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The Sex Journals

Author: Washi (ZWS)
Rating: NC-17 baby!
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, Joss does or whoever. If I owned them, do you really think I would let season 6 happen? And why the hell would I be writing this? So yeah, all belongs to Joss, ME etc...

Willow and Tara made their way to their bedroom. For a moment, they just looked at the great four-poster bed that sat in the middle of the room, both women thinking of the great pleasures that were waiting to be unwrapped. Moon light streamed through the window, and they didn't need to switch on the lights. Willow walked up to Tara and smiled devilishly, wrapping an arm around her waist while the other caressed her cheek.

"So, Miss Maclay, what shall we do to amuse ourselves?"

"Let me show you." she replied leaning over.

They kissed, their tongues swirling against each other. Their hands started to roam, and soon, Willow's hand found Tara's breast under her shirt.

"My, my, aren't we eager Miss Rosenberg."

"I'm always eager when I'm around you."

"That's good to know, sweetie."

"God Tara, do you know what it was like just watching you interact with the Scoobies? When you smile, I wanna do naughty things to you with my tongue." Willow replied, leaning in to kiss her again.

She found Tara's mouth open and her tongue eager. As the tip of Tara's tongue dove into the warm haven of her lover's mouth, Willow trapped it with her lips and sucked it hard. Tara moaned and raised her hand from the small of Willow's back to her nape, urging her on, pulling her more tightly against her. Their bodies, like puzzle pieces, fit exactly, each curve finding its place. Tara tilted her head slightly, as Willow released her tongue, scraping it with her teeth. She reached deeper into her lover's mouth, drinking the sweet nectar.

< Even her saliva is sweet! It always surprises me. My lover, my love, my soul mate is made of Honey! Honey I tell ya! I'm soo lucky! And hungry! And thirsty! Stop babbling in your head! > Willow thought to herself.

Their lips clashed as the kiss waxed and waned. Willow hungrily bit her lover's lower lip, eliciting a moan from Tara. Their hands stroked in a frenzy, trying to pull each other closer. Willow started unbuttoning Tara's shirt. Her mind being hazy with lust, she couldn't get past the second button. She wanted and needed skin. She made a decision and pulled the shirt's flaps apart, the buttons flying in the room. Tara shrugged out of it, barely missing a beat before she started caressing Willow's scorching body again. Willow's hands fell into Tara's ripe globes, kneading them. Tara moaned, her hands stroking the small of Willow's back and her ribcage. Willow started backing her up towards the door, and instead, they found the wall. Tara leaned on it, her knees weak, feeling lightheaded. Willow broke the kiss, her nimble fingers unzipping her lover's skirt. The soft black fabric fell to the ground, making a small 'swoosh' sound. She teased her lover's clit through the wet fabric of her panties as she looked deeply into her eyes.

"I knew you weren't wearing a bra. I could see you nipples through the fabric, and that was making me nuts. They were pointing at me, almost begging to be kissed, to be squeezed, to be pinched, to be licked and to be sucked. God Tara, don't you know what you do to me?" Willow asked against Tara's ear, her voice thick with want.

"Show me." Tara replied breathlessly, shivering slightly as Willow bit down gently on her earlobe.

"I'll show you alright my vixeny goddess. I'm gonna show you right here against this wall. Okay?" Willow replied before sucking at the said earlobe, her breath warm on Tara's flesh, making it tingle.

Tara's knees turned to Jell-o.

"Is that a promise? God, let it be a promise!" Tara groaned as Willow pushed her panties down. She felt her wetness dribbling on her thighs as Willow took a nipple into her mouth, sucking on it hard, making the erect nipple engorged. All of Tara's blood rushed to her nether regions, and her clit throbbed from anticipation. Willow switched breasts, her hand teasing the still wet nipple. Tara threw her head back, her neck muscles stretching and tightening from pleasure. Her pulse point throbbed, and Willow noticed it. Her head moved back up to her lover's neck and she licked the point, before pulling the flesh into her mouth and sucking it heartily, feeling it throb under her tongue, like Tara's clit when she was near release. Once she was satisfied with the mark she left, she pulled back before blowing on it, making Tara shiver uncontrollably.

Tara needed more. She was near the edge, and she needed her release. Willow had teased her enough with her words and actions. She wanted the teasing to stop, and to get down to business. All her inhibitions fell away like rain pours from the sky. She voiced her need, uncontrollable like a storm. Her hands clawed at Willow's shoulders.

"Fuck me Willow! Take what's yours! Fuck me now!"

Willow groaned and lifted her lover's leg to her hip. Tara wrapped it around Willow's hip, pulling her closer. Willow entered her slit with two fingers, knowing that when Tara used those words, she wanting instant gratification. Tara's hands tightened on Willow's shoulder, gripping her like an eagle's talons.

"Oh FUCK!" Tara exclaimed, her eyes squeezing shut.

Willow build a steady yet slow rhythm, not wanting to hurt her lover, but Tara wanted Willow to 'fuck her senseless'.

"Harder Willow! Fuck me Harder!" she commanded.

Willow added a finger and build up the rhythm, thrusting deeper, harder and faster into her lover's depth. Tara's head was lolling between her shoulders.

"Yes! Oh Yes! Willow! Make me comeeee!" she screamed as her orgasm swept her away.

She saw blinding light behind her eyelids and she succumbed to it all. She was swimming in bliss, and for a couple of seconds, she heard Angels singing.

Willow felt the muscles clench, pulling her deeper as her hand became drenched in her lover's juices. She looked at her lover's face in the pale moonlight and saw a grand smile on her face. Her hand moved to hold and squeeze Tara's ass while the other stroked Tara, again and again, drawing out Tara's orgasm to her maximum. She moved her thumb to the clit she had neglected until now and she felt Tara's muscles grasp her fingers again. And again as Willow rubbed her clit twice.

"Willowww!" she shouted, her vocal cords strained.

Tara slumped against Willow, who held her against the wall and by her bottom. She stilled her movements and pulled out slowly, looking into Tara's smiling face. She held her tighter and she whispered words of love into Tara's ear. Less than a minute later, as Willow began to be really worried, Tara groaned and opened her eyes.

"God Willow, that!"

"Thank you, I try my best." Willow said, grinning. "But you had me worried. You passed out for like a minute. Scared me."

"Aww, I'm sorry my love, but that was just... wow." Tara repeated, her pounding heart beginning to slow down.

"I'm glad you liked it. But I'm starting to think we should get into bed."

"Ok." Tara said, slowly lowering her leg from Willow's hip.

Her legs were shaking, and putting some of her weight on Willow's shoulder, they both tumbled onto the bed. Tara giggled, still under the effect of her powerful orgasms.

"Are you tired?" Willow asked her, caressing her cheek.

"Nope, I'm totally energized. Why do you ask?" she replied with a salacious leer.

"Well, let's just say I have this throbbing that needs some attending to before I take matters into my own hands, so to speak." Willow replied before getting up and taking off her clothes.

"I bet I can help you with that." Tara replied, looking at Willow's naked form, leering.

"I think so too." Willow said, sitting down next to her on the bed. She leaned down, kissing Tara softly.

Tara kissed her back for a few instants before pulling away. She got up from the bed.

"Hey! Where are you going? You can't leave me like that! Tara!" Willow pleaded.

Tara smiled and got down on her knees in front of Willow, pulling her knees apart.

"I'm not going anywhere." she said, claiming Willow's lips with her own.

Willow moaned as Tara's hand began molding her breasts for her hungry mouth. She broke the kiss and nuzzled Willow's breasts, making Willow arch her back for more contact. She licked at the left nipple, feeling it harden under her tongue. She blew gently on the wet spot, making Willow shiver. Tara licked the valley between Willow's breasts, catching the bead of sweat that was gliding down as she kneaded both breasts, the hard nubs tickling her palm. She licked the right nipple too, blowing on it like it's twin. She then drew the nipple into her mouth gently, before sucking hard on it. Willow's head was swimming in a haze of sensation and her moans were multiplying as Tara pushed her slightly back, laying her down on the mattress. Willow pushed herself up some and rested on her elbows, watching her lover's every move. Her arousal was practically trickling down her thighs, and she needed to come hard and fast.

"Tara, please... I need you... please!"

Tara complied to her lover's pleading, placing feather light kisses on Willow's tummy and then navel, stopping at her belly button for a while. Finally, she reached her treasure. She nuzzled the soaked curls. Willow moaned and bucked her hips, letting Tara know she was ready for more. Which she had been as soon as she started making love to her lover.

Tara placed a soft kiss on Willow's mound, before spreading the swollen outer lips apart to get better access. Willow was soaked. Tara feasted on the ripe nub, licking up all the sweet ambrosia her tongue could find. Willow rocked her hips, and soon, she wanted to be filled, to find the missing piece that could complete her and send her to heaven, even if it's for a short while.

Tara continued licking the wetness that was seeping out of her lover's well. She reveled in the taste, musky, sweet and yet tangy, unique. She teased her slit with her tongue and Willow bucked her hips, wanting to lengthen the contact. Tara's tongue and lips went back to her clit, as she licked it in hard even strokes with the flat of her tongue. As Willow moaned louder, she took the hard throbbing nub in her mouth and sucked it hard, then licking it and sucking it again.

"Tara, I'm... so... close! I need... you!" Willow gasped out.

"I'm right here." Tara replied, before licking the clit again.

"I want... you... inside... now! Please!" Willow whimpered.

Tara smirked and complied, thrusting two fingers into Willow's soaked pussy and pumping hard. She kept licking her clit slowly, and felt the subtle change in taste. On the fifth stroke, Tara leaned forward and sucked the clit one more time. Willow thrashed on the bed, her back arching and her hips buckling wildly.


Tara felt the hot surge of her lover's release on her fingers, face and hands as she felt Willow's inner walls contracting around her fingers. She licked up her lover's release and continued to stroke her lover at a more leisurely pace. As Willow's hips started to fall back onto the bed, Tara bit on her lover's clit gently, sending Willow over the edge again. She continued licking her as the spasms subsided. She removed her hand and licked the digits clean, smiling like a kitten that got the cream, which she had. She crawled up to her spent lover and kissed her softly.

"I love you Willow." Tara said, and Willow's eyes fluttered open.

"I love you too Tara. So much." Willow replied smiling.

They got up on the bed in their usual places and snuggled together, discussing for a while their feelings on moving out of Buffy's and into their own home.

"Well, one thing for sure, I love screaming your name like that, without thinking that I might wake up Dawn or Buffy." Tara said, grinning evilly.

"I totally agree. This is intimate. Don't forget we'll have to 'bless' every room in this house tomorrow." Willow replied, leering at her blonde lover.

"I like the blessing ritual."

"Of course you do, you vixen!" Willow replied, smirking.

"Ooh, remind me that I have to write about tonight in the Journal. That should be fun."

"Oh yes."

Tara yawned.

"Are you tired baby? Wanna go to sleep?"

"Mmm hmm. We worked all day on moving the stuff, and well, all night on moving the earth," Tara giggled, "so yeah, let's get some sleep."

"Ok, goodnight baby. I love you." Willow whispered softly to her lover, who was resting with her chin on Willow's shoulder.

"Sweet dreams. I love you too my Willow." Tara replied before twisting her head slightly and kissing the shoulder her head was resting on.

And they sank into sleep, wrapped tightly around each other.

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