

Tara sniffed and looked up, puzzled.

Willow's face went serious. "I'm sorry." She tried to control laughing but she couldn't hold it in. She busted out and rolled to her side on the bed.

"Willow, sweetie, I'm really not seeing the humor here." Tara wiped the remaining tears from her face.

Willow sat up. "I'm sorry baby, its just, when I was talking to Buffy earlier about, you know, what happened in the training room, I went into this big long explanation about how much I love you and I was thinking that the reason you did what you...well did...was because you were still kinda mad at me for lying to you and then I asked the question 'did I ask Tara for forgiveness' and I couldn't remember if I did or not and I said that if I did ask you now that maybe you would have thought I was saying it because James said it and I thought that you might think I didn't mean it. You know what I mean?" Willow raised her brow and smiled.

"I think so, but I wouldn't have thought that. I forgave you a long time ago. If I didn't, I would never have told you that I still love you and you know I do understand why you did what you did." Tara looked into Willow's eyes.

"Well, I'm happy that you understand but, I'll ask anyway." She took the blonde's hand into hers. "Tara, I am so sorry for lying to you and making you think that I was something I wasn't. But, I do want you to know I loved you then and I love you even more now. Hell, I never stopped loving you, but if you will find it in that beautiful heart to forgive me, I promise to never lie to you again." Willow kissed her hand.

Tara put her head down on Willow's lap. "I love you so much and I found out something today."

"What's that?" Willow played with the long blonde hair.

"I am nothing without you..."

"Tara, don't say that." The redhead interrupted.

Tara rose her head up and looked into the deep green eyes. "I am nothing without you." She said again stretching every word out.

Willow's heart filled even more. A glowing smile came on her face. "I know exactly what you mean."

"Promise me something?" Tara asked while stroking her hand through the fiery red hair.

"Anything." She answered leaning into the touch.

"Promise me that we will always be together and that you will never leave, no matter what kind of bitch I may turn into sometimes."

"I promise never to leave no matter what. You are stuck with me like glue. Hey like super glue. The superiest super glue they can make, oh...oh like a fly stuck to that gooey strip thing that you find hanging in these little convenient stores here and there...but that's really not a good analogy because it's gross. But yes, I promise never to leave you. I promise that I will always love you and be here whenever you need me or even when you don't."

Tara sat down on the bed. She stroked her thumb gently over Willow's lip. "Can you forgive me for what happened today?"

Willow took the blonde in her arms. "Yes baby. All is forgiven.

Tara breathed out in relief. "Thank you." She pulled back and planted a soft kiss on the red lips.

"Mmmm." Willow let out.

Tara smiled and placed another kiss but held her lips there longer. She pulled back looking at Willow, her Willow. Her eyes were closed and a grin on her face.

Willow opened her eyes and stared into deep blue ones. "Tara, make love to me."

"Oh yes." Tara replied seductively.

Tara moved in and was met half way when their mouths clashed together. Willow gently pushed her tongue inside the blonde's mouth.

Tara moaned as their tongues circled and danced around.

Willow pulled back and quickly removed her pajama top, then resumed ravishing her lover's lips.

Tara gently pulled back from the kiss. "Slow baby."

Willow sighed in frustration. "I remember." The disappointment was evident in her voice. She leaned back on the pillows and ran her hand through her hair.

Tara removed her shirt. She leaned over the redhead. "I meant slow down, sweetie. There's no rush here."

Willow's eyes shot open when she noticed Tara was without her top and no bra. "Oh! I thought you meant the slow like the slow you were talking about before. I can go slow. Slow is good because we want it to last. No going fast here. No ma'am. Just call me a snai..."

She was cut off when Tara took her finger and placed it over her lips. "You better save your breath. You'll need it." Tara said as she smiled and raised one eyebrow.

Willow's heart skipped a beat. She nodded enthusiastically as Tara leaned in for a more passionate kiss.

Tara took her hand and explored the pert breast. She heard Willow moan which urged her to slightly pinch the already erect nipple. Willow placed her hand behind the blonde's head and pulled her even closer.

Willow moved her hand down and massaged Tara's full breast. The blonde's breath quickened when she felt the soft, but strong hand grab her. She pulled away from the redhead's lips and left butterfly kisses on Willow's cheek and moved around to the sensitive spot below the ear that she knew drove the redhead wild.

"Yes." Willow whispered out.

She nipped and licked at the spot as Willow's moans increased. She removed her hand off Willow's breast and moved it around her back and scooted her down on the bed more.

Her hand roamed up to Willow's shoulder and moved down to her breast again. She slightly pinched the nipple, hearing a sharp intake of breath. Her hand slipped over the soft little stomach of her love. Even there she felt Willow's heart beat faster.

Willow wrapped her arms around the blonde. Her arousal was building fast as Tara's hand moved lower. Tara slipped her hand down under the covers playing with the waistband of Willow's pajama shorts.

Willow bucked her hips. "Oh Tara, please baby." She pleaded.

Tara licked down between the redhead's neck and shoulder.

Willow bucked her hips higher and let out a high pitched moan when Tara bit down.

Tara moved her hand down over the shorts to Willow's inner thigh. She massaged her way up to the redhead's sex and fluttered her fingers over it while making her way down the other thigh.

Willow dug her finger nails into Tara's back. "You're driving me crazy!" She whispered out loudly.

Tara moaned out when she felt the sharp sensation. She slowly removed from her position and stood at the edge of the bed.

"Whatcha doin'?" Willow asked curiously.

Tara grinned. She moved her fingers down her body to her jeans. She unbuttoned and unzipped them and slowly moved them down her beautiful muscular legs. She kicked them backwards and they landed in a chair.

Willow took her eyes off the blonde over to the chair. "Talented."

"I have many talents." Tara wiggled her brows.

Willow moved her eyes back over and scanned up and down the almost naked goddess that stood before her. She stopped when she saw the light blue silky thong. "Nice. Matches your eyes." She sat up on the edge. She pulled the blonde closer and kissed her stomach and held her head there. "I love you more than anything."

Tara ran her fingers through the red hair. "I love you too sweet heart."

Willow kissed and licked up and down Tara's stomach. She circled her tongue around the belly button getting a slight moan from the blonde. Willow moved her hands up Tara's sides, bringing them around to grasp the full voluptuous breast. Tara leaned her head back, enjoying the feel of Willow's hands roam over her. Willow could smell the fragrance of Tara's sex. She took one hand and opened the waist band of the panties and licked down. Tara tightened her grip on Willow's hair. She tried to urge her further down, but Willow didn't move from her position.

"Oh god Willow." Tara let out.

Willow looked up as Tara looked down. Their eyes met. Willow moved her hand down Tara's stomach, feeling the blonde shutter.

She took her fingers and ran them across the waist band of Tara's thong. She stopped when both of her hands were on the thin strings that curved around the blonde's hips. In one quick jerk, she ripped the strings apart and then pulled the thong through Tara's legs.

Tara jerked when she felt the sting run across her hard clit. Willow threw the panties behind her.

"Those were my favorite pair." She said panting.

"I'll buy you some more." Willow smiled seductively. Her eyes moved down and widened when she saw the beautifully trimmed blonde hair.

She ran her finger down and barely touched it when she felt Tara gently push her back. Willow looked up and smiled. Tara slid her hands up Willow's silky thighs. "These have to go." She quickly removed Willow's shorts and threw them to the side.

Tara stood there in awe as her eyes scanned up and down the redhead's body. Willow was gorgeous. Her freckled light skin and the small patch of fiery red hair, Tara could hardly move. She knew this beautiful woman was her life, her love and everything she had ever dreamed of. She loved her with all her heart, soul, and mind. From this point, she wanted to spend every moment she could with her. "I love you."

"And I love you." Willow situated herself and patted the mattress beside her. "C'mere baby."

Tara shook her head. Willow smiled when Tara dropped to her knees. Willow spread her legs apart. Tara took her finger and stroked her nail up and down the inside of Willow's thigh. Willow shivered and rocked her hips.

Tara stroked her finger closer to the redhead's sex. Willow's wetness was growing inside her and flowing out.

Tara smiled at the sight. She subconsciously licked her lips. She moved her head closer, nuzzling her nose in the thin coppery hair. Willow was soft and the fragrance rising from her made Tara moan. Tara stoked her finger down the wet lips.

Willow's hips bucked up. "Oh Tara, yesss! Ahhh!" Her body tensed when Tara flicked her tongue out and tapped the bundle of nerves.

Willow groaned.

Tara stoked her tongue around the natural honey covered lips. She moaned out when she tasted the sweet nectar. "You taste so good." With that said, she stoked her tongue wildly around the hard clit.

Willow hissed and moaned loudly. "Tara, oh god...please baby...inside."

Tara circled one of her fingers outside Willow's center.

Willow grabbed the sheets when Tara inserted two fingers. "Oh TARA!" She breathed out.

Tara started to slowly pump her fingers in and out. She placed her tongue on top of her fingers letting them guide her inside. Willow grabbed Tara's hair and pulled her closer to her.

"Come for me Willow." Tara mumbled out.

"Oh baby!" Willow screamed.

Tara took her mouth and placed it over the redhead's clit and sucked. She felt the muscles tighten around her fingers. She drew her fingers in and out as she sucked and licked the nub.

Willow's hips bucked completely off the bed. "OH GOD! TARRAAAAAA!!!" She rocked her body as her orgasm let loose.

Tara removed her fingers and pushed her tongue inside as far as it could go.

Willow screamed out again as another surge ran down her body.

Tara moaned as she tasted the sweet juice flow in her mouth.

Willow's body collapsed on the bed. She stroked her fingers through Tara's hair. The blonde raised her head and smiled.

Willow looked down. "You' are amazing." She said as her head fell back.

"I wouldn't go that far." Tara said as she crawled up the bed and laid her head on Willow's shoulder.

"Are you arguing with an expert? I think I would know, ya know." Willow hugged Tara closer.

Tara sighed. "Willow, can I ask you a personal question?"

"Sure baby." She said as she kissed the blonde hair.

"How many...I mean it's none of my business and if you don't want me to know, that's really alright. I was just wondering because you said that I was amazing and then you said that you were an expert." Tara took in a deep breath.

Willow giggled. "Contagious babble disease thing is happening again. Medicine must have run out. But seriously baby, what's up?"

"How many women have you ever had...ya with?" Her face turned red for even asking the question.

"Huh? Where did that one come from?" Willow asked.

"Well, I remember when we were at the high school and that geek said something about you picking them kinda young and then when we went to the bar, Spike said something about another bird for the flock and then just now you said what you did and I was just wondering." Tara said still blushing.

Willow rose up. She gently guided Tara's head down on the bed and propped herself up on her arm. She looked down at her love. "You have one hell of a memory."

"Photographic memory, actually. I saw your face every night when I went to sleep. I would dream of nothing but you and me." She admitted.

Willow lowered her head and placed a gentle kiss on the luscious lips. She moaned when she smelled herself on her lover. She wanted to deepen the kiss, but she wanted to ease the blonde's doubts.

"There's been only one, Tara. Only one." She said.

"Oh, one other besides me. That's O.K." Tara smiled.

"No baby. You are the only one. I've had girlfriends, but I never let it go past just fooling around." Willow kissed her again.

"Why nothing more? I mean, yea for me, but I know about the desire thing and wanting and needing. Believe me." She said rolling her eyes.

Willow stroked Tara's cheek. "It was never right. They weren't the one. They weren't you." Willow confessed.

"Really?" Tara's heart knew it was the truth, but her self credence needed to be assured.

Willow grinned. "Really. Tara, you are the only one for me. I love you and want to spend forever making sure that you know that."

Tara pulled Willow's head down and kissed her deeply. Tara pulled away. "I want you to know that there has never been anyone else but you. I've never even dated. Kinda lame I know, but it is true."

"It's not lame. I know how you feel." Willow leaned down again. She took Tara's lips and kissed them and ran her tongue over them.

She took Willow's tongue in her mouth and sucked on it.

Willow moved her hand down Tara's muscular body. She ran her fingers through the honey blonde wiry hair and touched the hard nub.

Tara moaned into Willow's mouth. She rocked her hips back and forth.

Willow slowly moved her finger in a circular motion. She broke away from the kiss, letting Tara's moans free. She kissed down her cheek, throat and stopped when she came to the blonde's breast. She took one of the hard nipples in her mouth and sucked slightly.

Tara ran her hand up and down Willow's back. "Oh god!" She let out.

Willow stoked her finger from Tara's clit down and back up again circling the bundle of nerves.

Tara's rocking became faster. "Willow." She called out.

Willow let the nipple go and kissed her way down. She rubbed her cheek along the blonde hair. She took her finger and lifted up on Tara's clit and kissed it.

Tara jerked. She grabbed the red hair and urged Willow lower.

Willow licked her tongue up and down Tara's sex, flicking it slightly over the clit. She loved the way the blonde tasted. She moaned when her tongue tasted the honey that poured out.

Willow pulled her head up. She looked up as Tara looked down.

"I want you to do something." Willow said.

"What?" Tara breathed out.

"I want you to touch yourself for me." Willow said seductively.

Tara fluttered her eyelids at the thought. She moved her hand down and took her finger and began to slowly rub her clit.

Willow watched Tara as her actions became faster. The redhead quickly shoved two fingers inside.

Tara screamed in ecstasy. She was getting so close to her peak. Her hips bucked up and down as she put more pressure on her clit while Willow moved her fingers in and out. Tara felt like her clit was on fire. Her muscles clinched tight around Willow's fingers, but the redhead pumped her fingers faster.

"Oh god...Oh god! YES WILLOW!" Tara screamed out. "I'M COMMMM..."

Willow quickly removed Tara's finger. She clamped her mouth over the erect clit and sucked hard.

Tara bucked and yelled out her lover's name as her mind blowing orgasm ripped through her very soul.

Her body flopped back down on the bed. She twitched as she rode out the last contractions. "That was..." Her hips threw themselves back up when Willow pumped her fingers in her hard and touched her g-spot while sucking on the clit. "WILLOWWWW!!!" She screamed as loud as she could with another climax.

Willow slowed her fingers and gently brought them out. She licked all the essence that poured out of the blonde.

Tara stroked her fingers through the red hair, with effort. She was absolutely spent as if breathing itself was a hard task.

Willow crawled back up and wrapped the blonde in her arms.

"I...I love you." Tara said as she shivered.

Willow pulled the blanket over them both. "I love you too baby." She kissed the blonde on the cheek and pulled her closer. Willow heard Tara's breath go in and out with a slow rhythm. She curled her body around the blonde and joined her in sleep.

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