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The Howl of the Night

Author: JkMack
Rating: NC-17
Copyright: Joss Whedon created the Buffy universe we all know. Thank you Mutant Enemy for not expanding the W/T relationship. I don't own anything here but the story idea and a few people I made up.

As soon as they sat me in the circle the magic became stronger tenfold. I was now sitting at the Gods' feet gazing up at its imposing presence. It was like being trapped in a building while there's a fire. I coughed and attempted to wipe the feeling off of me.

I tried desperately to reconnect with Tara through my mind like she had earlier. But the more I concentrated the more my communicator seemed broken.

The others gathered around the outside of the circle and began to chant softly, swaying back and forth like they were all high. Their humming became louder and louder and I began to feel unmanageable drowsiness.

William stepped into the pentagram with me, I could taste his power, his being and it made my mouth dry. He came close enough to touch me but didn't. Then hands raised to the heavens he looked right into Charlakon's hellish eyes.

"Et emus tatal mae tatiutam Charlakon. I call you forth my mighty lord to take the body of the innocent, of the purest form and let it be used to cleanse your evil. Then Master, use me to fulfill your darkest desires."

The stone began to crumble, bit by bit. A massive roar cried out from the monsters peeling snout. I stood up the best I could and tried to run, but my body collided with an invisible force knocking me on my back. They had closed the circle and there was no way to get out until the ritual ended.

I pulled myself to my feet again and watched William call out the hell beast. It burst from its stone prison and let out a high cry. A sound that made your blood run cold.

The thing stared down at me. His teeth curled into the best smile it could muster and started towards me. I bolted back towards the opposite end but William caught me. The moment our bodies came in contact a jolt of unruly magic shot though us, knocking me to my knees.

I screamed in pain and held my head with my hands. A loud buzzing noise kept me from making any coherent thought, but I was able to make out William's body looming over me.

He kneeled in front of me and put his hands on mine. I screamed from the searing pain that shot though my body. He grasped me harder, his cold nails penetrating into my flesh.

"Take her my mighty God!" William shouted to the beast looming outside to circle.

It was as if some one flipped a switch and the world went away. There was no sound, no thought, it was like slipping into total wipeout mode. I couldn't feel my body, but I could feel something crawling in my brian. It felt like a thousand tiny ants picking different parts of the tissue and running away with it back to their nest.

At first I fought it, trying my best to keep my head above water so to speak. But my hope faded quickly when the beast fully took over my capability to rationalize.

I gave up, let my mind go. He was too strong there was no use in fighting a God. And it was if she heard me, knew my life had gone out. The familiar scent of dried leaves and earth broke though the clouding smog of the dark magic.

Forcing my eyes open I stared out at Charlakon, his massive size, his amazing power. There was no way I could beat him alone, then Tara's sent passed over me again. I tried to find her, to see her beautiful face, but all my senses were giving up.

Something caught my poor sight, a mixture of colors, black, gold, brow, white all rolling into one, colliding with the mighty God. His power wavered on me a bit and I was able to open my vision enough to see William laying on his back heaving his chest up and down.

I crawled over to him and looked down at his pale face. His eyes had turned the color of Charlakon's and his normal size K-9's had tripled in size. The power reeked off of him and made me sway a bit. I slid back and looked about me. The circle was down and there was a bombarding sound of snarls, squeals, roars of pain and the sound of jaws snapping on open air.

What I could muster there was about five or six werewolves throwing themselves at the beast and in turn being tossed like rag dolls. Blood coated their fur and the rock floors and I could guess who's blood it was.


I turned my head lazily and saw Tara sprinting across the cave towards me. Her legs working with hidden muscles that no human posses. She kneeled down beside me and scooped me up in her arms. She dragged me out of the pentagram and plopped down again just out of reaching distances.

I tried to smile but failed and my voice didn't seem to work. She looked down at me, tears welling in her eyes. Was I dead? All attempts to move my arms where shattered when the loud buzzing returned and ripped open my mind again.

"Hold him! I need to get her back!" Tara shouted over her shoulder. There was an answering howl and the uproar of snarls and the bloody rampage took up again.

My body began to convulse with this new rush of power. Tara held my bucking limbs the best she could but the magic rode though me, taking any life that remained hidden.

Opening my eyes again I wasn't in my own body. I was now using the eyes of the God's power itself. Different snouts where bared and claws came from every direction, attacking the body I was in. And if I wasn't mistaken the tiny muddy form of Marcus was snarling and plowing in full force as well. I looked down and realized I was in William's body, he had completed the ritual and I was to witness this first hand.

I was so suddenly ripped back to my own body that I nearly forgot who I was, shocked also to find Tara’s lips pressed firmly on mine. It felt like she was trying to infuse all her love, all her being into to me through our joined mouths.

She allowed the kiss to deepen, slipping her tongue in and trying to encourage mine to wake up and dance with hers. I had enough energy mustered now to accept her offer by lifting up my tongue.

Her body shuddered with relief and desire as she swirled around in my mouth pulling me more into her. I lifted my arms slowly and managed to encircle them around her neck. Her lips trembled into mine and new tears fell upon my face, seeping into my skin. I absorbed all of her and was able to pull her face back away from mine.

I would never get tried of the smile that met my fluttering eyes.

"Willow!" She cried hugging me closer to her.

"Tara." I managed. "I got so lost."

"I found you!" She answered planting many soft kisses on my lips. "I will always find you." I smiled and she let me breathe a little.

"Quick, get up!" She said hastily, pulling me to my feet. I staggered and tried to focus my eyes on what was happening before me.

William had a large, brown werewolf held up against the wall and he was squeezing the life out of him with little effort. Looking closer, the soft bark color of its fur and dark eyes, it was none other than Poslac.

"We have to help him." I said weakly, hanging on Tara for support. The others came to their member's aid, attacking at the offender but the wounds would close shut just as quickly as they came.

Tara looked from me to William and back at me again.

"What?" I asked.

"Can you stand on your own?" She said moving away slightly.

"Maybe... why? What are you going to do?" I asked carefully.

She looked me directly in the eyes and moved in and kissed me. "I do love you, so very much." She took off at a dead run towards the commotion. Her hands turning to razor claws ripped off her clothes and skin, the bones breaking into place until all that was seen was my golden wolf protecting her pack members.

Her mighty body raised up and took the blow intended for Poslac. She yipped but threw her body into the hybrid William, rolling with him. The others threw their mangled bodies on top as well.

There had to be something I could do. There was a high scream and I saw my beloved staggering back, the blood spilling from an open wound at her belly. The others continued to fight, but Tara slipped and withered to the floor changing back to human form.

"Tara!" I shouted, stumbling towards her. She turned her head to me and smiled faintly.

"Tara, we have to stop this!' I sobbed as I looked over her wounds.

"I'll live." She said dryly.

"I can't stop him, I don't know how." I cried watching the white wolf fly though the air.

"My wolves are almost finished." Tara hissed painfully.

Before I could answer her a clawed hand gripped around the back of my head and pulled me up. William turned me to face him, all the while throwing another wolf across the cave.

"You are done my little firefly." He growled, or at least it sounded like that. His voice was lower and sounded to be mixed with another.

He raised one hand and pointed it to my heart. I closed my eyes and held my breath waiting for my death blow.

"Willow look inside yourself!" Tara shouted. She sprung forward and wrapped her body around my legs, pressing her body against mine. Her magic surfaced and searched to find mine. Our souls connected as one, her animalistic nature and my undead linkage, both of them playing on the essential roles of life.

William dropped me instantly and held his claw as if I burned him. Both Tara and I stood up simultaneously and walked slowly towards the retreating carrier.

"G-get away from me!" He stuttered backing into a rock wall.

Tara and I looked at each other and I nodded. We clasped hands and shouted, "Trapa!" William's body instantly split in two his blood spraying the walls and us as well.

A thick black cloud rolled up from the meshed remains, two red balls appearing as the God's eyes. Tara gripped my hand harder and we focused our power at the mist, sending a wisp of white though it like an arrow.

There was one final cry and the cloud was gone, leaving Tara and I panting. I reached out for Tara before I lost my balance, she caught me luckily, and held me against her.

Her bleeding had stopped and from what I could tell she had already begun to heal.

My head reeled but I was able to see scattered bodies of once known coven members. Their black cloaks shredded to the wind and all but a few where still moving. Janielle was being supported by Raoul and a limping Faith. Their faces all had slash marks and dirt smudged in the painful wounds.

"What happened?" I asked trying to focus on Tara's face.

"I will tell you all of it once we get out of here and back home." She answered kindly.

I don't remember what happened next, for I had already passed out from the draining process that the God had inflicted on me. The world was gone to me in that moment and all my body wanted to do was regain some needed strength.

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