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Changing Indiana

Author: Tank
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't own anything but my imagination in the creation of this story (and maybe some random characters later on).

Willow ran quickly to the tree-house, she was supposed to meet Tara there soon. As soon as the girls had woken up from their slumber Willow kissed Tara goodbye and rode her bike as fast as she could to go pack. They had decided to meet at the tree-house at 10pm, with a small but precious collection of their things. Willow had tried to pack her entire room initially, this adventure had however failed and after a few hours, she had managed to fit her essentials into her dad's old army bags. She flung them on her back and headed out.

As the small red head reached the wooden shack of Chrissy's garden, her smile faded. She had hoped Chrissy would have been in bed and Willow and Tara could meet un-noticed. The red head came closer and peered in, she saw a glimpse of Sam and Teeny to her surprise. She hadn't of considered before that the other girls would also make sneaky trips to Chrissy's backyard. She was about to turn away when Teeny popped her head out of the window and curiously called out to the figure shadowed beneath the tree.

Willow froze, she couldn't leave now, she had been caught. She came closer, and climbed up a few of the rope ladder steps,

"Hi guys, sorry, don't mean to interrupt, I guess I'll be off..." She meakly began getting off the steps.

"Willow! Hey! What are you doing here it's really late! Are you looking for Tara?" Teeny questioned.

"Umm, well it's kind of hard to umm, well you see...."

"What's with the bags?" Sam poked her head of the window and looked down. But before Willow had a chance to answer, she heard Tara calling her name. She sounded out of breath and panicked. The red head swung herself around and ran up to Tara.

"What's wrong sweetie are you ok?" Tara gripped the sides of Willow's shirt and began to catch her breath.

"I did it! I finally...did it. He came in, I was really scared but..." she took a big gasp in. "I told him what I should have years ago, and he took it, he didn't touch me. Will, I did it" Her voice dropped towards the end, the blonde took a moment and looked at her feet, as if she felt a bit embarrassed, she slowed her breathing and looked up to her girlfriend again.

"Tara I don't think you've looked so glowing" She starred at the girls face and studied the relief that seemed to have swept over her.

"Tara! What's going on, hey! You've got bags too! Where are you guys going?!" Sam yelled in a whisper as not to wake Chrissy.

"Crap," Willow whispered in Tara's ear. "I guess we should tell them".

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