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Jaws of Hell

Author: SavageWaters19
Rating: R and up
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters of BtVS, they all belong to Joss Whedon, and the Jaws theme is Peter Benchley's. The Jaws setting is basically an island off California, and I took the chief of police idea and the marine biologist - those are all Jaws. Other than that, the story's mind and such. Made up characters are mine as well.
Author's Note: There are two pictures here that I found on the internet. I don't know who made the graphic, and the tooth is to give you actual data of how big a Megalodon tooth could get. This is just so readers can see how great the shark was.

"Explain this one more time," Riley asked Tara as he, Tara and Chief Rosenberg sat in his office. The idea presented to him was unfathomable.

"Your mystery shark is a Carcharodon megalodon," Tara stated, as if that cleared up everything. Finn motioned for her to continue and she sighed.

"Imagine a great white shark blow up about three times. Their teeth are known to be as big as a man's palm. This thing is huge, and until today, it was known to be extinct," she started out slowly. Finn thought a moment. He stood up from the chair he was sitting at and walked to the window. He glanced out at the water.

"What do you mean blow up the great white three times?" he asked, trying his best to grasp the information being disclosed to him.

Tara motioned for Willow to hand her a picture.

"This is a graphic made for a visual glimpse at what a Megalodon might have looked like. The Megalodon is the ancestor to the great white. It supposedly died twelve thousand years ago. It was the biggest shark in all evolution. A tooth was four times the size of a regular great white's. It's one hell of a shark and it certainly isn't good news that there's one or more of them still in existence," Tara summarized. Willow looked at her, paler then usual.

"T-Tara, are you saying that a greater great white is out there in our waters?" she squeaked out. The magnitude of the news hit Willow with full force and the woman let her head fall in her hands.

"Not necessarily. The shark I rode on was not nearly as big as a Megalodon. Prehistoric Megalodon's grew to almost fifty feet. This one was not too much larger than a great white. I would estimate thirty-seven feet at most. My personal opinion is that this Megalodon is an evolved one. Not as great as its ancestors, but certainly no great white," Tara continued to explain, trying her best to remain calm. Willow's reaction was beginning to scare the blonde.

Riley spun around quickly and glared at her. "Your opinion doesn't really matter. I want to know if the shark can be killed. I don't need its family tree!" he screamed, letting his pint up emotions out.

Willow's head snapped up and she glared at him.

"Her opinion could save our very lives and your fucking summer, so unless you want to jump in the ocean and stab the bitch yourself, I don't think you should degrade her advice, which is based on years of study and research!" she retorted, now standing in Finn's face.

Riley looked away ashamed. For the first time since the attacks began, Willow saw an emotion in Riley that she didn't know existed: fear.

"Willow, you're absolutely right. Forgive me Ms. Maclay. I was out of line. It's just...this whole thing! I mean, I haven't done shit for this to happen to this town. Why us?" he said sitting down in a vacant chair.

"We're not going to dwell on that. There's no point. You need to go home Finn, get rest. I'll see you tomorrow at the town meeting- one o'clock. We'll figure this out," Willow ordered as she looked at Tara for reassurance. Tara nodded in agreement.

Riley looked between the two women and finally left the office, leaving the two alone. Willow sighed heavily the moment he left and collapsed in her desk chair. Tara's eyes softened at the weak sight of her friend.

She moved over a knelt beside the distraught redhead. She whispered softly, "Sweetie, you should go home and rest. You've been up, what, three nights in a row?" she asked. The endearing name was instinct for Tara. Her mother's caring side taught her that.

Willow looked up at her, and Tara saw something Willow never had in her eyes: hurt. Since knowing Willow, Tara had seen disappointment, rage, sympathy, irritation, and exhaustion, but for the first time ever Tara saw Willow hurt.

"You were going to leave me," she said, almost numbly. Tara did a double take on what Willow said. She stared at the redhead confused.

"W-what?" she asked.

"You jumped into the water fully aware that you might not have come back out," Willow accused. The look she gave Tara, the look a beaten puppy has, broke Tara's heart.

"Willow, look at me," she said. Willow raised her eyes to Tara's. They were full of tears about to spill. "Do you honestly think I would do something to take myself away from you?"

"Well you jumped into the ocean with a known killing shark! What else should I think?" she questioned, her voice breaking. Tara held the chief and rocked back and forth.

"Shh, Willow I wouldn't do anything to take me away from you," she whispered. Tara closed her eyes, waiting for Willow's response, whatever it would be. Willow stopped shaking and crying.

Willow raised her connected eye contact with Tara once again. Their faces inched closer.

"We can''re my boss, it wouldn't be ethical," stated Tara, still closing the gap.

Their lips were centimeters apart from one another's. They stayed in the same positions for what seemed like hours.

"Screw it," Willow said as she wrapped her hand around Tara's head, pulling her closer. The pair of lips met in a fiery kiss. The sensual kiss developed into more as Willow boldly slipped her tongue past Tara's lips. Tara eagerly accepted the intrusion and pushed herself farther on top of Willow. Willow gladly allowed the blonde to straddle her.

They never broke the kiss as Tara scooted closer to Willow. Willow's hands, on their own accord, grabbed the blonde's ass and pulled her closer. Both of their passions took control of their bodies.

They finally broke apart. Gasping for air, Willow stood up. Tara wrapped her legs around the strong cop. Willow sat her down on her desk and kissed her again, only this time it was more slowly, each one savoring the taste of the other.

Pulling back, Willow looked deeply into Tara's eyes. "Let's go home. We have work to do tomorrow. And much of it," she said. Tara pouted cutely and Willow kissed her pout away. They shared a smile. Tara hopped down from the desk and Willow took her hand. The red head picked up the car keys and the two left for the apartment. Neither one tried to hide their glances at the other one this trip.

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