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Wild Horses

Author: WillowFever
Rating: PG to R
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Disclaimer: I don't own Willow and Tara, if I did I would set them free...

Willow watched as the airport came into view. It hadn't been but a short time that she had first landed here... alone and scared of what awaited her. But now she could only smile as she felt the warm hand in hers give her a gentle squeeze.

"I've never flown before..."

Willow looked over at her lover.


Tara just shook her head no.

"Are you scared?"

Willow gave Tara her full attention. She hadn't thought about Tara being afraid to fly.

"I don't think so... I've just never had a reason to fly..."

Willow smiled as she brought Tara's fingers up to her lips for a quick kiss.

"Well... don't worry bout a thing... if you get scared just hold onto me... actually... even if you don't get scared... you can hold onto me..."

Both girls shared a warm chuckle as they pulled to the valet parking stand. Their hands slipped apart as they exited the Liberty and began grabbing their lightly packed bags.

Doug had insisted that Biscuit come to his house to play with his new kitten and Tara couldn't deny him the opportunity. Plus she knew Biscuit would love the company.

It had been an ordeal trying to find something to wear but in the end she had settled for a couple pairs of jeans... some shorts... her favorite Adidas t-shirt and a little red nighty that she picked up just in case they had a little extra time on their hands.

Willow grinned at the young man walking her way.

"How long will you be staying?"

"Actually we'll be gone two days..."

"Great... do you need help with your bags?"

"I think we've got em... thanks..."

The young man closed the latch and took the keys from the cute redhead.

"Have a nice trip..."

"Thank you..."

Tara watched as the young man so obviously flirted with her girlfriend.

<My girlfriend... back off airport-parker-guy...>

As soon as his eyes met the cold stare coming from Tara's blue eyes he immediately proceeded to the driver's side and Willow watched her Jeep fade down into the parking garage... albeit rather quickly.

"Wonder what got into him?"

Willow looked puzzled as she picked up her bags.

"I have no idea..."

"Hmph... maybe he had to go to the bathroom... oh well... let's find our plane."

Tara grabbed her bags and followed Willow's lead. It felt weird in a way. Here she had lived in Ohio most of her life and she was following a California native through the Columbus airport like she had designed the place herself.

<Oh well... nice view...>

Tara let her eyes rake down Willow's petite frame. She could just feel her legs wrapping around those slim hips...

"Mmmmm... better not go there just yet..."

After going through security they finally boarded their plane. First class seats and room to move.

"Willow... this is nice..."

The redhead looked around. Everything was very nice and she was pleased that Tara's first trip through the clouds would be so comfortable and so close to her. She reached over and laced her fingers through the blonde's.

"You want to sit by the window?"

Tara thought about it but decided to wait.

"Maybe later..."

"Sure thing..."

A few minutes later the wheels of the plane left the earth and Tara felt her tummy fill with butterflies. She glanced out the window next to Willow and watched as everything recognizable turned into tiny dots of unrecognizable proportions. The only thing she did recognize was land that fell together like a patch work quilt. She determined that is was beautiful.

"Willow... have you ever been to Phoenix?"

"Nope... this is my first trip..."

Tara nodded her head.

"Why do you ask?"

"I was just wondering what we were going to be doing... while we're there... ?"

Willow smiled as she leaned over and whispered something that brought out the cutest blush she had ever seen on the blonde. Just then a stewardess walked over to ask them if they needed anything.

"Water... I need some water..."

Willow grinned at the blonde as the stewardess walked over and retrieved her a bottle water.

"Thank you..."

"Your welcome... anything for you miss?"

Willow declined as her eyes journeyed to Tara's lips wrapped around the water bottle.

<She even makes drinking water sexy...>

The stewardess disappeared along her merry way and Tara glanced over at the still smiling red head next to her. She slowly leaned over and as she whispered in Willow's ear she let her hand slide between the red heads legs... gently pressing against Willow's heated center.

"If you really think you have the stamina... ... bring it on..."

Now it was Willow's turn to blush. What happened to the shy little Tara that she thought she knew so well?

<It's always the shy ones...>

"You got it..."

She loved playing these little flirty games with Tara. Willow just knew that once she got through all that shyness there would be a naughty Tara that wouldn't slow down. She felt herself shiver as a thought quickly floated across her mind.

<What if I can't keep up...>

Before she could even start to process that thought a smile crossed her face.

<Will definitely be worth trying...>

She glanced over to Tara who was taking another long drink of water.

<Ohhhhhh yeah...>

The plane touched down without a problem and soon the girls had gathered their belongings and were headed to their waiting car.

"Wow... a limo..."


They crawled inside and couldn't believe what they saw. There was a dvd player... stereo system... mini bar... cell phone... and that was just what was obvious.

The car pulled out and headed to the Desert Rose Resort and Spa. Willow had found the perfect get-away for them and booked it immediately. She couldn't wait for Tara to see it.

She looked over at the blonde who sat playing with the buttons on the remote control. A slow hum indicated that she had found the button for the moon roof. It slid open and both girls just smiled at each other.

The air was much warmer than what they had left behind. Willow grinned as a child-like look of wonder spread across Tara's face. The blonde stood and stuck her head out the open moon roof.

"I've always wanted to do this..."

Willow stood beside her and wrapped her arms around the blonde as they drove down the busy strip.

"Me too."

"Willow... look how beautiful it is out here..."

The red head let her eyes wander to their surroundings... it was very nice... but not nearly as beautiful as Tara. They rode standing out the top of the limo for a few more precious moments before sliding back down into the car.

They laughed at each other's wind-blown hair and decided they didn't care what they looked like. The only people that mattered to them in that moment were each other.

"Thank you for bringing me with you..."

Willow leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on Tara's lips.

"Believe me... it's all my pleasure to have you with me..."

Tara quickly reached out and grabbed Willow's bottom lip with her teeth as her tongue slipped out to paint the red head's lips.

"Some of that pleasure belongs to me..."

Willow felt her knees go weak.

<Yep... always the shy ones...>

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