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That's How I Knew This Story Would Break My Heart

Author: Missocki
Rating: R for 'spicy talk' and various other things that are more racy than PG-13.
Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or any characters in it. However, the story itself is from my special little mind. And as always, feedback is always welcome!

"Well, I am your mother, and I reserve my rights to mess with your fragile psyche."

"That's a two dollar word right there."

"Good thing I'm good for it." Buffy grabbed her overnight bag, as did Joy and they walked into the hotel. After a quick check of the room, they went to the still open diner. They sat down in a booth and ordered.

"I'll be right back Mom."

"Take your time," Buffy smiled and waited until Joy had left the table to pull out her cell phone, dialing her best friend's number.


"Hi Willow."

"Hey Buff. Are you guys here yet?"

"Sure are. So, the plan is still on right?"

"Of course, we're here, including your husband. Your daughter won't see this coming. I'm so excited!"

"Me too, oh I think she coming back, I'll call you tonight. Bye!"

"Bye!" Buffy hung up and started to call William.

"Hi honey!"

"Hello ducks. So you're here huh? Good."

"Yup! I can't believe our little girl is going to college!"

"I know honey, but you can call her any time you want. And we will have the house to ourselves…"

"I forgot about that," Buffy grinned. Joy walked to the table.

"What are you smiling about Mom?"

"What? Oh, nothing, well nothing that you need to know about."

"Oh God, please don't tell me. So, I'm going out on a limb to say your talking to Daddy?"

"Yes, would you like to talk to him?"

"Gimme!" Buffy handed her the phone.

"Hello niblet."

"Hi Daddy! Or should I say Spike?" she smirked. Buffy slapped her own forehead.

"Damn it! Your mother told you that part huh?"

"Yeah, but you? Spike? Where did that come from?"

"I was in a band and it was a thing."

"Alright, I'll let it go, but I'm gunna love having this leverage over your head."

"Maybe I've taught you my evil ways too well."

"Nah. Well, our food is here so I have to go. I love you Daddy."

"I love you too Pet." She hung up and handed the phone back to her mom.

"My father is weird. Why did you marry him anyway?"

"Simple, I love him."

The next morning, the mother/daughter duo checked out early and headed to the University campus.

"Look Mom! The University of Florida! We're really here!"

"Yup, and according to my directions, your dorm is right up the road."

After getting the keys for the room, they started to unpack.


"I know sweetie, you want me to continue with the story, right?"

"It's like you know me!"

"Hey Tare. I miss your eyes. Will you show them to me?" She gently kissed Tara's bandaged head. "Please?" She then lightly laid her arm over Tara waist. "You know there's something I have to tell you, that I love you," she sweetly kissed her.

As she did Tara kissed her gently back, a phantom of movement, but it was there. Willow propped herself up on her good arm and watched Tara's face with a glow of hope in her eyes. Tara eyes started to twitch and flutter, slowly she began to stir, her toes and fingers also beginning to move. After a few heart stilling moments Tara opened her eyes.

"That's my girl," Willow whispered so lightly I barely heard it.

"W-willow?" Tara asked softly.

"I'm here."

"I had the strangest dream. I was in a weird new bed and you were talking to me and you kissed me."

"You are and I did."

"You did? Why?"

"Because I love you with the whole of my entire being."

"You do?" Tara's eyes widened, shining with hopeful glee.

"More than I have words to express it."

"I love you too." They shared a loving smile. They seemed lost in each other's eyes. Tara was the first to break it. "Can you just be kissing me now?" Willow nodded, and ducked down kissing Tara with all the love she had in her, as Tara kissed her back with the same.'

"Aww. That's so cute!! Then what happened?"

"Well, we left the hospital a week before Christmas. Tara and Willow were dating, and soon your father and I also began to see each other. That was the best semester, which was great because it was our last. We went to Prom, which was the best night of our lives, at least up until then. We all graduated in that May, and in the fall us girls went to UC Sunnydale and Xander started working in construction. After graduation, your father and I got married, and two months later, your Aunt Tara and Aunt Willow got married, one month after the law allowing same sex marriage was passed. Your Uncle Xander and Aunt Anya married two years before the rest of us. One year later we got married, we had you and they had Rupert, and yeah, even little Xander Jr., or Alex as you know him, was born that year as well. And you know the rest, I mean, you were there."

"That's so cute, all of you having kids the same age."

"Yeah, it's weird how things work out."

"Speaking of kids, do you think Rupe is settled in yet?"

"I don't know, but if you like I could go check the mail to see if he sent the letter."

"Please?" Buffy left the room. She dialed Willow's number on her cell once she got outside.

"Willow, meet me outside!" Buffy went to the commons area of the dorms and waited for Willow. Five minutes later, she showed up, but she wasn't alone. Tara, their son Rupert, and her husband were there too.

"Buffy!" Willow ran up and hugged Buffy, as did the rest of the Rosenbergs. William walked up and picked Buffy up twirled her around before getting her a sweet slow kiss. Buffy smiled and turned to her nephew.

"So, kiddo, ready to get this sweet little plan of yours into action."

He gulped, "Yeah. As much as I'll ever be. But what if it backfires?! Then she'll be all weirded out and she'll no longer talk to me and then she won't be my friend anymore and I'll have to change colleges and I'll grow old and be that old man who sits on his porch and yells at the kids who walk too close to my yard! And-"

"Will? Will you tell your son that it will be just fine?" Buffy stopped Rupe before he passed out.

"Honey, it will work. Just trust us. Things worked out for us, and they will work out for you too. Now, give Buffy the letter. Then we'll go from there." Rupe pulled out his letter to Joy, and gave it to Buffy.

"Here we go." The little group went back into the dorm. Buffy went into her child's room, while Rupe, William, Willow, and Tara waited quietly in the hall.

Joy was making her bed as Buffy walked in. "Hi Mom! Did you get it? Is it here?"

"Yes Ma'am. Here you go." Buffy handed her the letter and kissed her forehead. "I'll be back in a few, I gotta go potty." Joy laughed as she looked at the letter in her hands. Buffy left the room, nodding to the redheaded blue eyed young man in the hall as the door shut behind her.

Joy read the address in the corner of the envelope. Her eyes widened as she read the address. 'Buckman Hall? Gainesville?' "What? But that's this buliding!" She tore open the envelope, still facing the door her mother left though. She opened the letter.

'LOOK UP' was all it said, so she did.

"Surprise," Rupert was standing right in front of her.

Her jaw dropped and she managed to choke out, "How?"

"Do you remember how I applied here with you for moral support? Well, I found out I got in a few days after you did. I kept that to myself, so you could decide for yourself where you wanted to go."

"Why here though? I thought you wanted to go to-"

"UNC? Yeah, I did, but it just didn't have one thing I needed."




"I love you Joy." He said, his whole face painted with a pleading wishful face.

"I love you too-" Joy said with a smile, but Rupe cut her off before she could have said any more.

"No, I mean, I'm in love with you. I have been since that summer before sophomore year. It was that on time we were playing a pickup game of soccer at the park. You had just scored a goal and started to dance around. You looked radiant, with your hair shining in the sun, your eyes were sparkling were joy, and you were covered in dirt and sweat," they shared a laugh, "You looked at me, and it was like the first time I had ever seen you, I mean really seen you, your beauty and heart. And every time I see you, I feel just like that. You're my best friend and you're my world, and I want to be yours. I-"

"Rupe." Joy paused his speech with an amused look on her face.

"Yes?" he looked like he was going to blackout.

"I know what you meant," she smiled knowingly.

"Then you mean.." his face showed the dawning of this knowledge.

"I mean…" she started,

"You…" he continued,

"Love you with all of my heart." A grin engulfed his entire face as they reached for each other and hugged. They pulled back slowly, looking into each other's eyes. They licked their lips and closed their eyes and with nothing but love and trust, they shared each other's first kiss. It was soft and gentle full of promises.

"Can we come in now?" Buffy asked muffled by the door. "The mommies wanna know what happened!"

"Oi!" William said, looking at his wife.

"And the Dad too!" Joy and Rupe looked at each and then the door and laughed.

"Come in!" Joy said. The parents of the new couple came though the door grins plastered on their faces as they saw their children in each other's arms.

"You're just so cute!" Tara exclaimed as she, Willow, Buffy, and even William, swallowing the younger generation in a giant group hug.'

"And that's how your father and I, and your Grandparents, aunts, and uncle, and even your Great grandparents got together." Joy finished her story with a grin, looking at her and Rupert's nineteen year old daughter, Beth.

"Wow, that was the cutest story ever!" Beth smiled as her fiancé hugged her closer.

"I agree. I can't believe it." Joe smiled as he looked around the room filled with his love's family. Her Great grandparents, almost ninety and still going strong. Her parents and her grandparents, and even her great Aunt Dawn and her husband Jack, all still in love. He hoped they would be in the same boat one day.

"Oh, I believe it!" Willow stated as she kissed her wife of forty years with as much love and passion as she had all those years ago. "But proving it's real is the best part."

"It was fun to tell you too," Buffy said as she snuggled closer to William, sharing a look with her daughter.


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