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Wild Horses

Author: WillowFever
Rating: PG to R
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Disclaimer: I don't own Willow and Tara, if I did I would set them free...

Tara climbed up in her truck and smiled at the red head climbing in beside her. She cranked the keys of her Chevy z71 and it started right up. Her stereo popped on and Willow knew she had just entered another world.

<I hear banjo's... nice voice though... >"

"Who ya listening to?"

Tara reached up and turned the radio down a bit. She didn't want to cause Willow too much culture shock on her first trip into town.

"The Dixie Chicks..."

Willow laughed out loud and looked at Tara as if she had just delivered the punch line to a really bad redneck joke. The blonde just grinned.

"I'm serious... Dixie Chicks... you've never heard of em?"

"Not a whole lot of country radio back in Sunnydale... but I like it... it's catchy..."

Willow found her foot tapping the floorboard of the truck as they pulled out of the drive and onto the road. She watched as Tara sang along to the song playing...

<Her voice is even beautiful...>

Mama's still cooking to much for supper and me I've been a long time gone...
Been a long time gone... no I ain't hoed a row since I don't know when...
Long time gone... and it ain't comin' back again...

Willow forced her eyes away from the cute blonde; she definitely didn't want to stare like a freak.

The trees passed by in a blur of color... red... green..yellow and orange. It was beautiful. There wasn't much traffic out and it felt as if she had traveled this road a thousand times before with the blonde by her side.

<Everything falls into place when I'm with her... she's like my other half... my soulmate... >

Green eyes looked back over to the blonde and Willow found herself once again smiling as Tara reached for the radio controls and skipped forward to another song.

"You'll really get a kick out of this..."

The blonde smiled as the familiar song filled the cab of her truck and the priceless look on Willow's face as it started.

You can't afford no ring...
You can't afford no ring...
I shouldn't be wearing white and you can't afford no ring...

Tara watched as the red heads shoulders bounced from the laughter rumbling out from somewhere deep inside Willow.

"I take it you've never heard this?"

Tara tried to look serious but failed miserably as Willow's eyes shot open in a you-got-to-be-kidding-me look. The two girls headed down highway 23 on their way to buy a Jeep... laughing, singing and doing some cloth seat dancing. Willow decided she really liked the Dixie Chicks, especially when Tara could be heard singing along.

<She is a total country girl... go figure Rosenberg... you went and fell for a down home country bumpkin... >

Willow couldn't hide the dreamy look on her face as she watched Tara sing as the miles went by.

"Oh... look over there..."

Willow looked in the direction the blonde had pointed and saw the Jeep sign high in the sky. She grinned and wiggled her eyebrows at the blonde.

"I'm getting some wheels... go me... it's my birthday..."

Tara laughed as she veered off on the exit ramp that led to Willow's new car. They stopped at a red light and Willow took the opportunity to lean over and steal a quick kiss.

"Thank you for bringing me in town..."

"Any time..."

The Chevy pulled onto the lot and Willow instantly went into shop and compare mode. There were Liberties of all colors, but the one that caught her eye sat on the showroom floor.

"That's the one..."

Tara looked and smiled her approval.

"Ohhhhh yeah..."

The Jeep was black with tinted windows... running boards... fog lights... chrome wheels... it just screamed ‘buy me' and that is exactly what Willow did.

"Come in with me..."

Tara nodded and opened her door. She jumped down and followed the red head inside. A tall woman from behind a small desk walked over to the two girls.

"Hi... I'm Morgan... can I help you lovely ladies today?"

Willow noticed how the tall woman's eyes seemed to linger on Tara. She felt a sting of jealousy surge through her petite frame and she didn't like it one bit. Tara just smiled at Morgan waiting on Willow to take the lead... and take the lead she did.

Willow reached out and took Tara's hand in her own, silently signaling for the tall amazon to back off. Tara was a little surprised at the open display of affection but she didn't mind at all. She just squeezed Willow's hand and looked beyond Morgan to the Jeep that would soon be in Willow's drive.

"We would like to buy that."

Morgan tried to remain composed but it wasn't often that someone just walked in and bought a vehicle out right. She also didn't fail to notice the "we" in the red head's voice.

"Sure thing... just follow me and we'll get ya all set up."

Tara noticed the "we" as well and it made her heart sore. She kinda liked the butch display Willow put on... it was sexy.

<I'm here girl... and she's mine... >

A few minutes later Willow signed the last of the paperwork and received her keys. She smiled and shook hands with Morgan and looked over to the blonde sitting beside her.

"You ready sweetheart?"

Tara blushed at the term of endearment and simply nodded. The two girls stood and Willow waited for the showroom doors to swing open before climbing inside. She leaned over to Tara and whispered in her ear.

"Do you want to ride with me... ?"

"What about my truck?"

"We'll just go around the block then right back and get it..."

The look of excitement in Willow's green eyes was to powerful to resist.


Willow hugged the blonde and opened the passenger side door for her precious cargo. Tara climbed in and fastened her seat belt. Willow hopped in behind the wheel and started her new ride up.

They slowly pulled out of the showroom and took off. Willow opened the moon roof over head and reached over and took Tara's hand.

"Do you like it?"

"Oh Willow... I love it..."

Tara's eyes scanned the interior.

"It has a cd player..."

Willow smiled as remnants of the Dixie Chicks sounded in her head.

"You'll have to burn me a copy of your Dixie Chicks..."

"Consider it done."

The two drove around town and finally headed back to the dealership. Willow pulled up to Tara's Chevy and put the Jeep in park.

"Do you want to get something to take home for supper tonight?"

<Oh my God!... I'm staying at Willow's tonight...>

"Ummmm... it doesn't matter... did you something in mind that you'd like to eat?"

Willow swallowed hard as her first response to that question gave her a vivid mental picture of Tara lying on her bed... head thrown back... legs open in invitation... She felt her mouth water and her heart pound in her chest. Not to mention the steady throb of all points south.

<bad thoughts... bad thoughts... Ohhhhhh... .really bad thoughts...>

"I'm open for suggestions..."

Tara just smiled completely oblivious to the sensual thoughts racing through Willow's mind.

"Well... how bout chicken?"

Willow could only nod.

<I think I'm starting to sweat!>

"Great... follow me over to the grocery and I'll run in and grab some stuff..."

<Ohhhh... I can help with the grabbing of stuff... .Stop that Willow!>

"After you..."

Tara slid out of the Jeep and made her way to her truck. She climbed up into the raised 4x4 and winked at the gorgeous red head watching her. She felt a shiver run down her spine as Willow blew her a kiss through the glass.

<I'm spending the night with Willow... oh my God!!! What am I gonna wear to sleep in?>

Tara pulled out with Willow right behind her. Her mind racing with thoughts of what the night had in store for the two of them. She knew no matter what happened, she didn't have any objections as long as it happened with Willow.

<This is gonna be so much fun...>

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