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Wild Horses

Author: WillowFever
Rating: PG to R
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Disclaimer: I don't own Willow and Tara, if I did I would set them free...

Tara smiled as Willow led her down the stairs. Her blue eyes watched as red locks bounced against creamy skin with each step.

<How did I get so lucky...>

The blonde allowed her eyes freedom to lazily soak in every curve and every line of her lovers body. Willow's frame was small, but Tara knew there was power behind those petite muscles.

<She can hold me so tight... and yet be so gentle...>

All of a sudden, Tara felt a rush of anger shoot through her body. She scrunched her brows together as the anger settled deep in the pit of her soul, quickly melting into a fierce devotion. At that moment, she knew... without a doubt... that there was nothing she would not do to protect Willow.

<I would hurt someone... if they ever harmed her... I would die to keep her safe...>

Although it felt like a sudden realization, somehow the blonde knew those feelings had been inside her all along.

Willow glanced over her shoulder and gave Tara's hand a gentle squeeze. She could tell that the blonde was deep in thought and she couldn't wait to bring her back to the moment.

Willow walked to the fireplace and turned towards her lover.

"Are you cold...?"

Tara simply shook her head no and watched as Willow spread the blanket down in front of the fireplace.

<Willow... you are so beautiful...>

"I love you..."

Tara felt the heat from Willow's body as the redhead pulled her closer.

"I love you too..."

Willow leaned forward placing a soft kiss on Tara's shoulder. She allowed her lips to linger softly as she inhaled the scent of her lover.

"Mmmm... all mine..."

Tara closed her eyes and tilted her head...smiling from the soft tickle of her lovers breath. The night was young and she knew the walls around them would be the bearer of such secrets that Aphrodite herself would blush if she were privy to them.

"I could stay in this place forever..."

Willow ran her cheek across the blonde's shoulder, dropping wet kisses here and there along the way. Her hands rested comfortably on the shapely hips of her lover.

"Tara... you are so beautiful..."

Slowly, they began swaying to the crackling sound of the fire and the gentle tap of rain on the roof. It seemed that no matter what they did, they always moved in perfect time. As if their shadow's were one step ahead of them, making sure they moved in perfect rhythm.

Willow's hands drifted down the blonde's body. Slowly, she ran her fingertips up the back of Tara's thighs and stopped once she had two handfuls of the blonde's firm bottom. She gave a gentle squeeze as her lips claimed the delicious curve where neck met shoulder. Tara gasped in pleasure as Willow softly bit down.

"Ohhh... yes..."

Willow closed her eyes and lost herself to the sweet intoxication she called Tara.

The blonde leaned her head back, allowing her lover greater access to what seemed to be a favorite spot of the redhead's.

Tiny tremors shot through the blonde's body. The redhead seemed to be every where at once. Tara felt her hands...her lips...the brush of her body. It was almost too much.

"Ohh... Willow..."

Slowly, Willow began to kiss across Tara's collarbone. The blonde needed to feel her lover's mouth... sucking her... biting her.


Willow felt those strong hands guiding her downward. She knew what her lover wanted.

"Anything Tara..."

Green eyes momentarily locked with blue.

"I'll do anything to bring you pleasure..."

Tara's breath caught. She didn't know if it came from the touch of her lover's lips... or the hungry look in those emerald eyes... perhaps it stemmed from the hot tongue burning a path between her breasts. She moaned Willow's name as she felt that soft tongue graze across her nipple.

"Willow... yes...."

Long fingers pulled red locks as Willow continued to slowly suck. The red head felt herself shiver from pure delight. The feel of the blonde in her mouth was driving her crazy with desire. She feasted on one breast then the other... taking her time... making love to every inch of the blonde's body.

"So soft..."

Slowly, Willow kissed her way back up to the lips she longed for. Her arms wrapped around the blonde, pulling her tight against her. The kiss was soft and gentle... lips brushing against lips... tongue caressing tongue... an unspoken surrender to the rush of love.

Tara moaned as her lover pulled away from her.


The blonde allowed herself to be led to the blanket. She followed Willow's lead and found herself lying beneath her lover... staring up into green eyes filled with love. Slowly, she reached out and tucked a lose strand of red hair behind her lover's ear. The feel of skin on skin was nothing compared to what she saw in Willow's eyes.

"So much love..."

Blue eyes held green in a moment that seemed to last forever. Willow could hold back no longer. She had to taste those lips again. Slowly, she leaned forward...her eyes never closing until she felt soft lips press against her own.

Willow shivered as she felt Tara's short nails slowly trail up and down her back. Their bodies shifted together and Willow found herself wrapped between to very warm thighs. She gasped at the wetness she felt against her skin.

"I love you so much Tara..."

Willow pushed into the blonde and trembled with need. Slowly, she ran her hands beneath the blonde's thighs...lifting them and exposing the beautiful wetness that would soon mingle with her own.

"Yes... Willow..."

The redhead leaned into the blonde once more. Their passionate cries filled the room as their bodies shared a most intimate kiss. Willow slowly moved her hips... rocking gently against the blonde. The feel of Tara's heated center against her own was like nothing she had ever known.

"Ohhhh... Tara...."

The blonde ran her hands down her lover's back and cupped her firm bottom. She pulled Willow hard against her... she needed to feel more... she needed to feel everything.

Willow continued to grind against her lover... beads of sweat rolled down her back... the smell of their arousal tickled her nose as the sound of Tara's sweet voice called out... begging for more. She watched as the blonde arched her back... her breasts bouncing in the firelight.

"Unnnghhh... Tara... you are... so... wet..."

Their bodies danced this lover's dance... moving perfectly together. Inhibitions were gone... there only remained need and want.

"Harder... Willow..."

"Yes... you feel so good..."

Willow pushed harder against her lover. She could feel Tara's legs shaking and knew the blonde was ready to slip into ecstasy. Their bodies were slick from sweat and desire. The redhead felt her own body clench with passion.

"So close..."


Their breathing was hard and fast... the same as their movements, but they never shut their eyes. They found themselves teetering on the edge of a blissful abyss... and together they fell in.

"Oh God... Tara..."


Bodies slammed together as wave after wave of desire crashed over them... both trembling and gasping from the sweet release. The room echoed with the cries of love and soon they found themselves spent... lying on the blanket tangled together.

"I love you..."

"Love you too..."

The fire continued to crackle, but they didn't notice. This moment was the only thing real for them. Sleep quickly claimed them both and welcomed them as they dreamed... holding onto all they would ever need... each other.

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