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The Howl of the Night

Author: JkMack
Rating: NC-17
Copyright: Joss Whedon created the Buffy universe we all know. Thank you Mutant Enemy for not expanding the W/T relationship. I don't own anything here but the story idea and a few people I made up.

"Flame would you just wait, geez." Janielle called.

"No I need in now!" I yelled though the bathroom door.

The door suddenly jerked open to reveal a naked Janielle dripping wet from her shower. "Look I don't know what your big hurry is but if you don't zip your trap I'm going to put it in one." Then the door was slammed shut in my gawking face.

I tried to speak. But my brain couldn't come up with any good comebacks so I sat in the chair next to the bathroom and sulked.

What seemed like forever finally passed and door opened a thick roll of steam with a well dressed Janielle.

"Finally." I mumbled and started towards the door. A long slender arm shot forward blocking my way.

"Hey what gives! I've got to get ready!" I shouted angrily.

"What's your big hurry, Flame? Got a big date tonight?" She asked sneering.

"No, I just want to get out and patrol the east sector." I stated firmly.

"You do know I can smell lies right?" She said still not allowing me to pass.

"Yes, we all know how truly powerful you are Janielle." I said sarcastically.

I felt her energy shift and she stared at me menacingly. "What did you say?"

"Look, get out of my way before I move you myself." I said getting more annoyed.

"Why you little tramp, how dare you speak to me like that." With that she picked me up by the shirt and held me to the wall, like I was a rag doll.

I kicked frantically but she was more trained than I was with avoiding blows. Her hand moved to my throat and began to squeeze.

My hands instinctively went to the one around my jugular and I started to scratch and pull, trying to break free.


I was instantly dropped with a thud to the wood floor. I coughed and rubbed my red neck. Regaining my sight William was kneeled looking at me intently. "Are you all right?" He asked when I nodded he rounded on Janielle. "Go. You know where you are needed get there before you lose something you can't get back.

Janielle bowed low to the ground and rushed off leaving the two of us alone.

I felt William's strong hands around my waist as he helped me to my feet.

"I'm all right dear William." I said pushing him off of me gently.

He let go and stepped back to look at me. "What was that all about?"

"Nothing. I just offended her." I said shyly.

"Yes I assumed that but what about?"

"Oh nothing really, just butting into my business and all. Heh you know how she is. Well okay I'm gong to take a shower now." I said lightly and started towards the door but William grabbed my arm.

"Willow, tell me why you are so eager to go? Has something happened?" He hardly ever used my real name and I looked down the hall to make sure no one heard him say it.

"I'm just going out to think some more you know? The usual me stuff." I said looking at the floor.

"I know it's something more than that but I will let you go my little firefly. I have no time to dawdle. The council has brought something very important to my attention and it must be dealt with quickly." He brought me to him and hugged me. "I hope you find that in all these years you can still trust me."

I relaxed in his embrace and basked for a moment. "Okay now I really need to shower. Go on you beautiful thing you." I smiled.

He smiled back at me and turned to go down into the discussion hall. Which was deep underground and used only when the council came.

My shower took longer than I expected and the grandfather clock read 7:43. Shit I was going to be late, unless, oh yeah I would take the bike.

I flicked the lights on in the huge garage and wiggled my way in-between the rows of cars until I came to my Honda. Oh yeah I'd get there in time.

I kick started my baby and off we roared towards the Moon Cafe, praying to every God on the way, Tara wouldn't be too mad if traffic was a bitch.

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