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Changing Indiana

Author: Tank
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't own anything but my imagination in the creation of this story (and maybe some random characters later on).

Tara slapped her hand to her head and fell back down to the floor, hoping that what had happened was a dream.

"Okay, you can't stop there! Sam nudged, clearly interested in what was unfolding before her.

"I mean, oh, God, I said that all wrong. Okay, just give me a second here to get my wording right. Tara lay down and tried to backtrace in any way possible so none of them would remember.

"Tara... Tara! Teeny shook the blonde's shoulder violently.

"Come on, girl, we've been waiting here for like ten minutes for you to say something!

"What? Ten minu-"

Roberta shot her a look that said 'Come on, tell us all what we already know.'

"So you know that girl, the one with the r-"

"You're fucking the redhead?! Sam proclaimed loud, enough for the neighbours to hear. Tara flushed bright red in less than a second; she not only let her head fall down, but combed the blonde hair through her fingers from the back of her neck over her face completely. She put her hands to her eyes and groaned in embarrassment.

"Oh... my... God. Teeny stared in shock. "That is so... hot, she finished.

"No, Tara said simply.

"What?! It's hot! It's very hot in fact! Teeny protested, looking around for backup. Chrissy just looked on, a little unsure, and Roberta seemed disinterested.

"Oh, I know that! Tara giggled. "Really hot, isn't she gorgeous? But no, I'm not... fucking her. The word made her shiver, pulling her back into her embarrassment. It was going better than she had thought, but Chrissy and Roberta were saying nothing and making her as nervous as ever.

"Well, not yet, but that's not the right word. I don't want to fuck her... she added slowly.

"Good, 'cause I don't like you using that word, Chrissy said, now huddled in the corner.

Tara gave the girl a small smile, and knew that Chrissy would be okay but it would take a bit longer. Chrissy smiled back and looked out the window again to the sky.

"So, you're into girls, Sam said, more for herself than anything, nodding in approval. "I wish I was into girls, they smell better, she continued. Teeny came closer to Sam and snuggled into her.

"This top smells really nice, Teeny giggled. Sam pushed the girl off her shoulder while laughing. Teeny landed on a pile of cushions still grinning like a Cheshire cat, giving no sign she was going to stop laughing anytime soon.

Tara gazed at the two. She couldn't have asked for a better response. She looked across to Roberta and Chrissy, starting to doubt her confidence. The blonde was relieved when she saw Roberta's eyes glaze over in a softer light than they were before. The brunette nodded to herself, a small gesture letting Tara know that she was okay. Tara bowed her head in relief and sighed.

"So you're okay with it? All of you?

Teeny still laughing to herself in the corner of soft toys, cushions and blankets with tears rolling down her cheeks was enough for Tara.

"Totally. More than okay, it's cool. You're our Miss Diversity, Sam said.

Roberta stood up and sat face to face to Tara. With little space for ease, she looked her straight in the eye for a moment. "Are you happy? She asked, not breaking her glance.

"Yes, Tara answered without hesitation. Tara could sense Roberta's hurt, but it wasn't only unhappiness.

The brunette's eyes sparkled; she tried to stop the small tears trying to make their way across her cheeks, and drew Tara into a huge hug, smothering her face into Tara's shoulder. She breathed heavily, gaining control over her emotions and letting go of the anger that had built up over it all.

Tara could feel it all, too. It was intense and possibly too much, but Roberta's love for her overcame all of it, and Tara didn't want to let go. She felt her own tears forming and had no fear to let them fall. Both of them could feel the wetness increasing on each other's shoulders and laughed when they pulled apart, their eyes still red and watering.

Roberta gave her a lopsided grin and looked away for a moment. "I'm okay, if you're okay.

"I'm okay, better than that," Tara reassured her.

"Hmm, Chrissy signed from the corner, still staring up at the sky.

Tara looked up, waiting for more from the girl, but she said nothing else. Not wanting to push it, she slid down into the blankets already surrounding her and drifted off to sleep.

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