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The Sex Journals

Author: Washi (ZWS)
Rating: NC-17 baby!
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, Joss does or whoever. If I owned them, do you really think I would let season 6 happen? And why the hell would I be writing this? So yeah, all belongs to Joss, ME etc...
Note: This part doesn't contain any Journal entries. I was too wiped out after writing this, so I'm gonna post it and I'll continue where I left off tomorrow. Enjoy!

When Willow arrived in the bedroom after washing up, she quickly opened the closet door and got out a wrapped box. She placed it on the bed and went around the room, lighting candles. She lit a stick of Rose incense and quickly disrobed, putting on a blood red satin bra and matching panties. She quickly changed the sheets, putting crème-colored satin sheets instead of the normal cotton ones. She also changed the pillow cases, donning them in matching satin cases. She tossed the cotton sheets on a chair and she sat on the armchair in the corner of the room and waited impatiently for her lover to return.

Tara walked into the room and stopped in her tracks, marveling at the room's soft glow. In the few minutes she was gone, the room had been transformed. Her nostrils twitched as she smelled the incense, knowing it instantly.

<Rose for true love.>

She smiled at her partner's romanticism and walked into the room.

"There is something waiting for you on the bed." Willow said from her place in the armchair.

Tara nodded and went to the bed, now a satin-covered nest. She sat down and unwrapped the box before opening it. Inside was a set of black satin undergarments as well as silk stockings and lace garters. She looked at Willow, who was grinning like the Cheshire cat.

"Put on the bra and the panties."

Tara got up and slowly, deliberately shrugged off her robe, exposing herself to her lover's hungry gaze. She snapped on the bra and donned the panties, loving the feel of the material against her flushed skin. Willow got up and Tara felt her mouth water at her partner's attire. Willow crossed the room and took Tara in her arms, running her hands up and down her sides. Tara put her arms on Willow's shoulders and pulled her lover for a kiss. The kiss was slow, sensual and made to be enjoyed. They tongues caressed each other like a lover's tender hand. Willow's tongue licked the underside of Tara's, and she moaned at the silkiness of the touch. Willow's hands slid up to rest against the undersides of her lover's breasts. The sensitive skin between the thumb and the forefinger caressed the satin-covered breasts slowly, earning her another moan. Slowly, Willow pulled back from the kiss and pressed her forehead against Tara's.

"Worship time is here my Goddess. And I'm going to be thorough. Lay back and enjoy."

Tara's heart fluttered and began pummeling in her chest. Willow's earlier words echoed in her mind.

<You're so goddess-like. And I'm going to worship you later, in the bedroom, and with a romantic atmosphere.>

Willow slowly maneuvered Tara to lay down in the center of the bed. Tara moaned as she felt the heavy texture of the sheets, gliding against her like a second smooth skin. Willow took her place at the end of the bed and took Tara's left leg, propping it on her shoulder. She turned her head and kissed each toe before sucking each one in her mouth. She licked the sole and nibbled on her ankle's soft skin before licking it. Tara was mesmerized by her lover's slow, gentle, calculated moves. Inch by inch, Willow stayed true to her promise. She licked the length of her lover's calf, swirled her tongue on the soft skin behind her knee. She dropped feather-light kisses and reached the knee, which she nipped and licked. She kissed every inch of Tara's thigh, before licking the inner and back thigh. Tara was shuddering with emotions. Slowly, Willow lowered that leg and took the other one, giving it the same respect. As she reached the inner thigh, Tara bucked her hips, showing her where she wanted to be touched next.

"No, no, no. I'm not done. Let me put my faith in my goddess and worship her correctly. Turn around please."

Tara did so and waited for Willow to continue, anticipation running in her veins. Willow looked at her for a minute, looking at the milky skin of her back and the soft flesh of her derriere. She sat down and started kissing the underside of her lover's behind. She licked the flesh and kneaded it with her hands, eliciting a low moan from Tara. Her lover's arousal drifted in her nostrils, making her mouth water. She had the urge to take of the small slip and ravage her. Yet, she didn't take off the black panties. She lowered them or moved them slightly aside, but she didn't give Tara the satisfaction of taking them off. She covered her lover's back and sides in soft scorching kisses. Tara writhed under her, the pleasure she was receiving immense. When Willow arrived at her bra, she slowly unhooked it and made Tara sit up to remove the garment. She laid her back against the bed, and Tara moaned as the satin from the sheets slid against her erect nipples. Willow got up and put the bra on the armchair and went back to her place. Willow licked her lover's left side, lingering as her tongue reached the side of her lover's bosom. Tara moaned again, deeply, almost begging her lover to take her engorged nipple in her mouth, but Willow had a journey to make. Willow licked her right side, giving the same treatment to the other breast. She then lowered her mouth to Tara's lower back and licked the length of her spine, her tongue tasting the building sweat caused by her lover's arousal. She kissed and nibbled the flesh of her lover's shoulder blades, feeling the muscles tighten under her mouth. She lifted her left hand to her mouth and kissed each slender finger before drawing it in her mouth and sucking it. She placed a kiss on the silver band Tara wore on her ring finger, a gift from Willow as a sign of commitment. She kissed her way up, nibbling at her elbow. She replaced the arm after placing a scorching kiss on the back of the hand. She gave the same ministrations to the other hand before drifting left. She pushed Tara's blonde locks aside, running her hand through them slowly as she kissed her neck. Willow licked it and finally, sucked at her left pulse point. Tara shuddered. When Willow thought the mark she left was perfect, she kissed it and trailed kisses to the right side, sucking at the other pulse point. Again she kissed the mark and lightly nibbled the sensitive point behind Tara's right ear, pushing her hair aside. Tara gasped as waves of sensations wracked her frame. She then kissed her ear, nipped at the lobe and finally sucked it in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it. Tara actually growled and she felt the satin of her panties become soaked with her wetness. Willow moved to the other ear before whispering in it.

"Turn around now, the back's all done."

Tara rolled around, breathlessly, happy that the exquisite torture was almost over. Willow took Tara's left hand in hers and placed a scorching kiss to her palm, her tongue sneaking out to tease the sensitive flesh. She did the same to her wrist, before trailing her tongue on her lover's forearm, finally reaching the acute spot of her inner elbow. She sucked lightly at the delicate skin, and Tara gasped. She kissed her way up to her lover's armpit and placed a dozen flimsy kisses there. She switched arms, and made the same journey with her lips, tongue and teeth there. Finally, to Tara's happiness, she reached her face. She dropped kisses on her eyebrows, her eyes, her nose, her cheeks, her chin, neglecting her lips. Tara was drifting in a haze of sensations, and she stuck her lower lip out, begging wordlessly to Willow. Willow complied and took the offered lip between hers. She ran her tongue lightly on it, sucked it lightly before releasing it and brushing her lips on Tara's. The contact was electric. Slowly, Willow pushed her tongue between Tara's parted lips. Their tongues touched and swirled around each other, making both women moan. Willow's hands caressed Tara's face lightly as the kiss deepened and became a raging tornado of tongues. They licked, nipped and sucked at each other's tongues, Tara desperate to speed things up. But Willow didn't falter. She broke away, stealing a few pecks from the reddened and wet lips of her lover. She trailed kisses on her lover's jaw and neck, sucking again at the marks she had left. She drifted to the hollow at the base of her lover's neck and kissed it. She felt her lover's heartbeat under her tongue as she licked the spot, making Tara shudder even more. Tara was on the edge, and as Willow started kissing her left breast and kneading her right one, Tara felt herself being pushed over it.

"Oh God! I'm almost there!" Tara managed to choke out.

When Willow finally drew the nipple in her mouth, Tara saw flashing lights behind her closed eyelids and she exploded in a fit of orgasmic spasms. When the haze around her dissipated some, she opened her eyes and found Willow softly cradling her, a smug smile on her face.

"That was... intense." Tara said breathlessly.

"Oh, but I'm not done." Willow said, smirking as she started kneading Tara's breasts again.

Tara moaned again as Willow ravished her breasts, taking the puckered nipples in her mouth and suckling whole-heartedly at them. Willow kept molding Tara's breasts in her hands as she made her way to her stomach, kissing and nipping all the way. Tara found herself yet again nearing the edge as Willow finally took off her soaked panties. She positioned herself between Tara's spread legs. She slowly extracted her tongue and licked once the entire length of her lover's molten pussy. Tara bucked her hips, seeking more contact, but Willow didn't comply. Tara had had enough teasing. She wanted Willow to take her right away.

"Willow! As your Goddess! I command you to take me now!"

Willow raised her head and grinned at Tara.

"I was waiting all night for you to command me to do something, my Goddess."

Tara groaned and dropped her head back on the pillows, cursing herself for not thinking about it sooner. Willow smiled at her lover and then lowered her head, and licked her lover's clit. Slowly, she brought her right hand to her lover's molten abyss and slid two fingers into her. She started pumping into her lover mercilessly, sucking her clit at the same time, her hand still fingering the still-wet nipples. Tara met her thrusts halfway as she rode Willow's fingers.

"More," she panted, sweat breaking on her brow.

Willow complied and added a third finger before turning her hand upward and touching her G-spot with every thrust. Tara was on the edge, she could feel the world as she knew it fell away.

"I'm soo close! Please Willow!" she moaned loudly.

Willow thrust harder, faster and deeper into her, curling her fingers lightly to brush up against her golden spot. Finally, she felt Tara's inner muscles tighten around her pumping fingers, and she felt the flood of her lover's release on her fingers, hand and face. Tara screamed her name on top of her lungs, as Willow kept thrusting into her, slowing the rhythm, riding out her lover's orgasm. She licked up all the sweet ambrosia she could find, and when she was done, she joined her lover, cradling her gently in her arms. Tara was breathing hard, her eyes squeezed shut as she slowly returned to her bed after her orgasmic trip. Finally, her breathing evened out some and she opened her eyes, looking into Willow's eyes.

"Now, that was wow!" she said.

"Yeah, I hope it was a fulfilling spiritual experience." Willow said smugly.

"I'll show you fulfilling." Tara growled, flipping Willow on her back with one smooth motion.

"Oh yeah, show me." Willow said smiling as Tara undressed her quickly.

They tumbled on the satin sheets, making love until the sun came up and they were exhausted. They fell asleep, their sweaty bodies entwined.

While next door Tara and Willow were just getting started, Buffy came back from patrol. She climbed the stairs to her bedroom and quickly changed. As she fell back against her pillows, she felt something hard under them. She found the Journal there, where she left it.

<Oh! I need some light reading! This is like a lesbian handbook. Let's see what our two witchy duo did at Xander's wedding.> she thought, remembering their one-hour disappearance from the reception.

She flipped the pages until she found what she was looking for. She grinned and began reading.

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