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Changing Indiana

Author: Tank
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't own anything but my imagination in the creation of this story (and maybe some random characters later on).

Willow tightened her grip on the material in her left hand and nuzzled into the softness beneath her cheek that was keeping her so warm. Unfortunately, the rest of her body was lacking the comfortable heat. That peaceful heartbeat that she had fallen asleep to was still there, keeping her breathing in a slow rhythm.

Tara felt her shirt being pulled upwards, letting a cool draft fall upon her exposed skin. She shuddered lightly and relaxed again when two legs intertwined themselves with hers. She sighed in delight as her eyes fluttered open. Her girl was tightly wrapped around her own body. Tara felt Willow moving her head around lazily as she awoke. Her cheeks turned a darker shade as a familiar pleasant feeling... no, not pleasant... very enjoyable feeling started running through her body again. Her breathing started to labor, and she could tell that Willow, who now had her left thigh pressing on Tara's sex, had noticed her change, too.

Willow stirred at the difference in the steady beat that had sent her to sleep. She opened her eyes slowly, and moved her head around a few more times in an effort to go back to her dreamland once again, using her chosen objects as a pillow. But something small and heated was building and pressing into her cheek. Her eyes shot open at the sound of a small moan emanating from the body below her.

She pushed herself up from the comfortable position, her arms protesting the weight put on them.

"Oh, man. Oh, Tara, I'm so sorry. I didn't... oh, oh..." Her eyes felt a little heavier and her voice faded at the sight of the girl lying before her. Tara was laid out on the sand, her legs spread slightly, her shirt lifted from her hips to just below her bra, which was no doubt Willow's fault, from when she had sat up so abruptly. She felt her cheeks go red at this thought. Two small pebbles were rising from underneath Tara's thin shirt, which had been disturbing her pillow-rest but now she didn't mind at all. Tara's shallow breaths emphasized their presence.

Willow dropped her head in shame. After all, it was that, her discomfort and moving around, her stupid head, that had caused that. Did that... to Tara.

Oh, my God. I did that to Tara!

Willow was getting nervous at the lack of sound coming from the blonde, yet her breathing was still pronounced in the night air. Night... She had presumed they had slept for hours and it would be time to go home soon, but the moon was still above them, and it was her light, the moon's light, that was complimenting Tara's soft curves and expression for her and just her. Willow had almost forgotten about the others. She glanced around, from behind the small curtains of hair that had fallen across her face, to find the group still sound asleep on the sand.

"Willow?" Tara whispered, not knowing if she had overstepped a line by voicing the moan that was begging to be sounded and breaking the silence of the peaceful night. A moan that felt as if it would have imploded in her chest and sunk further down, twisting through her body, causing every muscle to turn and tighten in protest if it had not had the chance to reach over her tongue and beyond her lips, into a wave that touched Willow's ears and caused such a reaction.

"Willow?" She tried again, only seeing her girl flinch at the first call of her name and bow her head further.

Willow gulped and pulled her eyes upwards. They rested on the alluring sight of Tara, who was still not making any effort to cover up the waxen skin of her stomach.

"Tara," was all she could get out, choking on the word. She had hoped to sound a little more charming than that, but her mouth got the better of her again.

"Sorry," Tara said.

"Why?" Willow asked, uncertain why the sexy sounds uttered from the blonde's lips would be worthy of an apology.

"I got away with the moment, which actually shouldn't have been a moment; you were just sleeping and trying to get comfy, and here comes slutbomb me, getting all hot and bothered with my frisky self..."

Willow giggled at Tara's over-analysis of the situation. She just called her self a frisky slutbomb, she thought.

"If that's what frisky slutbomb Tara is like, I think I should provoke this alter ego more often." Willow flashed a cheeky smile and pulled herself towards the blonde. She leaned into her, draping her arm over the exposed stomach. Fingering the loop holes of her faded green cargos, she relaxed her head on the soft mounds below her.

"Well, seeing as everyone is asleep, we could, ya know, make use of the time..." Tara teased. She could feel the blush in Willow's cheeks, despite the fact that she was facing the opposite direction. Tara twirled some of Willow's silken red hair around her finger and recognized the unsteady breathing of the girl half draped on top of her.

Willow felt the Tara's stomach flex, and heard a giggle escape her lips. "Yes, I suppose we could," she said modestly.

Without another thought, Tara pulled on Willow's shoulders, causing her to lift herself up from her position and learn over to face her, chest to chest. They stared at each other for a moment, studying the contours of each other's faces against the soft light. Tara was admiring the deep green depth of Willow's eyes that had so many specks and pictures hidden in them. She could stare at those eyes for hours and create magical fairytale stories of castles. She could see one of them clearly now, to the right of the girl's pupil. It stood tall and glamorous, with small dancing figures surrounding and a waving flag at the top. Tara bowed her head and laughed to herself; the moon certainly played tricks on her eyes, but the desire hidden in those two looking back at her were definitely no illusion and she could see Willow understanding the desire in her own reflection.

They both sat up and in the same motion entwined their hands within each other's hair and smashed their lips together in a desperate need to be as close as they could possibly be. Willow slowly and teasingly sucked on Tara's soft, puckered lower lip.

Tara slipped out her tongue and ran it against Willow's upper lip, causing Willow to open her mouth and welcome in Tara's eager and wet tongue.

Tara moaned into the kiss and brought up both her hands to cup Willow's soft cheeks, feeling the heat building into her palms. She whispered the girl's name as their lips parted before pressing into each other again.

Willow slipped her hand down and graced it across Tara's smooth stomach; she felt a small shake from within the girl simultaneous with a sharp breath taken from her own mouth. Her fingers danced steadily in small circles, teasing the girl. She was enjoying this too much. She wanted to feel Tara pull her head back and moan into the night, because of her and her touch against the beautiful alabaster skin.

Willow moved her lips away from Tara's mouth and slid them down against her jaw, making a trail of small feather light kisses, which slowly reached her destination, her neck.

Willow stopped for a moment and considered her next move, building anticipation within Tara. She pressed a firm yet simple kiss on her pulse point and felt a smooth beat against her lips. She withdrew again, before making a small circle with her tongue on the chosen spot while trailing her fingers further up the girl's shirt in the same pattern.

Tara didn't know how much more she could take. She knew they were pushing a boundary, especially with so many people around them, some potentially awake, but the quick motion of Willow's hand on the underside of her bra, sliding upwards to cup her breast, and Willow's mouth sucking her skin, running her tongue over the chosen spot, evaporated all of Tara's logical thought. She gasped and moaned at the same time. She reached up to Willow's hair and pulled on it gently in need, not wanting the girl to stop her slow and torturous ministrations underneath her shirt.

"Hmm hmm."

They pulled apart fast enough to just leave a trail of blurred motion between them at the sound of Buffy coughing. Tara scrambled to pull her flimsy white shirt down but it seemed to have gotten caught on her bra somehow. Her cheeks were burning.

Willow saw how flustered Tara was and decided that helping her out would be a good idea. They both grabbed at the T-shirt at the same time, pulling it in all directions, until it fell against the skin of her stomach and she was covered once again.

They sat apart with their hands firmly in their laps and stared at the small, sleepy blonde rubbing her eyes and giving the girls a knowing look. Their cheeks reddened with embarrassment. Willow looked in every direction but Buffy's, however she failed to regain her natural, non sexually flustered look.

Tara had proceeded to work on the "Cousin It" look. She had pulled her blonde hair all the way over her face in an attempt to turn invisible magically. Buffy heard a mumble from below the body of hair, as the mouth underneath attempted to share a few words.

"What was that, Tara?" Buffy asked with a coy smile. Tara pulled back a curtain of hair with her graceful fingers and sheepishly pulled her eyes up to Buffy.

"We thought you were asleep," she mumbled and looked down to the sand again. She entwined her other hand with Willow's, who still looked like a deer caught in headlights.

"Uh, I... Uh, I mean... Uh, oh... Umm..." Willow coughed and looked at Tara for some help but the girl still had her gaze firmly fixed on the ground below her.

"What's going on?" they heard from behind them.

Sam had pulled herself up from the cozy spot she had nestled in, between Chrissy and Xander, to see the red faces of the two girls. It clicked immediately when she glanced over and saw Buffy's cheeky smile.

"Don't you guys ever give it a rest?!" she teased.

Tara dropped her head but this time she started laughing. She felt stupid, but not in a bad way. How could they not have expected someone to wake up? She knew that if they had carried on for much longer, many more sounds of passion would have escaped their lips, waking up a lot more people than just Buffy.

Another person started stirring, from the pile of teenagers next to Sam, groaning with complaint about being woken up. Sam, Buffy, Willow and Tara all looked at each other and said, "Chrissy," and laughed.

"Why, you guys? Why? Come on, it's like a billion-o'clock at night. I gotta sleep!"

"Sorry, Chris, but these two here felt the need to wake us up with their gropey kissing," Sam said casually.

Xander sat up at those words, knowing she was referring to Willow and Tara. "Well, now that I'm awake..." He grinned, putting one arm around Sam and the other around Chrissy's shoulder. Chrissy shrugged him off with a moan and lay back down, still making sounds of complaint as she got herself comfortable again.

"Xander, you look a little too awake," Willow accused.

"You two noisy ladies did make me stir from my beauty sleep, but my eyes were still closed!" Xander said.

Buffy punched him in the arm. "Eww, you big perve!"

Xander toppled over, waking up the rest of the gang. There were a number of protests but within a few moments everyone was reasonably awake,l except Chrissy, who had cuddled herself into a fetal position around the remains of the fire.

"So, guys... Truth or Dare. Who's it gonna be?" Teeny waggled her eyebrows.

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