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The Rosenberg Institute

Author: Pipsberg
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: The characters Willow Rosenberg and Tara Maclay and the property of Mutant Enemy.

Over the next few days, I found almost no opportunity to be alone with Willow. The students had begun to arrive the morning after Willow had taken me to Chicago and stargazing in her secret cave. We'd both been busy meeting the girls and making sure they were properly set up in their rooms. I found that much of my job was also going to be spent keeping track of their where abouts. Willow had already lost track of one ambitious girl of thirteen who decided to excavate fossils in the forest with a pickaxe.

My hands were full as well. I had four of my own charges to contend with. They were currently playing word games together in the library in front of a large fire while I read. Though they were a polite and well-mannered group, they were also wayward and head strong; not unlike Willow, I mused. Thinking of the comparison to Willow made my mind wander to our last time alone in the cave together.

I lay with my head back in Willow's lap, still gazing at the stars. Her hands caressed my hair in slow, delicious strokes. I was both excited by the touch of her fingers and soothed by the love behind the gesture. The snow had stopped falling, the clouds dissipating more to reveal a full and clear sky of stars.

"Do you think someone is looking down at us Tara?" Willow spoke in a quiet, thoughtful voice.

"Do you mean God?" I replied softly.

"Yes, but not necessarily God... I don't know, just someone who takes care of us?" Willow hands paused then and her fingers drifted to my face where they began to lightly trace my features in a solemn worship.

"I don't know Willow. I'd like to think that there are people looking up at a sky far away, on another planet, wondering if we are looking up at them. It makes me feel less lonely."

Willow's fingers paused again, as if tied to her thoughts that must be tripping over themselves to work out some complicated theory about life outside of our knowledge. Her fingers then resumed tracing, this time fluttering over my cheeks and lightly skimming my lips. My heart sped up at the sensation, my breath increased and my lips parted in response.

"You are so beautiful and amazing Tara. You should never be lonely." Willow sighed above me.

"I don't plan to be Willow, now that I have you." I smiled widely and took her right hand in mine, opening her fingers to kiss her palm. On pure instinct, my lips parted over her skin and I kissed her palm again, my tongue lightly touching the surface.

"You're mine Willow." I spoke, my voice lowering and deepening without thought. Her skin smelled and tasted so good that I moved to her wrist and licked her there.

"Oh god Tara, yes. I am yours." Willow moaned above me, flexing her fingers along my jaw line as I continued to kiss and lick her wrist.

Willow was suddenly moving, her hand falling behind my neck to hold my head as she rolled out from under me. In a moment, she was on top of me, her body molded snugly into mine and her beautiful red hair curtained around our heads. Her eyes bore into mine as she hovered above me, some of her weight balanced on one forearm. Feeling her body along mine, her breasts pushed into me and her legs entwined in my skirts, was beyond my scope of description.

I burned everywhere I felt her. My hands, a moment ago only holding her arm, moved up to her face, cupping her head; fingers digging into her hair. Willow's eyes fluttered shut at the touch and her breathing became erratic. Even in the moonlight, I could see her pulse jumping and the breath rushing out of her mouth in small gasps.

"Tara," she moaned again, "I ne-"

I didn't let her finish. Surging up from where I lay, I captured her mouth in a hot kiss, my lips immediately parting to push my tongue into her mouth. I needed her as well. I needed to kiss her and love her as much as I needed to breath. My body responded to her so naturally and I simply let it guide me.

Through our kiss, Willow moaned again, her tongue now sliding into my mouth; against my tongue. Over and over, her tongue bathed my mouth, her hands on my neck and head pulling me closer; gaining leverage. My heart, beating so loudly, rushed into my ears. My entire body throbbed with sensation and from between my legs grew an ache so keen that I couldn't deny it.

I shifted my legs beneath Willow, pulling one knee up along her right hip, my foot hooking behind her and pulling her more fully into me. The other leg I brought between hers. Willow immediately sank her body more tightly into mine, her lower half rubbing on my leg that was now trapped by her heat.

"Oh Tara," Willow gasped, tearing her mouth away to take gulps of air. We were both panting uncontrollably, our eyes wide and wild on each other's faces. Feeling Willow's heat on my leg and all around me was driving me crazy. I felt possessed by it. I flexed my thigh around her hip again, my foot now digging into her bottom, urging her to rub against me.

Like a trigger, the move made Willow surge forward against me, her leg between mine rubbing my center forcefully. The sensation was so amazing and powerful. My back arched and my legs flexed around her in response. My hands flew to her lower back, pulling her harder against me.

"Willow, yes, love me" I gasped. I moaned as she took up a rhythm over me, rubbing herself against me with a sure strength that was more erotic than anything I had ever imagined. I pulled and clawed at the fabric of her shirt where it tucked into her pants; my hands on a mission to find skin. They sunk gratefully underneath her shirt and then lower on her back, grazing the flesh above her buttocks.

"Oh! Tara, god. I, I-" Willow's speech failed her when my hands sunk lower, grasping her ass beneath her pants and pulling her fiercely into me. She dropped her head next to mine then, groaning loudly into my ear. Hearing that sound made me pull at her even harder. Her lips brushed my ear, her sharp staccato breath washing over it as she moved against me more frantically.

I was moving faster as well, the friction of her leg against my center pushing me on. I undulated against her, riding her leg and grasping strongly on her ass; nails digging into her skin. Moans and whimpers flew from my mouth; incoherent words of love and encouragement. In my head I was urging Willow not to stop, not even realizing that I was voicing it as well.

"Oh Willow, don't stop, don't stop, oh god you feel so good on me."

With a groan, she did just that, and my eyes flew open where they had been clamped shut before.

"No Willow, no," I moaned in protest, kneading her buttocks with my hands and pushing against her frantically.

"Not stopping Tara, not stopping" Willow panted above me, her eyes finding mine reassuringly, "just need to touch you baby".

"Yes," I hissed, "touch me".

Willow braced her body on one forearm along side my head, bending down and kissing me hotly in the process. With her other hand, she grasped my thigh where it clutched hers, dragging my thick skirts and petticoats up around my waist. The cold air hit my exposed skin, a stark contrast to my burning flesh. I felt Willow's hand on the bare skin there, moving lightly but determinedly from the outside to trail up the inside of my leg.

I relaxed my grip on her thighs; my legs falling heavily open beneath her touch. Willow's own legs still engulfed one of mine. As my legs eased open, I bent my knee to press more firmly into Willow's core. Her head dropped beside mine again and I could hear her taking huge gulps of air. I was so open to her. I waited for her to touch me.

Her hand rested for a moment on the inside of my thigh; torturing me. Willow then began to slowly drag her fingers up, up and closer to where all my heat was now centered. Her hand brushed the hair between my legs and I reflexively gasped and dug my hands into her ass where they still lay. She paused again for a moment, taking a big breath of air, before slipping her fingers into the wetness that had been pooling there.

"Oh!" I practically shrieked as I felt her fingers on me; sliding through my wetness. I clutched at her, holding on for all I could as my hips flew up against her hand.

"Willow! Willow, oh my god" I moaned.

Willow's own hips responded in kind, beginning to rub again on my trapped thigh. Her tongue reached out and dipped into my ear as her fingers more fully dove into my wetness.

"Tara," she breathed hotly, her tongue licking my ear, then my neck, "You are so wet for me... oh god you feel so good".

Willow then parted my inner lips with her fingers, sinking even further into my wetness and moving up, brushing her fingertips against the most sensitive areas yet. I jerked against her fingers, wanting more of the same contact.

"Yes Willow, touch me there, oh god". I knew I was becoming wetter. I could feel it covering Willow's hand and seeping down my thigh. I was rushing towards a release and I wanted to bring Willow with me.

My hips began to roll again, this time against her wonderful fingers where they lay trapped in my heat. Using my hands on her buttocks, I urged her to do the same. Willow groaned and obliged me, her mouth falling to my neck again, kissing and licking me there. Her fingers rubbed me more firmly now and I frantically moved against them.

"Willow. Willow it's so good."

"Yessss" she gasped against my neck, her hips moving faster over me, her fingers matching her own hard, fast rhythm on me. I was close to an edge; to exploding. The pleasure was so immense I wanted to cry with it all cresting inside of me. Suddenly, Willow's pace increased even more and she sunk her teeth into my neck.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god," she gasped in my ear, and I knew she was there with me.

"TARA!" Willow yelled, freezing for a moment before rubbing herself frantically on me again. Her reaction ignited me and my entire body jerked backwards like a bow as I too went over the edge, moaning and gasping Willow's name.

"TARA!" My eyes flew up to find Harris standing in front of me with a cross look on her face.

"Good God woman, I was talking to you for almost a minute. Where were you?"

My hand instinctively flew to cover the mark Willow's bite had made on my neck and I blushed involuntarily. Harris smirked at me and I sighed.

"You were thinking about Willow weren't you?" She sat on the chair next to me, leaned in closer and whispered conspiratorially, "You had orgasms together, didn't you?"

I let the book I was reading drop to my lap and leaned my head back against the head rest behind me, rolling it to and fro a bit before staring in exasperation at Harris.

"If I tell you something will you stop bring it up?" I asked.

"No. So there is something to tell? How was it?" Harris eagerly questioned, all of her attention and her beady little eyes trained on me.

"Harris, I won't talk about this with you. It's not right and it's private!" I went back to my book, hoping she would leave me alone to my thoughts.

"Fine! Well then I guess you don't want my help finding more alone time with Willow now, do you." She started to rise. I reached out quickly and grabbed her wrist, pulling her back into the chair she had been in.

"Harris, how cruel! Are you bribing me again?"

"Isn't it worth it?" She smirked.

Trying not to react to her taunts and bribery, I just stared at her, peeved to have once again been put on the defense by her insane fascination with Willow and I. I tapped my fingers on the book that I still held.

"Yes it's worth it," I hissed under my breath, looking around to make sure nobody else was within hearing distance, "and, yes, we had orgasms. Are you happy?"

"Yes I am! However Tara I am equally jealous. As you know, I haven't seen Alexander in months and I miss his-"

"Stop!" I squeaked, startling several of the girls by the fire; looking curiously at Harris and I. In a lower voice, I chided her, "I don't want details. You got what you wanted, now what do I get?"

Harris smiled and dug into her jacket pocket, pulling out a small key. It looked very similar to the key Willow had used to open the secret library.

"I don't need that Harris, Willow showed me where the key to the Library's room is hidden." I shook my head, wishing I would have known of her trade before revealing anything to her. I turned back to my book again.

"Uh uh uh my dear Tara, this is a different key."

My interest again piqued, I set the book down on a side table and turned my full attention and upper body towards Harris. I waited for her to continue by raising my eyebrow in question.

"Most of the rooms in this house have secret passage ways built between them. The room you stay in was Robert's, Willow's brother, at one time. They used to use the passage way when they were children, but their father decided to lock them all and hide the keys as the children got older."

I stared at the key, and then at Harris. "Are you fooling with me Harris?"

"No, it's really true. Willow's been looking for the keys for ages. It's one thing she was never able to figure out. You think she would have found a way to pick the locks, given her talents, but she hasn't."

"Where did you get it Harris?"

"Well, that's not important Tara" she replied and sat back, wiping imaginary lint off of her dress.

I leaned more closely to her again and whispered, "Give me the key. I'll keep you informed. No details, but I will tell you things."

Harris smiled, taking my hand and placing the key in it, then folding my fingers around it.

"Oh, we'll be great friends Tara! I can tell already." Harris then stood up and skipped off into the other room.

I collapsed back into my chair, staring towards the ceiling above me and shaking my head in amazement.

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