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The Sex Journals

Author: Washi (ZWS)
Rating: NC-17 baby!
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, Joss does or whoever. If I owned them, do you really think I would let season 6 happen? And why the hell would I be writing this? So yeah, all belongs to Joss, ME etc...

Buffy awoke to the steady sound of her alarm clock. She looked at the clock and cursed under her breath whoever programmed the alarm clock to ring at seven thirty in the morning. Then she remembered that she had an appointment with her boss to talk about the new equipment she needed. She got up grouchily and prepared herself, taking a long hot shower to soothe her stiff muscles. She had encountered three vampires the night before, and one had managed to punch her on the shoulder a few times before she staked him. She dressed and before going downstairs for breakfast, she peeked in her sister's room, where she found her still sleeping. Buffy made her way downstairs and after breakfast headed out to face the day, just as Willow and Tara got out of their house, still kissing goodbye.

<More like making out goodbye.> Buffy thought wryly as she watched the two witches pawing at each other.

Willow worked mostly at home, going into her office only when they called her or when she had an important project to drop off. Tara was the collections manager. Her job was to catalogue and classify new artifacts. Of course, she also told the Scoobies if anything of the mystical kind came around. Today, she had a new piece to check out. Nothing Hellmouth-y, just an ancient sword.

"Willow, I'll be back by lunchtime. I swear." Tara said, pulling back from Willow's embrace.

"Fine, stupid jobs cutting into our snuggle-time." Willow grumbled, leaning over to kiss Tara again, her tongue quickly sneaking between her lover's parted lips.

They heard someone whistling and broke the kiss, turning their heads. They found Buffy, her hands on her hips, looking at them, amused.

"Tara, wasn't I supposed to drop you off?" Buffy asked, smiling at her friends.

"Gee! Good morning to you too Buffy." Willow replied, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Actually, it is getting late. We have to go sweetie." Tara said, looking at her watch before kissing Willow's pouting lips again.

"Okay, I'll make lunch. I'll see you later baby." Willow said as Tara walked down the step to Buffy's car.

"I love you!" Tara replied, turning around to face her lover.

"I love you too!"

"I love you more! But we have to go." Buffy replied, making Tara sit down in the passenger seat by mock glaring at her. She got in and started the car, honking twice at Willow as they went downtown.

Willow was pacing around in her living room, thinking of what she could so while Tara was at work. She had sent by FTP her latest project to her boss, she didn't have any more work and well, she was bored.

<What to do? What to do? If Tara was here, I'd have my hands full! Literally!> Willow thought, imagining cupping her lover's breasts in her hands, circling one nipple with a moistened finger, then, the rough pad of a thumb teasing the said nipple to a stiff, hard tip. Images tumbled into Willow's mind. Hot breath on a saliva-coated nipple, making it swell to an almost painful peak, teeth biting softly the hard nub, a hot moist tongue swirling on it, teasing, enticing, the same tongue back into a suddenly dry mouth, the said nipple being washed over and over with long hard, even strokes. The nipple being now sucked lightly into an awaiting mouth, the tongue jabbing fast at it, while the rhythm of the suctions increasing as the moans from the nipple's owner became deeper, huskier, more incoherent.

Willow snapped herself out of her reverie.

<I'm so obsessed! Tara isn't here and I better just hold on to that thought. Thinking of sex, I could write down our latest sexcapades instead of standing here and loose myself in the "Tara-nipple being coaxed to ecstasy by me" fantasy. Yeah, the journal! Writing in the journal!>

Willow went upstairs and started looking in her bedroom. Half an hour later, she gave up, sitting on the side of the bed.

<Where the frilly heck is it? Let's think, where did I put it? Did I even pack it?>

She thought back to the day they packed their stuff and tried to remember where she put it. But, the black leather Journal drew a blank in Willow's mind.

<Oh My God! We didn't pack it! We left it there!> The realization hit Willow like a ton of bricks.

She started panicking, going over and over all the different scenarios the loss of the Journal could provoke. Buffy or even Dawn, little Dawnie could find the Journal and read it, and be shocked, they could know everything about their wonderful sex-life!

<If they found the Journal, they would've given it to me. They wouldn't read it. Would they?> her question went unanswered.

She started wondering if she should go over to Buffy's right away to look for it, but she decided to wait for Tara. Maybe she remembered where it was. Willow went downstairs, got herself a soda and sat down at her desk. She was already connected to the net and she went directly to a bookmarked site, starting to read a new delicious fiction she found to kill time.

"Hey Anya." Buffy greeted, entering the Magic Box.

"Buffy, hello. I have a question for you. Yesterday morning, you came to our house and sat down on the couch."

Buffy nodded.

"Now, did you by any chance see a thick black leather journal?" Anya asked, her eyes glittering.

"Actually, I did." Buffy answered with a blush.

"Good! And where did you put it?" Anya asked, eyeing Buffy like a prey.

"I, um... Where did you get it?" Buffy asked in return.

"I... um... Willow lent it to me. Yes, that's right, she lent it to me." Anya said, her lie evident.

"Right, right. So, my best friend lent you her sex Journal. Why don't I believe you?"

"Because I lied. I found it. Now, return it to me!" Anya replied harshly.

"Return it to you?" Buffy replied, smirking. "It's not yours to begin with."

"Yes, it is. There is a proverb in contemporaneous culture that says ‘Finders keepers, losers weepers'. I found it, so now it is mine. Now, give it back to me missy!" Anya replied, shaking her finger at Buffy and scowling.

"And why do you need it?"

"I want to read about some techniques from it to Xander so he could give me even more orgasms. And by what Willow and Tara described, oral sex is greatly underestimated. Don't get me wrong, Xander has a wonderful penis and he uses it quite well, but sometimes, I just need something more. And Willow and Tara seem to enjoy themselves a lot when they have sex. After all, they said in one page that they fall into unconsciousness with the power of their orgasms."

<Let this be a nightmare or a mirage or a figment of my imagination! Anything but reality!> Buffy thought, staring at her, too shocked to say a thing.

"And, I want to read the whole Journal to know if they use toys and other things to keep the relationship fresh and exciting. I would love to experience a double..."

"Oh My God!" Buffy shrieked when she shook herself out of her initial shock. "I don't want to listen to the details of you and Xander's sex life!" Buffy continued yelling, looking around in hope that something would knock her out and make her forget this whole conversation.

"Fine Buffy, don't listen to the details. You're the one who is sexually frustrated. If you give me the Journal, I won't talk to you about sex with Xander anymore." Anya bargained.

"Ok, fine, just... anything to stop this nightmare." Buffy agreed before scolding herself.

<Did I just agree to give Anya the Journal? What the hell is wrong with me?!>

Anya smiled, rubbing her hands together.

"I mean no, never! It's Willow and Tara's personal life!"

"You agreed! If you don't give it to me, I'll tell Willow and Tara that you have it and that you've been reading it." Anya said, knowing she won.

Buffy blushed hotly. "Who said I read it? We'll talk about this later." she said as she saw Xander enter the shop.

"Talk about what? Hey honey." he said before placing a kiss on his wife's lips.

"We were talking about Willow and Tara's..."

"Party! Yeah, their party." Buffy finished hastily.

"Yes, party." Anya said, smirking.

"Honey, I'm home!" Tara said as she opened the door and got inside.

She found Willow in the kitchen, making some veggie omelets.

"Hey baby. How did work go?" Willow asked before kissing her lover.


"I'm glad. Tara, I was wondering, have you seen the journal?"

"The journal? As in our sex Journal?" Tara said frowning when Willow nodded. "Actually, I looked for it and didn't find it. I thought you had it."

"Nope I thought you did. Look, I'm having a bad feeling about this, let's have lunch and check out our old bedroom at Buffy's. Maybe we left it there."

Tara agreed, and quickly they had their lunch. They walked calmly to Buffy's house and Willow used her spare key to go in. Tara closed the door behind her and they both made their way upstairs. Ten minutes later, after looking all over the almost empty room, they both sat down, defeated.

"It's not here."

"Yeah. Willow? What if someone found it? I mean, it's a very private thing, you know? I- I don't want people to read about us."

"I know, but I'm sure that if someone found it, they'd give it back to us. I'll ask Buffy to keep a eye open for it. Frankly, I doesn't matter to me if Buffy found it. I just wanna have it back, it means a lot to me. We started writing it since we got back together, and I don't wanna loose it. So many wonderful memories are in it."

"You're right. Let's go home. I wanna lay down for a while."


"Who said anything about sleeping?" Tara said, before flashing Willow a lecherous grin.

"Vixen." Willow responded with a glint in her eye as she took Tara's hand and left he Summer's home.

Willow was the first to come in, Tara at her heels. She turned around to close the door when two arms came from behind her, one on each side of her head, effectively pushing the door closed and trapping her to the door. She felt Willow's hot breath on her ear from behind her.

"So, missy, you went to work and left me alone with all my little naughty fantasies."

Tara could only nod. Willow reached up with one hand and pushed aside Tara's hair. She rested her chin on Tara's shoulder.

"What do you say?"

She raised her head and licked Tara's neck from the base to just under the jaw before whispering again:

"Wanna be bad?" Willow said, trailing an ardent hand under Tara's shirt to cup a lace-covered breast.

"Oh yes! Willow..." Tara moaned quietly as she rested her head on Willow's shoulder, exposing the white milky flesh of her neck to Willow's eager mouth. Willow feasted on the supple skin there. She kissed every inch before she licked the length of her neck, making Tara shiver in anticipation. Her mouth found the sensitive pulse point and she kissed it lightly before trailing her tongue in the delicate spot. She kissed it before drawing the flesh in her mouth and sucking it. Tara moaned as Willow's hand started teasing her breasts through the fabric. Tara reached up and tangled her hand in her lover's coppery tresses before tugging slightly on them. Willow turned her head and they kissed, their tongues swirling in a well choreographed dance as Willow's other hand started inching towards Tara's thigh. She grasped the fabric with her fist and started raising it up, inch by inch, feeling the smooth skin of her lover's thigh. With every subtle movement, Willow's hips brushed against Tara's, making her moan louder. Willow released Tara's skirt as she continued kissing her, making her whimper.

"Just gotta get the zipper in the back." Willow whispered in her ear before biting gently on the lobe.

Tara moaned as Willow's hand gently caressed her behind before unzipping the skirt, which fell at Tara's feet.

"Touch me Willow." Tara whispered, spreading her legs wider, kicking the skirt away.

Willow groaned as she did exactly that, reaching into her lover's panties, and finding her wet and ready for her.

"You're so wet. Who's making you feel like this darling?" Willow asked, sucking lightly on Tara's earlobe.

"You." Tara whimpered as Willow's middle finger brushed against her clit.

"What's my name?"

"Willow!" Tara gasped as Willow teased her entrance.

"Good girl, wanna get a reward for being such a good girl?" Willow asked as she continued circling her lover's molten core.

"Oh yes... Please!"

Willow smiled and slowly slid two fingers into Tara's slippery depths. Tara moaned and pulled at Willow's hair, arching her back, pushing herself more fully into Willow's eager palm. Tara started to trust her hips on Willow's fingers, and each thrust caused her ass to rub up against Willow's denim-clad center. Willow slid up her lover's bra and cupping the breast fully in her hand before tweaking the already erect nipple. Tara felt her knees become unsteady, so she braced herself against the door with one hand, keeping the other tangled in Willow's hair. She could feel Willow's hard nipples brush against her back and it only pushed her closer to the edge. Willow continued her ministrations while rhythmically licking and sucking on Tara's neck and ear. Willow pumped deeper and faster as she felt Tara's hip thrust fasten, as release started showing itself. Tara felt her orgasm start at her feet, her toes curling inside her shoes, and make it's way towards her center, making her leg muscles quiver. Willow felt her lover's orgasm and started rubbing her clit, adding more pressure as she felt the orgasm start to take Tara over. She pushed her fingers all the way inside Tara and rubbed the tips against Tara's sweet spot.

"Will... oh!"

Tara moaned as she felt her inner muscles clench around Willow's finger, pulling them deeper inside. Her back arched, pushing her body against Willow's as she felt a tsunami crashing inside her as she poured her juices on Willow's awaiting hand. She gasped for air as she felt almost every molecule of air leave her. After a few moments, she felt the waves calm down and the air return to her body. Slowly, she felt her breathing return to normal and she whimpered as she felt Willow's fingers leave her, making her feel incomplete. She turned around on wobbly knees and looked at Willow, who had a smug smile on her face. They kissed briefly before Tara wordlessly took her hand and pulled her upstairs.

"I'm thinking a shower is in order." Tara said, smiling at her lover when they were in front of the bathroom door. All Willow could do was lick her lips in anticipation.

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