Just the Way You Are

Author: ironic
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimers: Willow and Tara are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and Fox.

Tara walked into Willow's room watching her apply a bright ruby red to her lips.

Tara sat on the bed watching her finish her face. Finally giving up Willow sighed and turned to Tara. She believed Willow was beautiful no matter what but the makeup was definitely turning her on.

"Tara! Who am I kidding I don't know how to put on makeup!" Willow placed her hands in her lap. These would be her first night out after getting over Oz.

"Who am I kidding I'm not beautiful." Willow bowed her head and let her hair fall freely, covering her face. Tara took the biggest step in her life as she left the bed and kneed before Willow.

"W-Willow look at me." Willow lifted her head slightly as Tara put her hand underthe redhead's chin. "I think that your beautiful. When you look like this..." getting up Tara grabbed a tissue and wiped Willow's makeup off. She laughed slightly as the lipstick was smeared and it looked like Willow as at an all nighter. "Or this..." Tara turned Willow around to look at herself in the mirror. "Willow Rosenburg you are the most beautiful person, I don't know why you can't see it, I guess Goddesses don't always see what's right in front of them." Tara sighed returning back to Willow's bed, sitting on it Indian style.

Willow took an overwhelming look at what was right in front of her. She wasn't looking at herself but at Tara. What Tara had just said to her was loving and truly touching. It was about a month ago that Tara opened up about her sexuality. Willow had always known but Tara opened up and Willow happily accepted Tara for who she was saying that she loved her just the way she is. Taking a deep breathe Willow sat next to Tara.

"Tara, I don't know who I would be without you." Willow leaned in to lightly kiss Tara. As she pulled away she saw Tara give her the famous sexy sideway grin. Leaning in again they caressed each others lips with their own, until finally Tara pulled back breathless. Standing up Willow was pulled into her arms with a loving hug. Willow pulled back smirking as she walked over to the mirror.

"So I take it you'd find me cute if I wore lipstick like this?" Willow made sure to put on a thick layer of ruby red. "Oh very much so." Tara smirked as Willow took a step towards Tara.

"Well what happens if I do this." The lipstick made a quick sweep across her own cheek.

"Yes definitely." Tara nodded holding back laughter as Willow again took a step closer.

"What about this?" Willow drew a quick line across her neck.

"Yes maybe even a little sexy." Tara placed a hand on Willow's hip as she drew Willow in for a kiss. The kiss was long and less as light as the first. Tara pulled back giving Willow a grossed out face.

"What?" Willow worried as Tara gave her a wink and disappeared into the hallway, returning a second later with a wet washcloth.

"Your lipstick, not so tastey." Tara swayed the washcloth in front of Willow. Willow smirked as she laid down on her bed with a loud poof. She closed her eyes before speaking.

"Well then I must be cleansed!" It was quiet for a moment and she wondered if Tara left again. Before the thought could be finished she felt two legs wrap around her sides. Her eyes opened to Tara straddling her waist. Smiling Willow placed her hands on Tara's sides sitting up. Tara started to lightly wipe away the lipstick. First she wiped Willow's cheek leaving behind a kiss, then moved her way to Willow's lips. It took a bit more pressure and some refusal from Willow but it slowly faded away. Again making sure to leave a kiss behind. Pulling back she saw Willow pouting and leaned in for more. She adjusted herself on Willow's lap to get better access. Lightly she nipped Willow's lower lip receiving a very pleased squirm. About to pull back she felt Willow's hands caressing her back. Intensifying the kiss Tara used the tip of her tongue to stroke Willow's lips. Willow opened her mouth to allow Tara full access. The feeling of their tongue's together was enough to make Willow moan into Tara's mouth. Then all to soon the new sensation was gone and Willow opened her eyes.

"Willow, I'm s-sorry this is too much too fast." Tara got up stood in front of the smaller women. Willow stood up already missing Tara's warmth.

"Tara, normally I would agree..." The blonde lowered her headed as Willow continued.

"BUT you see, you missed a spot." Willow lifted her headed, showing Tara the red mark across her neck. Tara grinned picking up the washcloth from the bed.

"I believe we were like this." Willow guided Tara to sit on the bed as Willow straddled her lap.

"I uhh t-think I was on top." Tara stumbled.

"Well either way you still missed a spot." Lifting her head again Tara wiped away the remaining lipstick.

"Ahhh ah ah..." Willow scolded Tara, grinning she leaned in and placed a feather light kiss on Willow's neck.

"There, now that wasn't soo..... oh god hard...." Willow gasped as Tara roughly sucked on her pulse point. Willow wrapped her hands in Tara's long hair encouraging the treatment. Tara started dragging her nails down Willow's back.

"Tara..." Willow panted putting her head to the side. Tara reached the bottom of Willow's shirt feeling her soft skin. Fingertips lightly crawled up Willow's back only to forcefully have them dragged back down. Arching her back Willow's head snapped back and Tara's mouth released her neck. Both licked there lips quickly trying to regain their breath.

"So I guess the lipstick is all gone then, I do believe that there may be a red mark there though?" Willow grinned, as Tara laughed seeing the hicky left behind.

"Maybe but just a little." Tara lied.

"Oh Tara I do believe that you..." Willow placed a kiss on Tara's plump lips. "... are quite the fibber." Willow lowered herself pushing Tara to lay down on her back. Their eyes sparkled with desire as Willow smiled down into blue eyes. Nervously Willow placed her hands on Tara's sides and lighlty tickled them. Tara grinned as Willow traced her body. Willow placed her hands on the sides of Tara's head, leaning down to meet an awaiting mouth Willow's tongue quickly passed Tara's lips. Tara's arms wrapped around Willow's body squishing them together. Willow's leg quickly lost their strength and her waist forcefully fell into the blonde. Tara moaned as one of Willow's hands massaged her side. It slowly found it's way under her breast. Willow's hand took its time tracing the mound before lightly cupping it, leaning off to the side to get better access. Tara could tell she was timid so she lightly place her own hand over Willow's. Tara guided Willow's hand over her left breast, Willow soon was able to take control. She started lightly grabbing Tara's breast. Tara's body roared with desire as her hips slowly started to lift from the bed. Proud fully Willow slowed the kiss and straddled Tara again.

"I just want to make sure I do this right." Willow whispered.


"I know I know... can I just umm?" Willow questioned.

Tara nodded her head in understanding and relaxed under Willow's gaze. Again Willow started caressing Tara's sides, she slid her hands up under Tara's breast quickly looking making eye contact for acceptance. Cupping Tara's breast Willow watched as her eyes closed. Gently she started to messages them and under her palms she felt Tara's nipple's harden. Willow brought her hands to the bottom of Tara's shirt and slowly lifted it watching in fascination as each new piece of skin was discovered. Finally the shirt reached Tara's bra.

Tara arched her back allowing Willow to pull the material over her head then over Willow's shoulder. Tara watched as she hesitantly cupped her breast. Desire was howling through each body but remained dormant as Willow leaned forward to capture Tara's waiting lips. Willow rolled off to the side keeping one hand massaging Tara's breast and one leg draped between Tara's. As tongues danced across one another Tara arched her chest into Willow's hand. Gasping for air Willow pulled back moving her lips to Tara's throat. As she sucked violently on Tara's neck she felt Tara start to move.

Tara wasn't able to remain still any longer as her hips gained a mind of their own. Her hips slowly started bucking looking for relief. Willow seemed to feel the same way as legs tangled into each other and their cores for the first time that night were meet with pressure. Moving her head back she climbed on top.

After looking Willow in the eyes she knew everything was just the way it should be. She roughly pressed her thigh into Willow watching as her head rolled back onto the pillow and her mouth opened with a gasp. She slowly started to rock back and forth making sure to grind into Willow. She watched entranced as Willow moaned her approval. She was caught off guard when Willow stiffened her leg and placed her hand's on the back of her thighs, pulling her tighter. Tara's pace quickened as they both started gasping for air. With a few slow and hard thrusts Tara and Willow reached their climax. Tara rolled off to the side of Willow as they both stared at the ceiling trying to gain control over their breathing. After a few silent moments she felt Willow entwine their hands together.

"Tara, the day that I first saw you I knew you were going to be special to me." Willow turned her head to look at Tara, Tara doing the same. Tara's soul soared as Willow grinned at her and moved to rest her head on her shoulder.

"I love you just the way you are."


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