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The Sex Journals

Author: Washi (ZWS)
Rating: NC-17 baby!
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, Joss does or whoever. If I owned them, do you really think I would let season 6 happen? And why the hell would I be writing this? So yeah, all belongs to Joss, ME etc...

Today, as I opened my eyes, the first instinct I had was to look at Tara's sleeping form. It has been two weeks since we got back together. I reached out to wake her up, but the smile she had on her face made me stop. She looked serene and practically glowing. My face broke into a smile while my head babbled away at how lucky I was to have her in my life.

'Or by my side, or on top of me, or under me, her body writhing, and sweating and rocking, and her teeth biting her bottom lip to not cry out too loud when she comes, those lips and tongue, doing the greatest things ever! And Oh My God, I'm a pervert! I can't even look at her without getting these images in my head!'

I told my libido to hush, which was pretty hard to do. I looked outside, and I saw the light streaming into the room, bathing us in it's warm glow. I entangled myself from her, receiving a groan. I stood up.

"Willow?" Tara whispered, her voice scratchy and full of sleep, her hand searching for my body.

'What did I do to be so lucky to find this woman? Twice, might I add! Yup, because I screwed things up, and I'm gonna make it up to her. Every single day of my life!'

I went to her side and pressed a soft kiss on her forehead. The pout that was forming evened out, and the smile that was there reappeared.

"I'm right here baby, go back to sleep." I whispered to her, and she fell back into dream-land.

My face ached from me smiling so much. My world is back where it should be, and everything is back to normal. I went to the window and look at the clear sky. The sun was shining and no clouds obscured the blue expanse, it's color close to my lover's. It was going to be a beautiful day. And right then and then, an idea popped into my head.

'I'm gonna spoil my girl! Darn Tootin' I am!'

I made my way downstairs and fixed my girl breakfast. Usually, she got up before me, but I wore her out last night.

Sex had always been good between us, surprisingly so, since I was Tara's first and only, and she was the first girl I ever made love to. It started going downhill after the whole Glory mess. I guess I had so many things to think about and to do that at night I was sometimes too tired to even kiss her. The summer when Buffy died, the second time, I can now see that I was pushed down by the weight of everything that fell on me. Tara and I talked about it all. But, I digress, this journal is for sex and should remain so, unless of course, something major comes over.

Anyways, since we got back together, making love has been incredible. It's not sex anymore. Even when we come hard and fast, we still feel a completeness, a peace we never reached before. Maybe it's because we now know what it feels like to lose the other. Our bond is unbreakable now. The intensity of our love-making leaves me speechless, and that's saying a lot for me. So, of course, as we want to taste our bond a lot, we've been going at it like bunnies. Maybe we're just making up for lost time, but whatever the cause, I'm not complaining. No Siree! No complaints here.

Having fixed Tara breakfast, I almost ran into Buffy, who was rubbing the sleep from her eyes and trying to walk at the same time. I was putting the last touches on the platter and Buffy poured some coffee for herself, her hair tousled and looking pretty peeved.

"Morning Buffy." I said to her, trying to cheer her up.

'NOTE TO SELF: Don't try to cheer up a pissed off Slayer who looks like she had a tough night. Especially when she just woke up and hadn't had her morning coffee yet.'

She glared at me and I asked her if she thought the whole group could just unwind for a day and go to a picnic in a secluded part of the woods, near the campus. She asked me if we had to bake anything and if she had to do anything, like moving around. I told her she just needed to call the others, and to leave the rest to me. She agreed without hesitation. Smiling, I made my way upstairs, to my girl. In the stair way, I glanced at Dawn, who was making her way down. She agreed to the picnic and also greed to help me with everything. It was still early, but picnic planning isn't something light, well, not for me anyway.

I opened the door to our room and went in, looking at my beautiful girlfriend. I was awestruck. The morning light cradled her face like a halo was hung over her head, which in my opinion is. I shook myself out my reverie, reminded myself of the short time I had to get everything ready. I went to her and whispered in her ear after placing the platter on the floor beside me.

"My Love, breakfast is here. Open your eyes for me."

Her eyes flittered open and my green eyes locked on her baby blues. She smiled, her features softened from sleep. She smiled and my heart started dancing in my ribcage. I kissed her softly on the lips, and she kissed me back. I broke away and placed the platter on her lap once she propped herself on the headboard. She dug in the food as I tried to make a discreet disappearance act. Didn't work. I had to explain to her three times that I was planning something for her to let me leave the room.

I won't say here how I pulled it off, just that Dawn's help was precious. We pulled it off! I took my shower and dressed quickly, before I had to dash outside with Dawn to finish what I was planning. I came back and it was about noon. Xander and Anya had just arrived and we set off for our day's activities.

We stopped the cars near the bridge where Tara started serenading me and we started walking, all of us except for Dawn. She had agreed to stay there while I picked them up. We walked more into the woods and found the beautiful clearing not many people knew about. Dawn and I had placed a big burgundy blanket on the ground, and the food was piled on it, as well as some games and stuff to keep ourselves busy. Dawn grinned, her teeth threatening to pop out with pride. She was happy I chose her. Tara was also proud, but proud of me. She leaned over and stopped before our lips met.

"It's perfect Willow, like us." she said before pulling me in a soft sensual kiss.

"Nothing's too good for my girl." I replied when we parted, smiling at her.

She had been loosening up for a while now, she didn't blush that much when we kissed in public, and her stutter almost left her completely. We are happy.

We sat down, the whole Scooby brigade, and started eating. After the food was gone, we all settled down comfortably, me against a tree with Tara between my legs. I circled her waist with my arms and raised my knees a little, making a comfortable cocoon. I propped my chin on her shoulder, smelling her perfume coming from the warmth of her neck. She started turning her head around and I looked around, making sure no one was watching us. Dawn and Buffy were sleeping, Dawn's head on Buffy's stomach. They were both snoring lightly. Xander and Anya were also sleeping, Anya resting between Xander's legs, pretty much like we were. Xander's mouth was open, and a little drool was seeping out.

Tara's lips brushed my cheek in her effort to kiss me and I moved slightly to the side to kiss her. Our lips brushed at first, and for a second, the rest of the world ceased to exist. My eyes were locked on hers as I parted my lips and ran my tongue lightly between her lips, coaxing them to open for me. Tara did just that. My tongue snaked into her mouth, and met hers in a heated duel while our eyes remained locked. No one wanted to close them, not now. She tilted her head slightly, so that I could drink deeper from her. I could taste the zest of the juice she was drinking earlier, and it made me want more, so much more. As I started to retract my tongue, she caught the tip of it and sucked it lightly, building a rhythm as the suctions became more urgent. I felt heat spread all over my body, as if Tara was the sun. I could feel the heat radiating from her and it only fueled my desire more. I wanted her, I wanted to taste her, to feel her release and taste it. Our tongues started clashing again as my hand sneaked it's way under Tara's shirt to find her cotton-clad breast. I rubbed my palm on it, coaxing the nipple to swell and stiffen.

"More..." she moaned against my mouth.

Her moan vibrated against my lips and went directly to my scorching center. I broke the kiss and she looked at me questioningly.

"Not here. Let's go deeper in the forest, no one will find us."

She nodded and got up. I pulled a piece of paper and a pen and quickly scribbled a hasty note in case the rest of the Gang would come looking for us.

She leaned back down and started to lick and kiss my neck as I tried to write. Finally, the note was written, and we flew to our feet, hand in hand as we made our way deeper into the woods.

I remembered that after we broke up, I came here often to find some peace. I remember finding a special spot, where no one would interrupt us. Finally, the smaller clearing leading to the small rock quarry came in view. It wasn't so much a rock quarry as just a few boulders. But I digress.

As soon as we found the quarry, we settled against one of the said boulders, one that was hidden from view. Tara may have loosened up, but neither one of us wants to give a free public show. She shoved me against the boulder and started kissing me deeply, hungrily. My hands went around her back and under her shirt , tracing my fingernails lazily in unknown pattern on the soft skin of her back. We were both completely turned on, both of us having missed our morning ritual, which consisted of a 'quickie' before getting up. Her fingers found my breasts over my shirt and she squeezed them. I threw my head back and moaned. But my Tara didn't tease me. She left my lips quickly and knelt down, unzipping my jeans and taking them off along with my underwear and sneakers. The light breeze touched my erect clit and I shuddered as she grabbed my left leg and put it over her shoulder. I gripped her shoulders for leverage and she opened my outer lips with her fingers before she dived in, licking once at the length of my soaked pussy.

I was in heaven. And heaven had a name: Tara.

Quickly she licked my clit lightly, her tongue barely touching it and I bucked my hips for more contact. She took the cue and licked the erect clit before pulling it in her mouth. I started thrusting my hips in rhythm with her suction. My moans turned into grunts. One of her arms sneaked up and grabbed my naked breast under my shirt, squeezing it whole before turning her attention to my nipple. Her hand moved down again and I felt her leave my clit. I was about to mouth a protest when I felt her tongue tease my opening and her fingers rub my hard nub. I felt my orgasm approaching, felt t in my stomach, and my right hand left her shoulder to rest at the back of her head. She understood me and thrust her tongue inside me.

In. Out. In. Out.

Soon, I was on the edge, and she changed positions, her mouth and tongue on my clit as she entered me with two strong fingers. I came instantly, moaning out her name. She continued licking me, and I was pretty sure she didn't leave a drop while I rebuilt some composure. My leg left her shoulder, and I raised her until she was standing in front of me. I kissed her ravenously, tasting myself on her tongue. I quickly turned us and she was against the boulder now. I ran my hands down her sides before pulling up her skirt's hem and pushed it through the waistband. I found her throbbing clit under her slip and rubbed it as my tongue ravished her mouth. We both moaned, and soon, I couldn't understand who was moaning.

I pushed her slip down and threw it on he pile that consisted of my jeans, underwear and sneakers. I moved down her body, kneading her breasts as I knelt down and mimicked her earlier pose, her right leg on my shoulder. I quickly inserted two fingers in her well, and she bucked her hips. Her clit practically begged for attention and I nuzzled, licked, nipped and finally, when she was on the edge, pulled it in my mouth and sucked it deeply, my fingers never ceasing their motion. She came hard, her release flooding my senses, her inner muscles squeezing my fingers. I tipped my tongue and licked all the juice that I could. As her shudders subsisted, I slowly withdrew my fingers and came back up her body. I kissed her, letting her taste herself this time. 'Turn around's about fair play' I thought to myself. We broke the kiss and pressed our foreheads together, looking into each other's eyes and breathing raggedly.

"I love you Willow."

"I love you too baby."

We kissed a few more times before we got dressed and headed back to the clearing, where the rest of the Gang was resting.

As we got there, we heard Anya yelling at Xander.

"They snuck away to have orgasms! Xander, why can't we do that?" she shrieked.

I looked at Tara and giggled.

"Hello! What don't you understand about "young ears in the room"! Um, clearing!" Buffy yelled back.

"Buffy, I'm sixteen, I know that Tara and Willow make love! Stop treating me like a kid!" Dawn shouted back.

"Okay, hold it! Hold it!" we heard Xander yell. "Let's just forget this is happening. Ahn, we'll go home later. Buffy, Dawn isn't ten. She can get it. And it's not like Willow and Tara are all quiet when they go at it."

I looked at Tara and grinned, and her eyes sent back my mirth. We finally stepped in the clearing, hand in hand.

"Quiet about what?" I asked innocently.

They fell over each other giving explanations. When they quieted down, Anya spoke up.

"You two were having hot, sweaty lesbian sex, weren't you?"

We looked at each other and smiled.

"Actually, we found a beautiful rock quarry. We just took a walk, it's not like we do it whenever we're alone." Tara's words quieted them. I was doing my best to hold in my laughter.

We packed and left the clearing in silence. Anya and Xander were behind us.

"I know they left to have sex! I know it! My sexdar is never wrong!" she whispered loudly in Xander's ear.

I burst out laughing, not able to contain myself anymore. Anya, even though we don't exactly love each other, cracks me up sometimes. I guess it depends on my mood.

'She's really lovable in her unique, Anya-esque way.'

Tara smiled at me and we left for home, where we made love all night, as we usually do.

It was yet another perfect day with my love. My lover. My loved one. My Tara.

<Willow likes me! My god, Willow likes me! But, I'm not a lesbian. Wait, I think I should go back to sleep, all the coffee is getting to me. Oh, right. She likes me in a friendly way, not a lesbian way. Good. Now, back to bed Anya.> she told herself.

She got up from the table and went to the couch where she tossed her purse, tossing the journal inside. But in her caffeine-filled haze, she didn't notice that the journal slipped and fell between the cushions. She went back to bed, thinking that the journal was safely tucked in her purse.

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