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Wild Horses

Author: WillowFever
Rating: PG to R
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Willow smiled as the quaint little house that Tara had called home for the last six years came into view. The redhead couldn't help but grin at the iron horse standing proudly atop the mailbox.

<That's my Tara...>

As she looked around she noticed that Tara's touch was everywhere. From the hanging flower baskets on the porch to the bright red hummingbird feeders on each corner. A multi-colored windsock danced as the autumn winds swirled around the house. The yard was small but filled with flowers and well kept.

She could just picture the blonde sitting out on the porch late in the evening watching bunnies and squirrels scamper around the yard.

<She probably has them eating right out of her hand... just like me>

Willow hopped out of her Jeep and waited on her lover. She felt anxious to see the inside.

Tara felt her tummy doing flip-flops as she pulled into her drive. Everything looked the same and yet different at the same time. She felt a wave of nostalgia wash over her as thoughts of moving out danced through her head.

<I can't believe I'm moving out...>

The blonde smiled even as she felt tears gather in her eyes. It didn't seem that long ago that she had sat out on the porch... wishing on the stars of spring to bring her a love that would be true... someone to grow old with... to share the ups and downs of life with. Slowly, she wiped a lone tear from her cheek.

Tara said a silent thank you to the heavens above for sending her a dream come true. No longer would her heart be a lonely place... her nights would now be filled with love and laughter instead of silence and space.

Her eyes glanced at the house waiting on her... standing proudly against a backdrop of hills. It was four walls that had protected her from the wind and rain... keeping off the cold and shielding her from the heat of summer. Four walls that she knew if they could talk would tell the story of a young woman who had overcome many obstacles in life to be where she was today. It was the only place she had ever called home... until now.

Blue eyes glanced over at the petite red head sitting in the Jeep next to her.


She watched as Willow slid out of the Jeep and waited on her.

<My heart has found a home...>

A slow smile spread across Tara's face as she watched Willow's eyes dart around the yard. No doubt the red head was trying to commit to memory every little detail.

<She's so cute...>

The blonde let out a contented sigh as she pulled her keys from the ignition. She hopped out of her 4x4 and headed towards the love of her life.

"Hi sexy..."

Willow felt her cheeks growing warm with embarrassment. She didn't think she would ever get used to this gorgeous blonde sweet-talking her.

"Look who's talking..."

Tara walked up to her lover and slid her arms around Willow's neck. She leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on the warm lips in front of her.

"I love you Willow..."

The red head cupped Tara's face. Slowly, she ran her thumb over full lips and pulled the blonde in for another kiss. Just before their lips met, Willow whispered.

"I love you too Tara... with all that I am..."

Lips brushed lips and soon both women were lost in the feel and taste of the other. There was no urgency in the kiss... just slow declarations of love... soft and tender caresses that spoke of love eternal. Gradually, they pulled apart allowing small kisses to ease the distance between them.

Neither one spoke as they turned hand in hand and walked up onto the porch. Tara smiled as the door opened and she stepped over the threshold. A very happy kitty greeted her at the door. She bent over and swooped the fluffy cat up.

"Willow... this is biscuit... biscuit... this is the love of my life..."

The cat purred as Willow reached out and scratched his ears. However, Willow couldn't tear her eyes away from Tara.

<I'm the love of her life...>

Blue eyes shimmered with love and Willow found herself drowning in it. The red head smiled a slow smile that grew into a full-blown ear to ear grin. Biscuit meowed and both girls laughed heartily.

Neither one would ever be able to tell if it was from Biscuit's antics or just the release of nervous energy. Regardless, it would be a moment in time etched clearly in their minds.

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