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Wild Horses

Author: WillowFever
Rating: PG to R
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Tara zipped the last suitcase closed and sat it by the door. She had packed everything for their trip home and now all she had to do was wait until Willow returned from her business meeting.

Blue eyes roamed around the room as Tara tried to commit every detail to memory. Her eyes finally came to rest on the view just beyond the French doors of their room. A slow smile spread across her face as she stepped out onto the patio.

Greeting her was a warm Arizona breeze and the soft sway of the trees that surrounded their patio. She looked up into the blue sky then closed her eyes... allowing the moment to sink deep into her soul. She heard the sweet song of a nearby bird... the distant roar of a jet flying high overhead... and the sound of the cascading water.

The sound of the falling water called to Tara and she happily gave in to its invitation. She slipped her shoes off and sat down on the edge of the pool... her feet dangling in the cool water. Her blue eyes twinkled as she stared at the waterfall.

She felt a flutter of butterflies in her stomach as images of the night she gave herself completely to Willow flashed through her mind. The red head had been so gentle with her... going slow and easy... whispering sweet words in the blonde's ear.

<We made love...>

Tara felt a swirl of emotion sweep through her body as the memories she and Willow made played out through her mind. It would be a bittersweet goodbye to the Desert Rose.

The blonde found herself wiping away a lone tear that ran down her cheek. So many memories she would be taking with her and so much of her she would leave behind.

<But I won't be leaving any of me behind... Willow has my heart... and there is a part of me that will be hers alone... forever...>

Tara took a deep breath. She felt as though she had just realized the bond that had been made between her and Willow.

<No matter where she goes... a part of me will be with her forever...>

Tara smiled as the water continued to cascade down into the pool.


Suddenly, she felt her cheeks flush as she glanced at the hot tub.


Willow smiled as she pulled her keys from the ignition and hopped out of her car. The meeting with DBG's new client had gone smoothly and quickly. Of course, she had hurried the meeting along as fast as humanly possible without being rude... there was a blonde goddess waiting for her, what else could she do?

Willow felt her smile grow bigger as her thoughts drifted towards her lover. The time they had spent together in Phoenix had been phenomenal but today they were heading back to Ohio.

Willow shut the car door behind her and headed for the entrance to the Desert Rose Resort. She said a friendly hello to the young man behind the front desk and quickly headed down the corridor that would lead her to Tara.

There was a bounce in her step as she grew nearer to her love. She wanted to tell Tara all about her meeting and how good it went, but most of all she just wanted to feel the blonde's arms wrap around her.

<Plenty of time for talk when we get home...>

Willow's smile slightly faded when her thoughts turned to home.

<Home... that means two... separate homes... no Tara snuggles at night...>

Willow's brow furrowed as she thought about this.

<But I must have Tara snuggles... every night... every morning... even often throughout the day...>

The red head could see the door to their room. She smiled in anticipation.

<Maybe I can convince her to stay... but she has a home of her own... would she even say yes if I asked her to move in... move in? Yes... I want her to move in... I want to be surrounded by Tara and Tara things... Oh my god... I'm gonna ask her to move in with me...>

Willow stood outside the door separating her from her lover. The concentrated look on her face gave way to a love-struck grin as she slowly turned the doorknob.

<Please let her say yes... .please... please say yes...>

Tara couldn't stop her giggles from bubbling out. She kicked her feet in the pool and decided that she would definitely have to mention coming back to this place to Willow.

<Maybe we could do this every year... plan a nice vacation... just the two of us...>

Tara let out a contented sigh as she closed her eyes and turned her face towards the sun. She could feel the warmth against her cheeks and briefly wondered what the weather back home felt like.

<home... no more Willow snuggles at night...>

Blue eyes snapped open.

<But I want Willow snuggles every night... and every day... I wonder if she's thought about this... should I mention it to her... I'll just wait and see if she says anything... but maybe she's waiting to see if I'll say anything...>

Tara shook her head and smiled.

"It must be love... I'm picking up the babble..."

"Honey... I'm home..."

Tara smiled as her lover's voice rang out. She quickly jumped up and ran towards their room, leaving a trail of wet footprints behind her. Soon, she found herself wrapped up in a wonderful Willow hug followed by a shower of Willow kisses.

"Miss me?"

Willow smiled at the playfulness in the blonde's voice.

"Are you kidding me... I couldn't wait to get back to you..."


Tara grabbed Willow's hand and led her to the bed.

"We are all packed..."

She gently pushed Willow down on the bed.

"And we do have some time before we have to leave..."

Willow smiled as her lover straddled her hips.

"So Miss Maclay... what do you suggest we do to occupy ourselves till then...>

Tara slid her hands down the front of Willow's body. Slowly she began to unbutton the khaki pants the red head had worn to her meeting.

"I'm sure I can think of something..."

Willow felt her breath catch as Tara lowered her zipper in a most torturous fashion.

<Torture is good... especially Tara torture...>

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