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The Rosenberg Institute

Author: Pipsberg
Rating: R
Disclaimer: The characters Willow Rosenberg and Tara Maclay and the property of Mutant Enemy.

After our rather amazing bartering session with Harris, Willow profusely apologized for having to kiss Harris and most especially for me being subjected to her rude sexual behavior. She would have rambled on for hours, such was her guilt and anxiety because of the situation, had I not halted her with a finger to her beautiful lips. That certainly stopped her quickly. I stared in awe at the myriad of emotions that flickered over her face. Love, eagerness, interest and yes, lust. She seemed so entranced by me that I felt entranced myself. To have someone be so attuned to me, so attentive and loving, was addictive. I wanted to always see that on Willow's face; the way Willow sees me. Willow simply made me beautiful - with just a look - when all the words of beauty I had previously heard meant nothing to me.

I sat on my bed now, waiting for Willow to finish getting ready for a trip to the apothecary. I had asked her what I should change into, to which she replied succinctly - "You look breathtaking as you are, just bundle up a bit for the coach ride". I had grinned like a silly school girl and kissed her lightly on both cheeks before going into my room to freshen up and add more layers to my outfit. When I closed the door, Willow was still standing there; mouth slacken and eyes closed.

My door closing mobilized Willow into action. I heard her scamper into her own room to get ready. I was very curious to see Willow in her men's clothes again. As I let my mind wander, I admitted to myself that I was most intrigued by again seeing her backside framed in men's pants. Having now kissed and touched Willow as a lover would, I found that my mind toured areas it never had before.

A few moments into my musings, I heard Willow exit her room and make her way toward my door. When I didn't immediately hear her knock I rose, curious, and opened the bedroom door. I had interrupted Willow fussing over her appearance. She looked up startled.

"Oh, Tara. I'm here! I didn't want to interrupt you. I wasn't sure if you were ready or not. And look you're all ready and so am I, so we can go now."

She went to take my hand then, as if to lead me toward the stairs. I took her hand lightly in mine, but instead of letting her pull me out of the room, I pulled her toward me into the room and shut the door behind me. She was staring at me woefully, clearly nervous about her appearance. I smiled slightly at her and ran my hand reassuringly down her right cheek.

"I just want to look at you Willow."

And I really wanted a moment with her; just to myself. I wanted to gaze at her, perhaps touch her, before we were in public again. She smiled at me nervously and tried not to fidget as I stared. She wore a very smart men's evening suit. On her feet were patent leather boots, clearly not shined correctly but passable none the less. I made a note to myself to shine them properly for her later. Her pants were velvet, or perhaps crushed suede, in a deep blue that complemented her complexion so well.

Impulsively, I ran my hand up her right thigh to feel the fabric, eliciting a delightful gasp from Willow. My smile grew and I stepped closer to her, invading her space to finger the next item she wore, a pale white men's shirt with a ruffled cravat. I instinctively straightened the collar and adjusted how it sat against her suit jacket. The jacket was a thicker version of the pants with red trim and piping. Her face was mostly unchanged except for the small spectacles that sat perched on the bridge of her nose, giving her a decidedly more masculine and scholarly look. On her head was perched a simple black men's cap without trim. Her hair was tied back with a small blue bow. All in all, I thought she looked like a dashing young student. But for all her men's clothes and her tedious attention to detail, I knew what woman lay beneath that exterior and I thought she looked amazingly beautiful.

"You look wonderful Willow. Would you turn around for me?"

I made a motion with my hand for her to spin around. She grinned nervously, but did so. As she turned, I gazed at her derriere encased tightly in the soft pants and sighed. I wanted to run my hands over her then. I wanted to feel her bottom. As she finished her turn, I stepped even closer to her, brushing myself against her and following as she backed up toward the wall behind us. She lightly fell into the wall and I followed again, resting my body lightly against hers and bringing my face close, our eyes connecting deeply.

"You like it then Tara?" Willow asked me in a hushed voice, her hot breath washing over my lips.

"I do" came my equally hushed response, my lips so close to hers that they brushed her flesh lightly. "I like you every which way you are Willow, but seeing you in pants is especially nice".

Willow smiled knowingly and kissed me softly once, then took my hands and wrapped them around her, placing my palms on her buttocks. I immediately gasped and closed my eyes, my head drooping to the crook of Willow's neck. My hands, almost of their own will, squeezed her flesh firmly. Willow moaned deeply, pulling me closer to her. I squeezed again, intoxicated by the feel of her under my hands.

"You feel so good Willow" I sighed.

"Oh god" Willow groaned into my ear "Tara, baby, do that again..."

I squeezed her behind again, addicted to the feel and more so to her response. I had triggered something in Willow. She grabbed my face forcefully with both of her hands and began kissing me deeply. Immediately, and instinctively, our mouths parted and her tongue slipped out to caress mine. I moaned headily and hugged myself to her, rubbing my body over any part of her that I could. I only knew that I wanted to get closer; needed to be closer. Using my hands on her bottom as leverage, I ground our bodies together. Willow moved her leg between mine and I ground on that too. The friction between my legs was incredible without her petticoats to get in the way and I again moaned my approval. I could feel and incredible wetness growing between my legs and I gasped as Willow intentionally pushed her thigh into my heat.

"Oh god, oh my god Tara..." Willow panted as she pulled away to drop kisses along my neck and throat. I sighed with the immense pleasure of it all. I couldn't bear everything that was cresting in me and certainly didn't feel ready to express it all right now. I wanted to cry with the intensity of it all. Breathing heavily, my chest heaving, I pulled back slightly to look into Willow's eyes to tell her how I was feeling.

"I like your pants."

Willow stared blankly at me for a moment before a huge grin broke over her face and she began to giggle uncontrollably. The affection and mirth in her eyes made me smile just as widely. I laughed along with her until she calmed down into less giggles and a few sighs. Her hands caressed my cheeks and neck as we gazed into each others eyes. I felt so lucky to have found her and to have discovered this incredible connection. I wanted to crawl inside of her and never leave. I wanted to make her my own.

"Wow" she sighed. "I mean WOW."

"Yeah," I laughed lightly. "Wow indeed."

Our foreheads rested lightly together and I closed my eyes, savoring the alone time before we went out for the evening. My only quandary was how to keep my hands to myself for the rest of the night.

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