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Changing Indiana

Author: Tank
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't own anything but my imagination in the creation of this story (and maybe some random characters later on).

Roberta's t-shirt was soaking up the sun, it was a mistake to wear black on such a hot day, but it was the only thing that even resembled clean from the pile on her floor that morning. She could feel her back throbbing from the heat being constantly pounded down onto the five girls. She was breathing heavily trying to cope along the long road back to Shelbyville after a long day, resting her head on the cold handle bar in front when ever the road was straight.

"Roberta you ok there?" Chrissy slowed down to meet on the side of her.

"Yeah, it's just ahh...a" she managed to get out.

"I just need to..." before she finished her sentence she tipped to the side that Chrissy was riding on.

"Shit! Guys! Help!" She managed to catch Roberta by landing one foot on the side of her bike and leaning Roberta against her. The gang looked behind them and quickly turned around and dropped their bikes to help the two.

"What happened?" Teeny said panicked as she tried to get Roberta off the bike.

"I don't know! She was hot, umm, oh man I hope she hasn't heat stroke, we'd be sooo screwed"

"Yeah? What about her Chrissy!" Sam said angrily and she pulled Roberta over to the side of the road. She looked around for anywhere for them to sit besides the grass ditch at the side of a fence. Luckily there was an old van parked up about 10 meters away.

"Guy's this is so karma biting us in the butt" Sam said as she grabbed at Roberta to stop her from falling on the hot concrete of the road.

"Ok, help you guys grab her feet lets get her in the back of this thing, it's safer than here" Sam grabbed Roberta's head and pulled her up as the others obliged.

"Oh my God! Do you remember this thing? We stopped here when we met that soldier. We had our first smoke." She giggled.

"Well I dunno about first for Roberta." She added quietly. The others smiled as they managed to get Roberta into the back of the red rusting van. She was still under the heat off the sun, but at least off the floor.

"Ok what do we do now?" Tara said with a clearly concerned look on her face.

"Well she's still breathing...maybe she's just tired." The others stared at Chrissy in misbelieve.

"Yeah Chrissy, we all often fall over in the middle of the road if we feel like a nap. Come on thing seriously."

"Ok well she's hot, we should make know...un-hot"

"Water! Water who's got water..." They all looked around ready to grab at a bottle when they realized none of them had brought anything but themselves hoping to dry off after a swim in the heat.

They looked around each other in panic waiting for someone to speak up. After a long pause, Sam grabbed at Roberta's soaked in top and pulled it over her head.

"Ok, well that should help a bit at least to cool down, now what". They all stared uncomfortably looking at Roberta's exposed chest covered only by a black bikini top.

"Hey, you're on my turf" A voice said coming from behind them. Turning around, they saw a girl...woman sauntering up behind them. Her chocolate brown hair lay just past her shoulders slightly curled, and was highlighted where the sun must have been hitting it through the summer. Her eyes we dark and intriguing looking on to the four girls, and what looked like another on the floor of the back of the truck.

"I don't know if you've noticed, but you're turf is a broken farmer's truck" Chrissy replied clearly tired from the day.

"We um, our friend, we think she's got heat stroke or something, what ever that is. She passed out, so we um..."

"Got her naked?" she quickly replied with a coy smile on her face, she approached the truck slowly peering in passing the shy blonde on the way, making strong eye-contact.

"We didn't know what else to do" Tara said quietly feeling a little intimidated.

The woman jumped on the back of the truck towering over the four girls around their friend. She looked up and down Roberta's body inspecting her, the side of the strangers mouth curled into yet another smile.

"So are you going to help us or just keep checking out Roberta?" Chrissy said irritated by, who ever she was.

"I know what to do" She stood over Roberta straddling her hips. The four girls sat back clearly uncomfortable with the situation but too shocked to say anything. The brunette pulled the backpack that lazily hung over her shoulder and pulled out a flask, undid the top and threw it at Roberta's face. No sooner than that, Roberta sat up quickly coughing and spluttering the cold water everywhere trying to figure out where she was.

Her eyes focused finally as she saw the most beautiful face in front of her quietly laughing to herself. She sat in awe of who ever this was. Until she realized she was topless in a dusty truck...being straddled by a gorgeous stranger.

"W-Who are you?" Roberta said very confused. The girl put out her hand in front of Roberta in the small space that was between the two of them for an introduction.

"Just call me Faith"

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