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The Howl of the Night

Author: JkMack
Rating: NC-17
Copyright: Joss Whedon created the Buffy universe we all know. Thank you Mutant Enemy for not expanding the W/T relationship. I don't own anything here but the story idea and a few people I made up.

My whole body shook as I stared at the half parted door leading to the echoes of water. I wanted to bolt in there, get a quick glimpse of my goddess and run out again. Somehow that didn't seem very mature.

I recalled the words Tara said to me before she began to disrobe. "You can join me. This doesn't have to be about sex, just conserving water."

Making up my mind I made my way across the master bedroom and pushed opened the door.

Fog rolled throughout the tile bathroom. The shower in the corner away from the large tub was harboring the familiar shape of my beauty. I watched her silhouette dip its head under the beating water and run her hands though the blurred dark of her hair. I inhaled sharply when I heard her moan softly.

My whole body dulled as I watched her arm move down over her body and mesh with the color of her skin. She gave another quiet moan and I barely caught her body shuddering. I'm not a stranger to self gratification but thinking that Tara did it nearly set me over the edge where I stood.

"You know you can join me." Her voice boomed over the shower and made me jump where I stood. I started to back out towards the door but Tara's voice stopped me. "You could come in here and stop me if it bothers you that much." She challenged.

I cleared my throat loudly. "Okay." I managed and I slowly pulled my shirt up over my head and made fast work with my ripped leather pants. My bra was easy work due to the fact it was almost falling off. My small pert breasts sharpened to the chilled air.

There I was, totally nude, shaking from anticipation, and not having one single clue of what to do next. Tara's body had stopped moving and she slid the door open enough to poke her drenched head out.

When she caught sight of me her mouth dropped and her eyes grew wide. I expected her to blush and turn away, but she stayed locked on my pale form. First her eyes met mine then trailed down to my tiny mounds, she licked her lips and continued her journey. I heard a soft moan deep from her throat when she reached my fiery tangles.

"Oh dear Gods, Willow you are so beautiful." She breathed.

That was all I needed. I made it quickly to the shower and upon coming into reaching distance Tara wrapped her hands in my hair and pulled me into her plush lips. Heatedly she pulled me into the beating water, closing the door and all the while keeping our lips locked.

We broke apart long enough to breathe then set back in, attacking each others lips. Tara's hands moved from my hair and slid lightly down my sides to my hips. I moaned and bucked into her touch. The sparks emitting from her hands was too much to handle.

"Tara." I choked out as she began to plant light kisses on my neck, flicking her tongue out on my pulse point.

"Mmm?" She questioned still licking at me.

"I'm not, we're not allowed to you know, oh that feels good, we're not allowed to until we are joined." I managed to finally get out.

She stopped for a moment and looked up at me. "I won't do anything that you don't want to. I want our first time to be gentle and passionate, but who says we can't explore before then?"

"I um didn't think of it that way." I said.

"Well we are in a relationship now, right?" She said quirking an eyebrow.

"Yes. Speaking of that there was something I was going to ask you." I remembered trying to remain calm.

She moved her hands from my hips to kneed my lower back. "Go on." She said gently.

"Back in the cabin, I felt something come over me, like you where infusing your soul into me or something? It helped me call the dagger. What happened?"

Tara looked down then back up at me. "Well I wasn't sure it was me, but you have a lot of magicks in you. I tapped into that, my anger for what Oz was doing, a-and my love for you I just couldn't contain it. I had to help you. We are powerful together Willow, we could do great things as a pair."

I smiled and leaned into to capture her lips. After a few moment of gentle sucking I pulled away. "Makes sense. I can't see myself anywhere but with you."

She smiled back at me wider than I had ever seen. No more talking was needed. I stepped closer to her allowing the water to run in between us. Our slick bodies touched, nipples to nipples, thighs to thighs and lips to lips. The kisses began slow enough but we couldn't stop the friction of our skin moving up and down.

We both moaned in time while our nipples rolled on each other. Tara's breasts where so full and so yummy. Wait. Tara did say to explore.

I pulled away from her lips and smiled as Tara leaned forward to take them again.

"Hey." I laughed playfully.

"What?" Tara giggled opening her eyes.

I moved my hands from her hip bones and slid them up her stomach, stopping short of touching her mounds.

"It's okay," she whispered, her eyes clouding over with desire.

We both sighed when my hands covered her fully. Her nipples went hard under my touch, poking into my palm. I maneuvered them between my fingers and rolled them carefully, watching Tara's reactions for encouragement.

Then I did something even I couldn't believe I did. I lent in and took Tara's left nipple into my mouth. I smiled at the scars of my previous encounter with her luscious breast.

"Oh!" Tara moaned as soon as my lips closed over her bud. She put her hands on my shoulders and arched her back into me. I nipped at the pink flesh and used my tongue to roll it around my mouth.

Tara's body shook as I assaulted her wonderful breast. Her moans became louder as I continued to play with her other nipple with my hand. Just when I thought things couldn't become any more out of control her clit had somehow found its way on my wet thigh.

I gasped in shock and looked down at her legs on each side of mine. Her wetness differed from the water running down my and the texture was unmistakable. The wonderful smell mixing with the steam was unbearable. I froze. What was I suppose to do now?

I detached my lips and hands and placed them on the wall next to Tara moving my leg more into her soaked sex.

Her eyes where shut tight and her mouth was open, she had her back pressed hard against the tile. I heard deep throaty moans and I wanted so badly to bring out more.

"Tara?" I questioned.

"Oh Willow please." She sighed out.

I did the only thing I figured needed to be done, I began to push my leg back and forth into her swollen clit. She whined and hugged me to her tighter. Her free leg placed itself in-between mine and she let out a startled moan as it touched my virgin sex.

"Is this okay, mmm Willow?" She asked still grinding on my rhythm.

"Yesss." I got out throwing my head back. We both then began to move in time. Her thigh now soaked with my arousal and our breathing becoming more and more labored. I had never felt this before, her thigh was so soft and slick now with my juices that I moved easily on it, the same seemed to apply to her.

With each thrust I became more forceful, my hips pivoting upward to give Tara the full effect and her mirroring me. The pressure was unbearable and I felt for the first time the explosion of release.

"Tara!" I screamed throwing all my weight into her and I heard her cry out just the same. Her juices spilled onto my leg following the same path as the still falling water.

We both stayed in place, Tara muttering softly and me holding both our bodies in place against the wall.

Calming down enough to speak I rested my head on Tara's and nibbled her nose gently. "So much for conserving water." I joked.

Tara chuckled and moved to kiss my lips, sucking them slightly. I moaned and pulled away from her. "Easy now, this is still all new to me." I giggled.

She nodded and moved me off of her, slipping around to turn the shower off. "We should um go and get ready for bed."

The note of venerability was obvious. "Hey? What's wrong" I asked as we stepped out of the shower, the chill air nipping us instantly. I reached for two towels and handed Tara one. She took it and wrapped it around her body quickly. We were now both fully healed, no more bruises or scrapes. My face was just was perfect as before.

"Hey." I pressed again.

"Thank you." She said quietly.

"For what?" I asked confused.

Her eyes held all the truth of what she was thinking. "For loving me."

I reached for her and hugged her close. "I will always love you, don't count on anything less, okay?." She nodded and I went on. "Now lets go. Dawn is coming and we need our beauty sleep."

Tara let out a soft laugh and we walked half-hugging to the guest bedroom where I tucked her in.

"Don't worry, okay? I'll just be down the hall." I said kissing her softly and pulling the covers up more.

"I'll try not to." She said as Marcus came trotting into the room and jumped up on the queen sized bed.

"I guess he really likes you." I said amused.

"Yeah, he'll take care of us." Tara said, absently scratching his ears.

"Good-night my love." I said quietly walking towards the door.

"'Night, my dearest Willow."

I shut the door and walked lightly towards my room. I shut my door behind me and noticed a mug of steaming blood next to my bed. There was a little note with it. I reached for the paper and read over it. Sleep well my little Firefly, for tomorrow brings many things.

"Oh William." I sighed laughing slightly. This was a little tradition of ours. I put the cup to my lips and guzzled down the rich goodness. It hit my stomach within seconds. My head began swam with drowsiness. I wobbled trying to steady myself on the night-stand but slipped and hit my head on the wood floor. The world dissolved around me going instantly black.

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